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  1. I have the BIG FOOT auto levelers on my Georgieboy and they have been wonderful 'tlll recently. I'm not getting the full stroke on a couple of them. Checked the fluid levels and both needed some added. Still no luck on those two. BF service guys say it's probably a bubble in the line. Has anyone out there had this problem and if so, how do you fix it? Thanks The Master Chief
  2. Ok guys......... you've convinced me. Mine are 10 yrs old with lots of tread and only 32K miles but lots of cracked sidewalls. Who has replaced the Michelin XRV 235/80R 22.5 lately with FMCA's Michelin program and what was the out the door price? Thanks The Master Chief
  3. Anyone use FMCA's program with Michelin for 235/80/R22.5 tires recently? What was your total outlaly for them and installation? Thanks The Master Chief
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