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  1. There is 12VDC to the motor but it's unresponsive. I have original literature that came with the Coach when we bought it in 2012. We're the second owners. I didn't see anything about how to do a manual unroll, no way to get to the screws without it being away from the stowed position.
  2. My 2005 Monaco Diplomat's Carefree awning is stuck in the stowed position making it difficult to get to the motor assembly to replace the motor. Any advice on opening the awning manually? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Since Hellwig no longer makes or stocks the rear anti sway bar for my '05 Diplomat 40PRQ does anyone know where I can find a Roadmaster kit. I've been unable to get any help online and the 2 I ordered (Hellwig 7233) were canceled as unavailable. I did get a front sway bar and new shocks but I really would like to put both front and rear on my coach. We've had it 2 years and put 16k on it. We really enjoy it but would like to complete this upgrade if possible. TipSanders Cleveland TN
  4. Dean, We towed a 2009 Ford Flex from Pensacola Fla out I-10 all the way to Phoenix in June 2013, overheating when we started up the Continental Divide from Las Cruces NM. We have a 2005 Monaco Diplomat 40PRQ with 66k on it (at the time) and the Handbook says the three combined factors of high ambient temperature (pushing above 100 up to 104 degrees on that leg), towing (Flex is about 4600+ lbs) and climbing upgrade, would cause overheating. I literally opened my hatches above the engine, ran my generator and ran both 15k roof air units full speed to force cooler air down through the hatches and that seemed to help get us to a park ( can't remember where) for the night. I bought cleaner and tryed to wash out my radiator core with a water from a hose, (though they all looked clean) and took off the next morning before dawn to catch the cooler temps. I figured the road temp was probably 130 or more and with the rear radiator on my Diplomat I think the air being sucked up came straight from the road but who knows. All I know is that when I got to Phoenix, I called the Rocky Mtn Cummins center and they said to bring it in. We were already on the far side (north) of Phoenix about 40 miles but we re-routed and got there at the dealed by 8:00. After telling them our issue, and what we had done, they took us in around 10:00. I asked them to replace the 195deg thermostat with a 180 and they also replaced the serpentine belt and 'pressure washed' the radiator components (engine radiator, Charge Air Unit, and transmission cooler) and we got out of there at 8:00PM. An all day repair, $900 and 2 free Cummins hats (one for me and one for the better half) and we were back on the road. This was middle of June and before the temps in Phoenix soared into the hundred & teens later. We went on to Williams, toured the Grand Canyon for 2 days then on through Vegas and overnighted in Leeds, Utah before going on through Salt Lake into Idaho where we stayed a couple of days before going on through Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota visiting more friends and back home to the Chattanooga area (Cleveland, TN). I said all that to say I believe the combination of temps, towing and grade were the main reasons we ran hot, no damage fortunately because I really tried to keep it cool. We did have an air leak in the Turbo unit before we got to St Louis which caused a loss of boost. Again, I contacted the Cummins dealer there and they got me right in and out within about 3 hours (including lunch break) and it was a $158 charge for diagnosis and tightening an air line fitting on the control box (or something) and we were on our way home without incident. I can't say enough about the Cummins dealer in St Louis. If I would have known the advantages of a side radiator model before buying our Diplomat I might have made a different choice but I like my Diplomat and I like the Cummins 400ISL in my coach. Plenty of power for 40' and I think I am now looking for a smaller, lighter dingy!!
  5. Is there a reason for the Kia vehicles not appearing on the FMCA Towing Guides for 2012 & 2013 even though they're there for 2011 & 2014? I'm looking at a 2013 Kia Rio for flat towing but I need to know if this is an oversight or Kia's are not on the list for a reason. I'm looking to downsize from a 2009 Ford Flex.
  6. Don't have experience with a 2014 Flex but we've been towing a 2009 Flex since late 2012 with no issues. I have the Blue Ox system with the Roadmaster braking system (96XX, I think) that was in our Monaco Diplomat when we purchased it. The reason we chose the flex was it's roominess and ability to flat tow without removing fuses or anything like that. It takes about 10 mins to hook/unhook and I've not had any tow related issues. It is a bit heavier than we'd like but that's a tradeoff for the passenger room. Our 2005 Diplomat has the 400 Cummins which has plenty of power for our 40' Diplomat and the flex. We did, however, experience some issues with high temperatures when towing up the Continental Divide from west Texas to Phoenix because our Diplomat has a rear radiator and abient temp was 104 pulling that Flex up hill from Las Cruces toward Phoenix. We put about 3500 miles on it during our western loop which included the Grand Canyon, through Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, on through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and eventually by home to southeast Tennessee (Cleveland). As far as towing, it tows fine, is really no problem when following the guidelines Ford issues....limit speed to 65 and stop every 5 hours and cycle the transmission to cool the fluid. That being said, I think if you'll follow the recommended procedure you'll be fine. It is a bit heavier than I would like but, as I said, the 400hp Cummins handles it well. Hope this helps.
  7. Have a 2004 Phaeton with 330 Cat Turbo that is slowing dramatically/sluggish performance after changing all fuel filters, air filter etc. I'm thinking there may be an issue with the intercooler or something along that line. Any suggestions. The coach has 82k miles.
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