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  1. Again, thanks all! Dwight, I will try and do the cheap fix tomorrow. I do have time and it sounds like it may be the culprit. The first few times I had it fire, I did smell OLD gas. That told me many things may be stuck. I read on another site where this generator needs to generate power to allow it to run so I didn't know where to look. Tom, thanks for the info. I ran it a few seconds. Never having the benefit of an RV experiance, I had no clue it takes that long to kick in. This is the good side. With everything I fix, the wife is starting to see the potential. She came home the other day and I was playing the radio (which I fixed), then I slid in a DVD (which I installed) so she could see the TV working. This is a heavy rock but I can see it rolling downhill for a change. I love this forum - you people are great! If you ever need any advice about a wood fired oven, let me know.
  2. Will they offer troubleshooting advice? The unit is 15 years old and parts are going obsolete.
  3. It's been a while (was working other issues). I can now turn the generator and it will run consistantly using starter fluid. I pulled the gas line and gas is being pumped to the carb. For some reason it will not run on it's own. Anyone have a clue what to check next? I also had my wife watch the indicator light on the CD palyer while it was running w/ starter fluid - nothing. That would tell me the unit doesn't generate power but doesn't explain it not running. Thanks for any help, Les...
  4. Thanks wolfe, I was a technician / engineer in a past life. I will do the checks in the A.M. I think I can get to the armature to see if it is able to spin. The real condition of this coach is unknown but I am progressing. Some of the things I am finding are criminal - like replacing a SS pan head screw with a slotted countersunk steel ones. Resolve one issue at a time... Thanks! Les...
  5. I'm onto the next troubleshooting saga. I have the shore power working and most of the accessories are functioning. When I try and start the generator - Onan 4.8kw - the starter sounds very much like a car does with a low battery. If I am tied to shore and can run AC, etc... voltage should not be the problem, correct? I am such a newbie, should I even try and run the generator while connected to shore power? Thanks again - I should have this endeavor on Facebook. Les...
  6. Wyle, That was it. I bypassed the GFI with a standard outlet and all is good. Desert, I just need to test the functions of the coach - 15 A s/b good enough to check everything out individually. At most the outlet will be used to maintain the batteries. Again, thanks all - I really appreciate the help. Les...
  7. wyle.e.kyote, That makes a lot of sense to me. I am plugging into my detached garage and every outet I installed is going through a GFI (better safe than dead). I will go the the big box tomorrow and buy a standard breaker. With any luck I will correct the first of many issues. Thanks everyone - I already feel the love This is a great forum! Les...
  8. GGreene, Motorhomes can be crashed, burnt, and stolen. I am sorry for the loss of your dog, they become children...
  9. Thanks all - I still can't locate the breakers. The only ones I see are on the generator and they have no effect. I need to locate a manual for this thing or pray for lighting to hit it (possibly this coming weekend). Worse purchase of my life...
  10. I don't know where the main breaker is located. All I see is the fuse boxes. Also, I am plugging into a 15 amp breaker. With nothing on will it draw that much current? Something is pulling a fair amount of power because when I plug it in I see an arc before the GFI breaks.
  11. Hi All, I just bought a used 1997 Infinity motorhome. It is our first one and we bought used to see if this is something we would enjoy. The coach is not what the seller said it was and it's my bad for buying it. The first problem I have is when I connect AC to the coach for power it trips the breaker. I have the batteries disconnected. Any clue where I should start looking for the problem? Also, I have no owners manual and cannot locate one - any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Les...
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