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  1. This seems to be a recurring problem with Lippert leveling systems. I have a 2011 Astoria which I bought new. From the day I bought the unit I have had problems with the levelers. First of all the unit would sink about 1 1/2" in one day so after getting it checked the dealer decided I had a leaking leg so they replaced it. Then on this trip the front jacks would not retract and finally it was decided the motor had malfunctioned so they agreed to replace the motor but I had to pay for the labor! Now when the rig is on the jacks there is a noise which sounds like an electrical contractor pulling in and out but it does not happen for any discernible reason. I have tried without success to trace the noise with no luck and I think it is the jacks dropping ever so slightly. I haven't been in touch with Lippert with this new problem as I can't identify exactly what the problem is. Anyone else out there had the same problem?
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