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  1. I'm in the same situation my car is at the dealer for 5 weeks and Ford is refusing to cover the cost.
  2. I got a call from the dealer telling me that the car is not covered because it was not to be towed for more than 20 miles. what should I do?
  3. Mine was built in October also and the transmission just burned last week.
  4. Hello all, I leased a 2012 Ford Escape last November because It was made to be flat towed. I made a few short trips with no problems but, last week I took it from NJ to South Carolina and in the way back home a state trooper pulled over to tell me that the car was smoking. once I opened the hood I found that the transmission was extremely hot and the car wouldn't start at all, as a matter of facts the transmission got stuck in park. I removed all three shafts and towed the car back home. I'm taking it to the dealer tomorrow morning. Now, if this car can't be towed, then I don't need it. What can I do with the rest of the lease? Do I have any right to fight this with Ford Motor Company? Please help!
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