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  1. I'd also ask why the need to go to a 120v/ LP fridge. There are lots of options now for refrigerators, including 12vdc only compressor fridges. A little more information about where you are heading with this project will help us give more specific advice/suggestions.
  2. If you are looking into the Loves credit card just to turn on the pump, all you need is the Loves app. ASFIK you can load any payment card into the Loves app wallet. As long as you have a payment card loaded into the Loves app it's supposed to allow you to start the pump from the app. I use the Loves app with the TSD/EFS card and it works fine.
  3. It was my understanding that the cash advance feature is there more for the commercial drivers than for RV drivers, as it provides a way for companies to give their drivers a daily 'allowance' to cover meals and incidentals. If you don't need it don't use it. The only discount is the fuel discount.
  4. I believe they are talking about a $200 limit on cash advances, not that they are actually taking a $200 from your account. I just double checked my bank's online records, and there is no indication that EFS or TSD ever pulled a $200 debit from my account.
  5. I think that the larger problem is that with more and more industry consolidation comes less competition and less need to be innovative. There used to be many companies producing appliances, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. With only a few producers left, we're faced with a lot of the same from all. As customers insist on lower costs, the industry responds. The result is inevitably lower quality, with rare exceptions.
  6. It was my understanding that the only thing available for RV users was the diesel and def. Found after that it's also possible to use for cash advance (within the limit set) at some stations, like Loves.
  7. Wayne beat me to it. The program in this case works at Loves, but it is not a Loves' program. It is a negotiated price program run by TSD.
  8. The OP mentioned 2013 tires.
  9. There are also discounts at Flying J/Pilot, but not really better than the Good Sam discount. I've seen some discounts on TA that look pretty good, but the Loves discount is still the biggest I've seen.
  10. https://www.michelintruck.com/tools/dealer-locator/ Looks like there are at least a few Michelin dealers within 50 miles of Branson. You'll have to put 50 miles in the distance drop down to see them.
  11. I think I understand what you're talking about - any chance you can post a photo or two of the situation so we can better visualize it?
  12. Is your Oasis just below the kitchen sink? Has it done this since you got the coach or is it a new thing?
  13. Based on the various ones I've been inside of at various shows, and based on my brother's experience with his trailer, Lance seems to be pretty well put together. Seemed to be more solid than others.
  14. I've used a plastic welding gun (like a concentrated heat gun with special foot attachment) to repair a seam which opening on my fresh water tank. Will it work on your black tank? Depends on the material used to make your tank, how structural the area is that has a crack, and your ability to get the area thoroughly clean the crack. If the crack is in an area you can easily get to and it's possible to thoroughly clean the edges, there would be no harm in giving it a try. Like mentioned earlier, you might do well to add some additional material over the crack once the crack itself has been welded together. Once it's repaired, fill it with water and see how it goes. You can always replace the tank afterwards if the repair doesn't hold or if you are suspicious of it.
  15. Thanks RayIN for the comment. You're correct - the fire department was actually called when this first happened since we didn't know where the smoke was coming from. We got lucky twice, actually. First time was when the cable shorted to the copper tube and cut the hole - we were lucky that the thing didn't turn itself into a torch and burn the bus up. The second time was when we went a few miles to the shop after the smoke cleared. The only thing that kept us from catching fire at that point was that the hole had gotten large enough to provide a small amount of clearance around the battery cable. Someone was watching out for us, that's for sure.
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