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  1. I have had a 1997 for 8 years and love it. Great Rig and built very well. Congrats... may you have many years of great trouble-free travel. Gramma Dy
  2. WOW...; Thanks so much folks for all the info and links... This should keep me busy looking and planning. Appreciate all the comments.
  3. I understand there is still Standard RV Parking for $30 available. I have never been. Was thinking about going Fri Oct 3 leaving Fri Oct 10. I have kind of a bad knee that acts up every so often. I understand there is a Shuttle? Has anyone stayed in the Standard RV area? Do you know how big it is and where the shuttle stops are? Can you see any of the balloons when launched from this area? Any advise on this event? Seems Mon & Tues & Wed have lots of free time... any "must do's" for the area... I have a tow car. I will be by myself ... just an old gramma checking off the bucket list. Oh I'll be coming from Bakersfield on I-40 where to stop overnite, last gas/water before Albuquerque, have 35' Class A with tow car. Also will need to have an overnite in Albq (or near) on Oct. 2nd Thurs. Thanks for the info... Dy Northern Calif.
  4. I am planing a trip next year starting end of Sept 2015: Leaving Bakersfield, Ca. on 58/I-40 to Shawnee, Okla, (7 days) & Siloam Springs, Ark,(3 days) then Branson, Mo. (5 days) these are firm plans must do's... On way to Shawnee will be one nite stops.. I figure 4 nites to get there. Then plan on going to the following with no particular timeframe... Have 8-10 weeks for trip. Like to go to Memphis, Nashville, down Natchez Trace Pkwy, New Orleans & Lafayette, La., San Antonio & Corpus Cristi, Tx. Roswell & Alamagordo, N.M. then prob. back up to I-40 & west to Calif. I have done the I-10 and I-8 several times so thought I'd spend a little time on I-40/ US 66 on way home from N.M. Would appreciate your travels routes, things to see/do, where you stayed etc. I have a 35' Class A towing a car & will be traveling solo. I travel 250-350 miles or bout 6-7 hrs. On travel days don't mind Walmarts, Casinos etc for overniters so I don't have to disco the toad. but due to weather etc. stay at hopefully pull-thrus for some of overnites. Plan on staying 4-7 days at above cities (or more) Also wouldn't mind staying other places of interest you advise. Example Nashville on Nachez Trace .. prob stay a nite somewhere, From Corpus Cristi to Roswell will need to stop, Maybe do Truth or Consequences on I-25 might want to visit etc. Appreciate your info Grama Dy California
  5. I will be in Niland (SLABS) Jan 5 until Jan 13th. was thinking of going to a RV park between Niland and Indio for a couple days to dump fill water, chg batteries, long hot shower... etc. Didn't know if going to Meca and taking Box Canyon is a good Idea I have 35' with a tow car. or should I just go on up hwy 111 to I-10. Or stop at an RV Park blythe, to Q... I really wanted a pull thru so I don't have to unhook. It's gonna be a mess that time of year in Q to find a one or two nighter with pull thru's FHU and showers etc. Thanks, Gramma Dy p.s. unhooking is not easy for me so I like to plant somewhere for awhile. I will be boondocking inQ for 2 wks.
  6. I bought the TST system. I was so glad I did.. last year it alarmed and I had right rear dully going down. I was able to pull off before tire failed. Got it fixed. I bought a toad, got four more units and couldn/t be happier. I'm an old gramma and they walked me thru the set up and stayed on phone with me until all tires were done. I mentioned I would be at a convention and they said they would be there & to stop by. I did and they had my name on their sheet and asked if they could come out and check everything.. they did and everything waw OK. After my long call in setting up my system the owner called and followed up with me. They also have a forum on irv2.com. Excellent.. I refer them any time.. My brother bought a system and is happy and two of my friends in LOWs. Feel very safe with a TPMS... I guess I would suggest just get one. Pressure Pro or TST or whatever.. just be safe out there. GrammaDy
  7. So I have made my reservations paid ... FMCA got my money for electricity but I may not get it? How can I reserve a spot even if I have to pay for a couple days Mon & Tues to make sure I get electricity. If I don't have electricity I will not be able to attend. Can I get a refund or what? Why doesn't FMCA just stop selling elect sites when they get to 900, why overbook and take our money. This is not right. I have been to many "other" Rallies and have never had this as an issue. Is there someone I can contact to find out about this? Any info appreciated.
  8. I have a '97 Allegro Bay 35' Chevy. I've had this for 6 years and this problem started last year. This is an intermittant problem. When I turn the engine off there is a whine coming from the jack motor. First... original problem was, when I tried to use jacks the red light comes on telling me it's not in park. I have a joy stick type box. After jocking back in forth from park to reverse & neutral, reverse park reverse, park, the light goes off and the jacks work. This has happened 5 times out of maybe 15-20 uses. Sometimes, I just put in park w/engine running and turn jacks on, flop the front & rear release handles, and then use the joy stick to use & level the jacks. The yellow lights telling me about unlevel on the joystick box work fine. Now on 4 occasions ... not the occasions that the jack red light came on - I wasn't even trying to use the jacks, just when stopping the RV.. say for gas, or groceries.. nothing to do with rasing / lowering the jacks. When I turn the engine off there is a whine coming from the jack motor. I was told to turn the engine back on, while in park try to use the jacks... the red light is on (vehicle not in park)... jocky again .. it goes off. Turn engine off . Twice had to repleat this. Twice the whine went away. Another issue not sure if it's related or not, but when backing up sometimes.. say one in 20 times, the tranny seems to lock, first I thought I hit something, but wasnt the issue. Have to gun the engine to get it to go back. I have had some success with doing the park, reverse, neutral drive reverse.. Then no issue for a long time.. tranny fluid is fine. happened before and after had filter & fluid changed. This was checked out by two shops.. on said it was some type of solenoid or part on tranny, other shop said their are two gears in drive shaft from steering area are not engaging. like interlocking spockets that are probably worn. Both of these fixes are in the $500-700 range to fix. Neither shop could tell me if this had anything to do with the jack issue. I was on a 5 wk. 4000 mile trip and longest stay was 4 nites. used jacks & reverse often. Had 3 reverse issues and 3 jack issues total at diff times. The reverse issue appeared first 2011 Sept., jacks had issue coming out of storage in April 2012. RV service couldn't get jacks to act up or whine. They said everything was OK. I'm frustrated as any ... non-mechanical gramma would be. Thanks for the input, suggestions.
  9. You need to take into consideration how many sheets are used & how tightly folded. Suggest you do a test at home. Use TP as usual, drop in gallon zip lock or larger.. add a few drops of your waste solution (if you use any) if not just water or try both.. see how it disolves & how long. I've tested if it's folded with several layers.. some types do not disolve well. The single layer test .. any TP breaksdown in a couple hours but who uses a single sheet? Ditto on /// must use lots of water....
  10. grammady

    Air vs. Nitrogen

    I've heard tires/stems leak less with Nitrogen vs. air. You can add air if necessary. Nitrogen particles are larger than air. Opinions? It costs about $5 a tire to replace.
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