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  1. Don I received the following from Good Sam in response to my inquiry last week (9/5/12). Hello Mr. Roche, Thank you so much for contacting us with your concerns. When you read something like this it is very understandable that this brings up many questions about the service we provide. I hope that I can provide you with peace of mind that your membership and money have not been wasted on Good Sam. We do honestly apologize that at the time of his disablement in June of 2009, that we were unable to meet Mr. Lieberman’s expectations. The good news is that since 2009 we have made major changes in our Roadside Assistance programs. One of the biggest is that we switched dispatch providers. The switch to a new dispatch provider has raised not only our customer satisfaction rating but also allowed us to reach a new level of efficiency in providing quick and quality assistance to our members. Beyond that change, we have also made great enhancements to training of our Dispatchers as well as to the Member Service agents. This enhanced training has really helped us focus on the most important thing; Helping our members. We have also added benefits and diversified the programs we offer to provide a higher level of service, as well as the best product to all of our members. At the time of Mr. Lieberman’s request for assistance, we did not cover utility trailers or car trailers for service. We saw that gap in coverage and made changes, so we added a program named Good Sam Platinum Roadside Assistance that provides benefits for a disablement with a utility trailer or a car trailer. With that said we have also made it a point to provide help to our members even if the service they need isn’t covered by the Roadside Assistance program they might have. If Mr. Lieberman were to call today, and let’s say he only had our standard Roadside Assistance program, which doesn’t cover utility or car trailers. We would still make all efforts to dispatch service to him, even though his disablement isn’t covered. Now please keep in mind, that while this service would be at his expense, but we would not abandon him. We appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback and would be happy to speak to you if you would like discuss the Roadside Assistance programs. Thank you for your membership. Wes Robinson Good Sam 64 Inverness Dr East Englewood, CO 80112-5114 T – 303-728-7395 Email – wrobinson@goodsamfamily.com
  2. Mr. Lieberman I read your blog in FMCA and became very concerned. I am a lifetime Good Sam member and have the Good Sam Roadside Assistance plan. I took the liberty of coping your blog and adding the following : This is addressed to the "action line" at Good Sam and was from me titled "this couldn't be true - could it?" Please take no offense as I am trying to get the "action line" people to actually read the email. I read this today in the latest FMCA newsletter in the section entitled Good Sam vs Coach Net Roadside Assistance. The man who submitted this signed his name and gave his member number. If this is true, why should anyone keep Good Sam Roadside Assistance? As a lifetime member of Good Sam, I would like an answer. Copied from the FMCA e newsletter "I had a Good Sam Roadside Assistance membership and I was happy with there service until I was on a trip with my RV and I was pulling my car on a car trailer I had a flat on the trailer and I called Good Sam Roadside Assistance I ask them to send someone out to put my spar on I was told that I was not covered in my policy for a trailer with tandem wheels I should put the spar on myself I told him that I was 70 years old and had a bad back and I could not change it myself the next thing he told me to do was to drive my RV and go to a station and have the spar put on I told him there was a car on the trailer and the other tire would go flat and I would rune the tires and what did I buy the Good Sam Roadside Assistance for he got nasty with me on the phone and said if I wanted to quite the Good Sam Roadside Assistance plan he would cancel it wright then I told him I would keep it till I got home I still had several thousand miles to go on my trip and six weeks before I got home I again told him I was 70 years old and had a bad back and he said he would not help me I drove to the next town it was about 10 miles away and I wound up having to buy two tires . I tried calling Good Sam Customer Service to complain and I got no ware fast when I got home I called Good Sams Customer Service again I was told someone would call me back I never got a call back I wrote several letters to Good Sam Roadside Assistance and never got an answer I belong to an RV club and they said why don't I join COACH NET I canceled my Good Sam Roadside Assistance and joined Coach Net and I never had any trouble with COACH NET I have been very happy with there service If someone from Good Sam Roadside Assistance reads this my Good Sam # is 561314485 I am just so frustrated with Good Sam Roadside Assistance It takes a company years and a good deal of money build a good reputation and it takes one bad exuberance to rune it Thank You Donald Lieberman " If and when I get an answer, I will let you know. In the mean time I am looking into Coach Net. Being stranded on the side of the road and getting some idiot on the phone who would not help me after I had a contract with Good Sam would not be good. I too travel with a family and pets. Keep your fingers crossed, maybe we wil lget an answer. Jeff Roche
  3. I just bought a 2012 MKX and did a lot of research regarding issues with the battery after reading the blog. Found out several things. Blue Ox web site states that you should start the vehicle every 6 hours while towing to cool the transmission. This will also recharge the battery. While visiting a GM dealer, read a part of the GM owners manual where it stated that running the vehicle for 10 minutes when you stop at night before you turn off the ignition will recharge the battery. I also read that there is a fuse (#32) in GM vehicles that can be pulled to eliminate the voltage drain. I am waiting on Lincoln to tell me which fuse you can pull to do the same for the MKX. Also found out the warning light for "stable trac" or what ever it is called will come on after towing the car. The remedy is to drive the car for 30 to 40 miles as the warning light will reset and "all shall be well". I carry a battery charger in my RV just in case. Last year we towed a Miata and the battery went dead. This is how I learned to start it every night (on the way home) and it worked but the battery charger was a nice alternative. It can be plugged in to the RV while the vehicle is parked and running. Hope this helps.
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