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  1. richard5933

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    Not sure that's going to happen... It's been an odd year as we watch wave after wave of snow and ice scoot south of us and drop lots of white stuff in places that are normally much warmer than us.
  2. richard5933

    Lost bushings

    Glad you got things worked out successfully.
  3. richard5933

    How to Find Someone to Update RV

    Welcome to the forum! Glad that you're here. We recently had our carpeting replaced by a certified flooring installer. He specializes in all sorts of oddball jobs, including RV and other small spaces. While there may be some RV-specific places near Atlanta, you might also try and make contact with a few of the better carpet stores in your area. My suggestion would be to go in and talk to the manager, and explain what you are looking for. They'll all be happy to sell you carpet, but the good stores will have a list of qualified installers that work on various types of jobs, including RVs. Stay away from the big box or chain stores and try and find a specialty carpet/flooring store, preferably a privately owned store. When you find a place that can suggest a few names, contact the installers and chat with them. There is a certification program that these guys can go through, so don't be afraid to ask their qualifications and ask to see pictures/get references from other jobs they've done. The furniture and other updates I'll let others address since my knowledge is limited there.
  4. richard5933

    Things I would like to see from Factory

    Ok - so mabye not quite the same as a cockpit, but pretty darned close.
  5. richard5933

    Things I would like to see from Factory

    I have no problem. All within easy reach. Just like the cockpit of a fighter jet. 😁
  6. richard5933

    New to forums.

    Let me know when you're in the area next - it would be fun to have our own little mini rally.
  7. richard5933

    Texas Drivers License

    Bruce - You got me curious so I just went and read through the Texas Drivers Handbook to see what's changed down there since I last lived in Texas in the 90s. Boy oh boy, they've messed things up and made a complicated mess of getting a driver's license. However, page 71 of the handbook does have the information about hauling sand and gravel. Seems like in addition to whatever book they gave you for the Class B part they also were pulling questions out of the standard driving book. From an outsider's reading of the rules in Texas, it appears that 3rd party testing is permitted for the skills testing. Would seem like something some of the larger motor home dealers would want to get into to help their customers get into the larger rigs. Hope you can get this worked out and glad to see you posting on the forum.
  8. richard5933

    New to forums.

    Greetings from Wisconsin. Sorry I didn't find this thread earlier in the week. Welcome to the forum - you'll find that there are actually still a good number of members with bus conversions. Some DIY, some professional. All amazing and unique in their own way. At the rally in Gillette I walked the entire grounds looking for all the bus conversions, amazed at all the work that went into them. Ours was converted on a brand new shell by Custom Coach in 1974 and has been lovingly used as a motor home since then. It's pretty much still the way it looked in '74. Love the way you've got yours set up and hope to see it in person some day soon. If you want to see ours you can look here:
  9. richard5933

    Proof motorhomes don't float.

    They're going to need a lot of Damp Rid for that one...
  10. richard5933

    Refrigerator cooling solution "gelled"

    Just a guess here, but have you shut the power (12v and 120v) to the fridge for a few minutes? That might let the circuits reset and thing might work after you turn the power back on. Works wonders on some devices. Does nothing on others. Cost nothing to try.
  11. richard5933

    Refrigerator cooling solution "gelled"

    If they don't provide technical support, then it's unlikely the person you spoke to would know whether or not the unit needs to be replaced. To me it seems unlikely that exposure to cold could damage the unit, otherwise there would be warnings all over the thing to not store it outside in the winter. Since we know that they are routinely stored outside in sub-zero temps in the north, without any damage, I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that once you get the thing warmed up it should start to work again. Might need to reset the power to it once you warm it up, but that's easy. There are lots of good threads out there on other sites. Just do a Google search on "Dometic LP fridge winter problem" and you'll find them.
  12. richard5933

    Refrigerator cooling solution "gelled"

    Sounds like good advice. Good news is that with the cold temps there is no worry about food going bad. Friend of mine had an apartment in Paris - it was in an old district, and his 'winter fridge' was a cabinet with a back side that opened to the outside air with nothing but a screen to keep food from falling out. Maybe you have a basement bay that is at about the right temp where you can store food to accomplish the same thing till you get a definitive answer from Dometic.
  13. richard5933

    Refrigerator cooling solution "gelled"

    If my understanding is correct, it's not the temp of the coils inside the fridge that is the problem. The problem appears to be that the heating element cannot always overcome the extreme cold and heat the ammonia solution to make cold. I know it sounds weird, but if the system in the rear of the fridge cannot make heat, it cannot make cold. The system at the rear of the fridge is pretty much isolated from the interior of the coach. This is largely done to prevent any exhaust gases from entering the interior as the system operates. Unfortunately, that means that all that balmy air inside your coach isn't going to help the backside of the fridge be warm enough to operate. I've search through the manual for your unit that I could find, and it doesn't mention anything specific to winter operation. However, there are notes in the manual for another Dometic manual which specify a partial vent cover for use when outside temps fall below +8C (approx +45F). I can't find such a recommendation specifically for your model, however. I did find one recommendation that mentioned parking the rig so that the side of the coach with the fridge gets as much sun exposure as possible. Guess that might help on sunny days. Hopefully there are a few absorption fridge experts out there with more specific advice?
  14. richard5933

    Refrigerator cooling solution "gelled"

    Shooting from the hip here, so hopefully someone with more experience with absorption refrigeration can confirm the theory... These machines make cold by first making heat. Whether on LP or electric, they have to heat the refrigerant. That's why there are vents on the back of the unit, to vent the exhaust gases. From reading a bit online, if the unit is well ventilated to accommodate summer use (the usual time these are used) there exists a possibility that the extreme cold outside air coming in the vents is keeping the unit from being able to produce enough heat to make the inside of the fridge cold. Some solutions I'm reading about this are variants on a theme - warm the temps in the area behind the fridge. They include things like placing a light bulb behind the fridge to warm things a bit and/or to partially block the intake to help keep the temperature up back there. Both of these seem to me to have inherent safety issues, so I don't feel comfortable suggesting these as a solution to you. Hopefully others can chime in as the method of partially blocking the vent seems popular on other sites, and it would be nice to hear from someone that's actually implemented that as a solution.
  15. richard5933

    Refrigerator cooling solution "gelled"

    Welcome to the forum. Glad that you're here. A little more information might help us offer suggestions. What type of refrigerator are you talking about (make/model)? I'm assuming that the refrigerator is inside a heated RV and not outside in the -14 weather, so what makes you think that something has gelled? If this is an LP fridge, have you checked all the necessary outside vents to be sure that they are clear of snow and that they haven't become blocked by freezing condensation in/on the vents?