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  1. We travel with our 18 year old Calico. She sleeps on our bed 90 percent of the time. She doesn't even move when we are opening or closing the slides. I think she likes the bed because of the hum of the motor in the bedroom. I was able to fit a small litter box in the bathroom sink cabinet. I made a contraption using a long hook and a toilet paper cardboard roll. It keeps the cabinet door propped open about 4 inches. I clean the box once a day, keep air fresheners in the cabinet and use a dustpan & brush several times a day to keep the tracked litter cleaned up. The hardest thing is keeping the cat's food out of reach of the dog. I keep it on top of the stove when we are traveling and on the dashboard when parked.
  2. Just spoke to Mike Farino (sp?) the leader of the FMCA group on this cruise and he told me there are 165 FMCA members booked. I am looking forward to a wonderful cruise on Carnival Liberty to the Caribbean in January.
  3. Not sure what you mean about "20 other people". Are you implying that you think no one else is going because the travel agent told me that they have more than 10 cabins booked already. The travel agent also confirmed that the group will be seated together for Dinner. That is good news. Still interested in meeting others booked for cruise. Debbie
  4. Who's going on the FMCA's Cruise aboard the Carnival Liberty in January? http://fantasyrvtour...beancruise.html We are booked and looking to arrange Dining Room seating with other FMCA members. We thought it would be automatically done that way, but it seems that is not the case. Why sit with people you may not have anything in common with - when you could dine with other RV'ers. Lets get together for Dinner. Debbie and Dennis DeLorenzo
  5. We recommend the Safe-T-Plus Steering Control. We were at the Good Sam Rally in Phoenix last Spring where we saw a presentation by Henderson's Line Up and Redlands Truck and RV. We had been experiencing problems with wind and passing trucks as well as play in the steering wheel on our 40 ft Fleetwood Providence. We had the part installed on site (along with new Koni shocks) at the Rally. We can now drive with one hand and have no problems with passing trucks. Unbelievable difference. Den & Deb
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