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  1. House Battery Replacement - Duracell GC2-AGM: We have a 2012 Allegro Bus 43QGP which was built with six Interstate 6-volt GC2-HD-UT house batteries. Have any of you Tiffin owners replaced your house batteries using the Duracell AGM 6-Volt GC2 battery that is available at Sam's Club for about $180 each? This seems to be a good price for an AGM (no adding water) type battery. Just wondering if anyone has had first hand experience with these (Duracell AGM 6-Volt GC2) as house battery replacements? If I go through the expense/process to replace my house batteries, I really would like to replace them with AGM type batteries so I don't have to bother with adding water or cleaning up the corrosion every 6 months. By the way, see the attached picture of this Duracell battery.
  2. Being a Ford owner for years, and after much research, we bought a 2012 Ford Escape V6-AWD with auto trans on 10 Dec 2012... because it was 4 wheels down towable per Ford published data in December, 2011. We also had the trans fluid adjusted to the lowest mark per TSB 20TSB-11-07-15. Then I read the June issue of Family Motor Coaching, which now says the 2012 Escape is not towable 4-wheels down?? What changed between Dec, 2011 and June 2012?? And, is the 2012 Escape I bought in December towable with 4 wheels down, or not? What is the 2012 Escape production cut-off date for such a change? Hopefully, Ford has not advertised the 2012 Escape as 4-wheels down towable in December and then said... sorry, just kidding in June?? Can't do that in the middle of a model year and make it retro-active. My purchase decision in December was based on the Ford info available at the time of purchase, which listed the 2012 Escape as 4-wheels down towable! s/AlleBus06
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