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  1. I have been on 7 tours with Fantasy RV Tours and have enjoyed every one of them. To select a company simply because they have Sat phones seems NOT the thing to do. You know as RVers we are responsible for your own health as well as the mechanical components of your rig. Seems like you are blaming the company for your own personal misfortunes. Their insurance is very clearly intended NOT for mechanical breakdowns but for health issues either for you or immediate family. And as for campgrounds, if you needed those great ones that we have in the lower 48, respectfully, maybe this trip was not for you.
  2. We have travelled to Alaska with Fantasy RV Tours and are very happy that we did. Although we own a motorhome, and most of the rigs on our tour were MHs, there were also 5th wheels and a few trailers on our caravan. One of the reasons we chose to go with a group was the fear of rig damage and long distances without services. Our staff team really did keep us safe. Our brand new rig was pristine when we left and after a good wash, pristine on the way back. Not only were we kept safe (we also followed directions and safety tips!) but we sure did enjoy the folks that we met on our tour. We've kept in touch with many of them. As for taking a toad...never travel without one. We are explorers...always like to stop off and take a wayside trail or stop at an interesting store...and couldn't do that if we weren't independent. Another thing I'd like to mention, is that pretty much everything on our tour was included...RV campsites, tours and lots of meals. Very little is "optional". The only extra expenses we had were some meals, fuel and the souvenirs ....I just love jewelry :-). Go for it...Alaska is wonderful!
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