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  1. I have a CrusierLift on my 40' HR pusher. I also went with the optional wheel chock to enable me to load and unload it by myself. Don't need wife to hold it while trying to strap it down. Works fine, I can carry either my 1500 Honda GW or the 1300 V-Star and have no dificulities except that you will need to wash it before riding because it get real dirty in just a little rain behind the MH. I use the Tow Vehicle Extension and a tow dolly for my car. I added 2 ratchet tie downs between the Lift and the hitch and of the Tow Extension to add additional stability so the rig doesn't bounce around as much. Cruiserlift's web site is http://www.cruiserlift.com/ . Before buying the CruiserLift, I looked at the Hydralift and the Blue Ox/Overbuilt Lifts. They are all good systems but the HydraLift will run you about twice as much as the CruiserLift after you get it installed. The CruiserLift can also be easy removed by one person so if you don't want to take a bike on the trip you don't have to carry the lift either
  2. I had a problem like this with my HR. The relay for the condenser fan was fried. On mine 40' diesel pusher it was located on the engine side of the condenser back at the rear of the MH. My AC condenser is hinged on one side, so removing 2 bolts allows it to open outward like a door. This allows easy access to the AC relay and to the engine. The folks at Auto, Bus & Truck air conditoning parts, sales & service in Round Rock, Tx replaced the relay and the fried wired. We also noticed that the compressor side gas pressure was running very high. This is usually caused by a stopped up dryer or expansion valve. In my case a simple dryer replacement and recharge did the trick.
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