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  1. No, I'm not towing anything else and it does not have a rack now on it.
  2. I am going to the Florida keys and want to bring to Kayaks. Has anyone strapped kayaks straight onto there roof or do I have to get some sort of rack?
  3. I planned on plugging in at a relatives house, and yes propane heaters its an 04 coachmen Rendezvous 345, its OK we are lucky enough to get our power back on, of course this happened the day I figured out how to work the heat haha
  4. I live on Long Island and with the past 2 storms I have had no electricity for almost 2 weeks now. Can anyone tell me if I can have the heat on in my Coachman with it just plugged in or does the generator need to be on?
  5. If it does overlap does it hurt to put it on or is there a reason why its not on there already?
  6. I have a 34 coachmen and in the shower at the bottom where the walls meet the bottom piece there is no silicone, now I know in a house it gets silicone does an RV shower also get silicone?
  7. Guys, Thank you so much. Mine is missing haha. I guess that explains things huh.
  8. I have a 2004 Coachman Rendevous. What does a check valve look like, while driving down south on our first trip we kept getting odor and couldn't figure out why. Under my sink after the trap the plumbing goes down and another piece goes up and is open and I believe that's where my smell problem is coming from. I'm very new at this and very confused. We were nervous to even use the bathroom thinking the odor would get worse which made the trip hard since I have four children plus my wife.
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