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  1. It trips everything I insert the central vacuum in. I had it checked and even replaced. They put a meter on it and it checked out.
  2. Have replaced the plug already I should have put that in the message.
  3. I have a 2008 Fleetwood Discovery that the GFI plug keeps popping when I plug in the central vacuum. If I plug the central vacuum into a different plug then it doesn't pop. Also my bay lights won't come on. My son says all the fuses are all good. What could the problem be an both items.
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  6. Is there anyone near Birmingham or Huntsville, AL who replace motor home carpet with tile or hardwood. We have 3 slides so not sure we want to tackle the job ourselves.
  7. Hadn't thought of that. Thanks
  8. I need a question answered. Where do you buy the light fixtures with the on/off switches. We have put a mirror in the bedroom and I need a light above it. But want one I can turn on/off without having to turn on the bedroom lights.
  9. Thanks you all for the input on this matter. No more RV tissue for me.
  10. I have a question for full timers. Do you have to use the RV toilet tissue or can you use the regular house brand?
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