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  1. Our small bedroom slide is a cable slide. When I put the small bedroom slide out just now I noticed the top forward and back bottom cables were not visible. No sign of broken cables at the bracket they were just not visible. Motor runs fine and slide still comes in and out with just two cables, But I would not trust it to not jam up I took apart the inside top facia to gain access to the motor etc. What I see is a good loop of slack for the bottom cable on the right and a loop of slack on the left for the top cable. Can't pull them out past whatever other pulley there is I can figure out where the cables route once they leave the top compartment. How do you get access to the rest of the cable routing?
  2. Between manufacturers on the same size there are slight differences between the load lb, OD and width Hankook and Continental are the closest one to Mchelin. Both are mentioned in this topic. So I need to chase the price
  3. Ok guys to clarify that tire is replaced by the x Line Energy Z. Now it is impossible to locate information on the Hankook tire listed on the FMCA website. Calling Hankook and using the model line number they could not locate any information. There suggestion was a drive tire so I think they were confused. I am looking for information on Hankook so see what the measurements are. In my application the weight capacity, OD and the width are important. NOT all 275/80 R22.5 match the same spec as the Michelin for the above. Also what are other folks with a 2008 Endeavor 40 PDQ coach running
  4. One question this tire reads as a Drive tire not a steer tire. Could the Hankook info be wrong ?
  5. Time to put new tires on the coach. Current MICHELIN is no longer available and the new tire is X LINE ENERGY Z 275/80R 22.5 which are pretty expensive I can’t seem to locate all the tech info on Hankook 275/80R22.5 which is listed in the FMCA Info. Called Hankook and this is there DH15 which is a match in diameter but have to check on load range and weight capacity. Any comments on what size replaces this and info on Hankook is appreciated
  6. Our RV tablet less than one year old has started to give wrong turns and speed went away. At times it shows us along the route we are on. With now many calls to Tec support we have no solution. They know the issue and have for 3 or 4 months claim to be working on it. This is covered by the message on their tec line and in their FAQ why is my gps showing the wrong date. Anyone having the same issues ? is there a solution or are we stuck with this non working unit. Here is the link to their recent info https://www.randmcnally.com/support/faqs/why-is-my-gps-device-showing-an-incorrect-date
  7. Jim we may do that as they have been to great work with. But we have to find a dealer who can sell it to us as they do not sell direct. So that's why we are checking around.
  8. Our current plan will expire next year and we are starting to look around. Anyone have expirence with Phoenix American from Miami Fla or Xtra Ride sold by Eagle Vision.
  9. We had reservations for two days but with the chance that Hurricane Maria might hit when we would be there we had to cancel. We were inside their 7 day cancel or pay policy so they charged one night. Claiming they had held the space for those dates so lost the income, funny thing is another campground not too far away had 45 plus spaces. They stated the hurricane wasn't coming and there would only be 30 mil per hr winds etc. We prefer not to take chances with serious weather when it can be avoided They were rude on the phone and hung up while we were still talking. Then when we decided within a couple of hours to delay and come up behind the storm we sent an e mail. They explained so sorry but you cant move your deposit. Might be a very nice place but the customer service is very very poor
  10. bandm

    Monument Valley

    We stayed there early Aug and found the sites to be what one would expect for the area. All dirt with a little bit of shade and views that you cant find any place on the planet. The staff was very helpful and the pool a delight at the end of the day. We took a sunrise tour booked by the staff and enjoyed the sun coming up over the Mittens.
  11. Hi, This is a very basic system with no auto level or dump. You park, dump air, level with jacks and your home. I have soaped the bags and the total system and find no leaks. With the air at 60 PSI I figure there is some leakage from the PPV and that's where it goes. So I think I will change the PPV which goes to the air bag manifold. Going down the road is still one to figure out. But the height control valves do exhaust air in a big bump like we see on interstate 20 in Miss. So I think that is a major consumer of air. Your right the shocks don't owe us a thing so will change them and see if it helps dampen things. Thanks Rich
  12. Hi a couple of questions on this very simple non automatic system 1. When parked and dumping the air it stops at about 60 psi in the secondary tank. I think that is the PPV working as it should. But then in less than 8 hr the system will show zero pressure on the secondary tank which feeds the air bag system the primary system holds air fine. Ok so I wonder if the ride height valve is asking for air and it should get none if the PPV is holding ??. By design would the ride height valve (Barksdale) exhaust air when it is in the demand cycle ie coach lower asking for air NOTE this is a Monaco dump system and takes the air from the small blue lines that go from the ping tank (secondary) to the ride height valve I have soaped every connection and can find no leak and can not see a leak at the ride height when down at the 60 psi level. 2. Going down the road we consume enough air that the compressor kicks in every 10 min or so. More so when the road is rough. I assume this is air from the bags exhausting due to more than normal movement. ? dose this system exhaust out the ride height valve ? Rides well corners ok etc BUT if the shocks were getting weak perhaps we are overworking the air bags and causing the exhausting ? No leaks or oil showing but close to 90k on the Bilsteins Note on the service at Freightliner last time they rated the front ride height valves as slow to level. The ride height was checked and found ok Thanks for your help and comments
  13. Herman, I don't follow the last comment in your opinion do you mean Firestone. Is a good tire ?
  14. Anyone have experience with these tires? Locally they are available and about $900 less on 6 than Michelin.
  15. bandm

    XZE Vs. XRV Tires

    Time for new tires we are going up from 235 80 22.5 XZE to 255 80 22.5 The question is XRV or XZE I think the extra side wall material in the XZE might be a plus. They are also more available here in Ar. Suggestions and comments
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