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  1. We have named our 2013 Fleetwood Excurison after a very famous pirate ship: "Fancy."
  2. We have the magnashade. So easy to put up and take down. Well worth the cost and there are no clips or snaps on your rig. Great people to deal with.
  3. Hello Alan. The closest RV park is Anaheimrvvillage.com. It's about a block north of the park. Enjoy. Chris
  4. Jim, We have a 2013 Fleetwood Excursion 35B. It is advertised as being made to fit in a 12' garage. Very low profile for a DP. We love our rig.
  5. Hello itguy09, We will have to meet up. This trip will be our 13th year. We will be in space Bk 5-3-102. See you then.
  6. Chris, We have owned a spot in the infield for over 14 years. There are spots for sale all the time. Also eBay is a good spot to look. Good luck. NASCAR !!!!!
  7. We went camping this past weekend and when i setup up the auto-level only put the rear jacks down. I tried 5 times to get the front ones down with no luck. We parked the rig at storage and tried the auto-level and it worked there. What causes this to happen ?????
  8. Looking for members camping in the infield at Auto club speedway in Fontana, Ca in March.
  9. I have 2 - 120 watt solar panels with a Bluesky controller. Bluesky controllers pull the max out of your solar panels. The panels keep my batteries topped out during the day no matter how much we use them. Very happy with them. I bought the panels on eBay for $400.00 and the controller for $186.00 on eBay. Install cost was $500.00. Well worth the money. We boondock at many NASCAR races without a problem. Happy camping.
  10. Congrats on the new rig. Enjoy and happy camping.
  11. Pmlongjr, I always dump my air before I level my coach. I want my coach as low as possible. Also makes it easy to enter and exit coach .
  12. We have a 2013 Fleetwood Excurison. They come stock with them.
  13. Hello Sweet roam, We are also new to the club. We live in SoCal and are looking for a local chapter. We camp almost every other weekend. Mostly at East Shore RV park in San Dimas. Since we have bought our new 2013 rig we have been invited to a lot of new campgrounds. We'll keep you posted when we hear from a local chapter. Maybe see you on the road.
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