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  1. I am in a similar position, new to owning a motor home. Have moisture in the slider on the drivers side an found your post. Wondering which side of the slider you drilled the holes. In my coach it is the rear portion that slides in a t-type of window, the bottom front is stationary and the top glass is across the two bottom pieces and is stationary. Hope you see this post and reply.
  2. rdtripn

    XZE Vs. XRV Tires

    Just put new Michelin XZE 255/80R22.5 replacing the 12 year old XRV on our 1999 Sportscoach 380MBS. Have not been on an extended ride on them yet but feel the ride is no different. The regional tire made more sense to us after much research and a 1300 mile trip to Niagra Falls. The roads from Maine to Niagra had more than their share of terrible blacktop so our thought was the tougher construction of the XZE made sense. We made the purchase through FMCA's program and saved over $1,000. on six tires. We would gladly share the name of the dealer we used here in Maine, they also have facilities in other New England states.
  3. New to motorhome ownership, purchased a 1999 Coachmen Sportscoach 380MBS. Single slideout drivers side. Slideout when viewed from outside of coach is not sitting square in the opening. This unit spent 3 months at an "RV" repair shop after we purchased it and when we picked it up we had a $6,500. bill to get it in proper working order for a 1300 mile trip which we made in June. Enjoyed our week stay in Grand Isle NY but when we went to leave the slide out would not go in all the way. With some advise from a local tech we did get it in with a little pushing on the slide while holding the in button. The system is a Power Gear. We have contacted both Coachmen and Power Gear for help in adjusting the room but to date have not been able to accomplish what is needed. Neither of the contacts had a drawing of the unit to advise how this adjustment is accomplished. Power Gear's website has some very vague drawings and little in the way of how to go about this. Every where we have looked on the internet suggests that we visit a certified RV tech. We are leery of this because of what our first encounter produced. Our closet Coachmen dealer is in CT about 4.5 hour drive. Hoping someone with some serious knowledge sees this post and responds. Our return trip from Grande Isle was life changing when we had a right front tire blow out in a construction zone on the NY Thruway. Guess the inspection done over the 3 month stay at the above "RV" repair facility should have discovered 5 of our six tire were from 1999. We were fortunate not to hit the concrete barrier when the tire blew. We have since replaced all 6 tire with new Michelins thru FMCA's program. Saved us $1,000. bucks.
  4. You stated in your post you are operating with all your Michelins at 95 PSI. Michelin tech help has told me to weigh my coach on all 4 corners with the coach loaded to travel and then contact them with those weights and they will tell me what to inflate the tires to. The specs on the vin placard should not be used. This appears to be quite a chore if there is no scales nearby to accomplish this and the weight numbers can be quite different such as whether you are traveling with full, gas tank water tank grey tank etc by numerous hundreds of pounds. Have read on several other sites about warranty issues due to improper inflation. Not an expert at this as we are in our first ever MH, 1999 Coachmen Sporstcoach 380MBS.
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