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  1. Staying With Windows 7

    I tried to go with open-source software for a while. Open Office was generally okay for my needs, but then I started to run into problems when Microsoft updated Word and Open Office wasn't able to open the new file format. Some of the other software I use has modules to automatically synchronize with Microsoft products as well, and they didn't play well with Open Office. Corel is necessary for us because our LASER engraver is very quirky - it won't recognize a cut commend unless Corel is used. Tried a number of open-source alternatives but just couldn't get things to work right. I tend to be the outlier in many areas of life - my bus for example. Software is just not something that I have the patience to deal with so I have accepted the fact that I'll have to pay for it and use the commonly-accepted software packages.
  2. Class A towing trailers

    Welcome to the forum. I don't see any information about where you're located, but be sure to also check the DMV in your state to be sure that the combine weight and/or length doesn't push you into the requirement of a higher class of driver license. Some states are starting to require a non-commercial Class A or B for the longer/heavier rigs.
  3. No power to house, generator, on 2002 Diplomat

    You have power through the master switch, but have you checked that you have power on both sides of the solenoid. When the "salesman" switch inside the coach is turned on there should be power to both sides of the solenoid - when the switch is off you'll have power to only one side. The controls for the generator might be running from the house system, regardless of where it's pulling the power to actually turn the starter on the generator.
  4. Staying With Windows 7

    Personally never liked Apple products, largely due to the limitations placed on modifications and ability to personalize the setup. I know that their interface is somewhat more user friendly, but I just don't care for it. I also don't like the way that Apple attempts to own the entire ecosystem for their users. Yes, they say it makes it easier to prevent hacking and malware. But I don't buy that being their primary reason. I've been a PC guy since they started in the 70s and have stuck with it since. I've used MAC at various workplaces and never grew to like them. The current Win10 seems to be about as stable as any other previous version I've used. I'm not a fan of subscription-based software though, and that is what Windows has become now. You don't own it, you just use it. Most of the software that I pay for is also now subscription based. Microsoft Office, Quicken, Corel, etc are all subscriptions and I actually own nothing other than the right to use the software. I suspect that the cost for these software platforms are pretty much the same regardless of the platform. Most other software I use is either specialty software that was provided by my equipment manufacturers (like for my LASER engraver) or freeware.
  5. Buying A Diesel Versus Gas Motorhome

    I'd suspect that the noise level will vary depending on the quality of the build and the type of materials used for the walls/framing.
  6. A/C Charge on '02 Freightliner

    We've got an Interstate dealer in Milwaukee with a great a/c tech. They work on all makes/models of trucks, buses, and RVs. Best best is to find a shop in your area that services the a/c for one of the local charter bus company's coaches. Next best is a truck repair center with an a/c tech. There should be at least one such place in every major city. I suspect in Michigan you'll find many.
  7. A/C Charge on '02 Freightliner

    Both are correct. Our bus a/c is r22, but it's been switched to a modern replacement refrigerant. The two basement units are r12. One has already been switched to a modern refrigerant. The other is still running r12. I will probably need to purge/refill it at the end of this season, so I'll send a PM about the r12.
  8. A/C Charge on '02 Freightliner

    Circuit boards? We don't need no stinkin' circuit boards!
  9. A/C Charge on '02 Freightliner

    Correct - OTR (dash) a/c is an r22 system. It was recently upgraded to one of the modern r22 replacements. Both of our basement a/c systems use r12. All three have sight glasses. Oh - the joys of older coaches...
  10. 2000 Allegro Bus Freightliner chassis

    I suppose that all this is part of the reason that some states are starting to require an upgraded license to drive the larger RVs. I wasn't able to get the air brake endorsement on my CDL until I could pass a basic knowledge test on the subject. It's probably a good idea for everyone driving a vehicle with air brakes to get a copy of the air brake manual from their state's DOT and learn the material, even if it's not required reading/testing for them.
  11. A/C Charge on '02 Freightliner

    Is there a sight glass? On our system the tech filled till the bubbles stopped. Did the tech use a leak detector to check for leaks? These a/c systems are closed systems, so if you're low on refrigerant there's likely a leak. Sometimes they are so small or hidden that it's impossible to find them till things get really bad.
  12. 2000 Allegro Bus Freightliner chassis

    That's the way it's done each time our coach needs adjusting. No way to safely get under without blocking the suspension, and there's no way to reach the adjusters without being under the bus. I could jack/block it myself, but fortunately I'm able to take it to the shop. They raise one end, use jack stands to ensure safety, and then go under on a creeper. With brakes released and transmission in neutral it takes just a few minutes to adjust, spin a tire, adjust some more, and then do the final spin check to be sure there is no drag. Then on to the other end. In a pinch when the only way possible to gain access underneath is with a ramp, the procedure would be to fully snug up the adjusters and then back off a certain amount. On our coach it's 1/2 turn. The whole process is infinitely easier with a service pit to drive over, which is most likely how things would have been done 'back in the day' when a coach like ours was in commercial service. Ownership of a bus conversion like ours is not for the faint of heart or those unwilling to either do the work or pay to have it done. Again - I wasn't trying to give instructions on adjusting brakes. I was just trying to point out that every make/model has specific requirements and that following a one-size-fits-all video probably isn't the best approach.
  13. 2000 Allegro Bus Freightliner chassis

    Wow - that tapping thing is unique, at least to older vehicles like ours. Our manual says to tighten till drag is felt and the back off slightly until the wheel turns freely. No mention of tapping anything for sound checks. My point isn't really to tell anyone how to adjust their brakes - my point is just to point out that specifications for each make/model are different. It is vital that the specific manufacturer's adjustment procedure be followed. I think that it's important that everyone have a working knowledge of their braking systems for emergency purposes, but if you're not comfortable doing this and don't have the knowledge and/or equipment to properly block up the vehicle please leave this to a professional shop.
  14. I played my old cassettes until they froze in their cases from overuse. I've got the same music in digital format now, but to be honest it just doesn't sound the same. Maybe it's because I didn't get it through the Columbia Record Club.