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  1. This has become a tradition with us: I find myself looking forward to our first day enroute, 'cause KayCee has the crockpot going, in the kitchen sink.

    Well, by the time we arrive, we're a 45-foot long flavor tube, my stomach is growling like crazy!

    The coolest idea since someone cooked up the notion of starting a load of laundry as a signal to adjourn to the bedroom... yet, I digress.

  2. A followup: both the supply fittings and the manifold arrived in the same truck, at noon today.

    The new supply fittings could be finger-tightened to a perfect seal; attaching each circuit was difficult only because I pried out each old gasket, replaced with new.

    We got onto the road by 3PM, the phone rang at 3:05. It was Louise, checking up on our progress. She'd also worried that we would opt to go on vacation by different means, and the manifold would end up sitting on the front porch for a week.

    That, my friends is top-shelf service!

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