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Trained by the National Center on Accessibility at Indiana University, I spend most of my time growing our non-profit of providing accurate, factual information on accessible parks for RVers with limited mobility disabilities.  Having been born with severe clubbed feet, going thru surgery after surgery as a child, wheelchairs are not an issue for me.  What is an issue is the lack of accessibility provided by RV parks.  So we have taken over 4 years of research abd data accummulated from visiting RV parks and started a website where RVers with limited mobility can go to in order to find a listing of RV parks that provide enough accessibility that I would return to when limited to a wheelchair.  Please visit www.rvingaccessibility.org to see what we are doing and how you can help, if interested.  The difficulty lies in the fact that unless one has been permanently disabled, dependent on a wheelchair and a caregiver, one cannot imagine the challenges of RVing.  We have been there and done that, as the saying goes, and now want to help others who are experiencing disabilities as I did, and make RVing fun again.  We provide RV park locations that provide enough accessibility where one can enjoy their stay without compromising their dignity or independence.  A little bit of FREEDOM can go a long ways!

If you have a story you would like us to share on our website, please send it from the website so we can review it before posting.  We love great stories to share with our audience, especially encouraging stories.

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