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  1. And what was the reaction when you contested the ticket using this statement from Pilot. Did it work?
  2. We belong to three RV clubs - Escapees, FMCA and Good Sam. For many years we used the Good Sam Road Service (before their melt-down) and were very pleased with the service on the occasions we had to call for help. Several years ago we started towing a closed trailer that doubled as a toy hauler for the bike and as an additional bedroom for the grandkids. In reading the "benefits pamphlet" that came with Good Sam I couldn't find any info on what they covered for the trailer so I called Good Sam and much to my surprise was told that they did not cover anything in tow. I started researching and found that Coach Net does cover "in-tows", Even better they cover all vehicles and RVs that you own (Class A and fifth wheel in our case) as well as any RV I am operating, whether owned, rented, borrowed or whatever. And, their premium was lower than Good Sam. We switched to Coach-Net. Since then I have had to call for a tow 3 times - once for SWMBO's car, once for my truck (for the 5er) and once for the Class A. Service was quick and efficient in all cases. The call-back feature is much appreciated. The tow company tells them the estimated service time and the Coach net call center calls you back when that time is up to see if the tow showed up in timely fashion. Nice touch! Earlier this year one of our club members got stuck in a wet field and needed a tow out. Later I called both Coach Net and Good Sam to see what their coverage was for that. Good Sam said they will cover a maximum of one (1) hour of wincch out by one (1) truck. Coach Net covers two (2) hours of winch out time and will break that down and send two (2) tow trucks for one (1) hour each if needed. I know that Good Sam has gone through some hard times in recent years and is now working it's way back up the quality ladder but I think Coach-net still has them beat. JD
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