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  1. richard5933

    Question about roof repair

    I agree - that repair created a pond on your roof and even the smallest leak would be greatly magnified. Would be great to make it flatter so the water can better drain.
  2. richard5933

    Full timer - Sanitizing fresh water tank

    Admittedly, it's been a long time since high school chemistry class. But isn't NaDCC the same thing as sodium dichloroisocyanurate? Is the sodium dichlor we're discussing here something else?
  3. richard5933

    Full timer - Sanitizing fresh water tank

    Isn't sodium dichlor the main active ingredient in Aquatabs, used for water purification around the world?
  4. richard5933

    Is my truck capable to handle my load?

    Also figure in the fact that your truck is 15 years old. Pushing an older truck this close to its max tow limit is a great way to find all the flaws and faults in the truck. Amazing what can silently fail in an older vehicle that you don't discover until pushed to limits.
  5. richard5933

    Full timer - Sanitizing fresh water tank

    Same way we test city water supplies - we don't. We do, however, check the best we can before filling out tank. Sometimes it's easy, as in many states if the campground uses a well they've got a testing certificate posted for guests to see. Other times it's not as simple, but we've had good success with asking other campers before filling the tanks if there have been any problems with the water. The seasonal campers will more likely know the situation. When we were in a campsite in PA this fall, I was really glad we asked at the desk before filling. They had been issued a water-boil advisory by the health department only a short time before due to a problem with their fresh water supply. Would have contaminated our whole system. We don't hook up our electrical without testing first with our pedestal tester, and we don't fill our water tank without doing what we can to verify that the water is safe to drink. It's not a perfect system by any means, but sometimes imperfect is the best we can do.
  6. richard5933

    Full timer - Sanitizing fresh water tank

    We use the onboard tank exclusively for all needs - bathing, cooking, drinking. We've got a whole-house filter to remove sediment, and a drinking water filter on the sink which further filters water for cooking/drinking. We stopped using bottled water years ago. When possible, I fill the tank from our well water (softened) before leaving on a trip. It holds 90 gallons which will last the two of us more than a week. We'll fill from city water while on the road, but only after double checking on the quality of the water supply at the park/campground.
  7. richard5933

    Full timer - Sanitizing fresh water tank

    Great - thanks for the clarification. Seems like we're on the same page.
  8. richard5933

    Full timer - Sanitizing fresh water tank

    Unless I'm misreading this page, they're talking about using the HP in concentrations of 3% - 7.5% on solid surfaces. If so, then how can the stuff from the box stores which is only 3% be effective in a fresh water system, especially when diluted in the amount of water we're talking about here? I'll sleep (and drink) better doing our usual routine and then confirming everything with a simple water test at the county office.
  9. richard5933

    Dead Battery

    Still seems to be some confusion - the TV standby should have nothing to do with the start batteries unless the house & start batteries are bridged together. Do you have a switch to bridge them together (for starting assistance, etc)? If so, make sure that it's not stuck in the bridge mode.
  10. richard5933

    Trip cost

    Great question. No easy answer. Like Brett said, this will vary greatly. Especially if you are including depreciation and the cost of upkeep. There is an easier way to look at this though... You already own the Class C rig and depreciation will happen even if you don't use it. You will most likely replace the tires eventually due to age, whether or not you drive on them. Neither of these really should be a factor here. Same for routine maintenance - you'll have to do things like oil changes based on elapsed time anyhow, so non-use doesn't save much. These are all basically fixed costs. So, the only real expense to consider for this one-day trip is the cost of fuel. That you can calculate easily depending on the mileage you get. Even at just 8 mpg and assuming a total of 300 miles, the fuel cost is under $100 depending on the pump prices near you. That plus the campground fee is really the total for the trip. All that said, the real question is which do you enjoy more. For us the question is easy, we'd rather travel in our coach whenever possible. Even for a one-day trip.
  11. richard5933

    Full timer - Sanitizing fresh water tank

    I've been reading about this online since the thread started. Seems like there is a great variance in the amount of chlorine or hydrogen peroxide that is required to adequately sanitize a water supply. I remember when Milwaukee was dealing with the crypto situation in the 90s, and there were specific guidelines to follow to properly sanitize. Does anyone know of a reliable agency source (NIH, CDC, etc) for the ratios being used in this application?
  12. richard5933

    Dead Battery

    Since this is a recent purchase of a used motor home, there exists the mystery of what was done to the rig prior to you purchasing it. No telling what modifications a previous owner did, nor what work was done by a shop before your purchase. By design, most manufacturers will connect a few house systems to the chassis/start batteries - could be the steps, could be a slide, etc. However, there is a chance that someone along the way connected some other device to the start batteries that should be connected to the house batteries. I've seen photos of some battery bays with multiple wires piggy-backed on the positive terminal of the start batteries when there should only be one. Your initial testing was to pull the cable from the negative terminal. That wouldn't remove any of these extra circuits from the positive side. Also, we're talking about a 2014 motor home. Likely the start battery is still the original, which means it could be 5 or 6 years old already. Might be advisable to test the battery before going much further. No sense in trouble shooting the entire coach when the problem is the battery itself. If the battery is the original, I'd replace it as a matter of maintenance regardless. A picture or two of the battery bay will help us help you identify anything that looks odd or out of place as well. And, welcome to the forum. Glad to have you join us here. Lot's of good information to be shared.
  13. richard5933

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    I can happily announce that spring has sprung for us here in Wisconsin, and not a moment too soon. This cabin fever thing was getting to me. After a week or two of above freezing afternoon temps the ground dried out enough around where the bus was parked, and today I was able to bring it from behind the barn back to the parking pad next to our driveway. Yay! Not a moment too soon since I have an appointment next week to have the Jake Brakes installed on our engine. Great thing, these old mechanical engines. Hasn't been touched in about three months - started instantly as soon as I touched the switch. Oil pressure came right up and all systems are 'go'. Next thing you know the spring bulbs will start popping up.
  14. richard5933

    Class A Tire Size

    Have you checked with Newmar to be certain that the larger tire size isn't going to cause a problem? Sometime a larger tire looks good standing still, but it still creates a problem as the suspension moves to full travel. Wouldn't hurt to make a phone call.
  15. richard5933

    I need help finding a electrical gremlin

    You can also have some type of internal damage. The weight of the cable/clamp on the post is enough to cause a problem. Take off both clamps and the problem disappears. I've seen weird things with internal battery failure. How old are these batteries?