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  1. Sorry, just noticed the member commenting on how he got Ford to buy back the 2011 Escape was John Njus. Guess I just learned what 'newbie' means on this forum!
  2. We own a 2010 Escape, which is now awaiting its new transmission from Ford. We planned to be in cooler climes by now, but now we are stuck in 108 to 110-degree weather for a full week or more. Ford sold the 2010 Escape as a 4-wheel drive towable vehicle, which clearly it is not. Many RVers bought this vehicle becase it was designated a tow vehicle by Ford and was lightweight, yet fairly comfortable. We would love to be included if anyone is starting a class action suit. Also, we would like to hear from Newbie (who posted on 31 May 2012) that they were able to get Ford to buy back the Escape once an attorney was involved. Would Newbie be willing to share the name of the attorney? I expect to be in Washington in a few weeks and would like to speak to the lawyer about this situation. Colette Eisele Tillamook, Oregon 2010 Tiffin Allegro RED 2010 Ford Escape FMCA member F254313 (since 1999)
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