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  1. The motorhome I mentioned in my first post was a Holiday Rambler 2010 Admiral 30SFS. Before I purchased it I contacted John Hurd, head of customer service at Monaco to make sure all warranties would apply to this coach. He sent me a letter stated there would be no problems and that Monaco/Navistar would honor all warranties. I had trouble with this coach the day I left the dealer, Motorhome Specialists in Texas. I would recommend not buying from them. We traveled from Michigan in November to pick it up after a deposit and a weeks notice and it was not ready for us. Five hours later, 20 minutes down the road we returned. The weights in the slide out had not been adjusted and were causing extremely loud bangs. When they put the slideout out they damaged the trim because they forgot to push the front seat forward. Very late that evening when we stopped, the generator disconnect had not been charging the batteries so we had no power(it was too late to get in a park). When we arrived home we found out the dealer had never winterized it. This was after continuous insisting that we were driving it to a very cold state and needed it to be winterized. We stated we would NOT be using any water or toilets on our way home. The dealer nor Monaco would take responsibility for this mistake. It cost us $1700.00. As you heard in my first post it has been one problem after another. The worst thing about this nightmare is that Monaco would not stand by their product. They continued to work on it while under warranty and even extended the warranty for another major repair but in the end we lost a great amount of time and money because of their faulty product. After the coach was saturated with rain water we were told it was dried out and would be fine. They had a representative from ServPro come in and report findings. It was stated there was extensive water damage in the rear cab possibly causing lose of insulation integrity. John Hurd insisted there was not a problem because they were drying it out with fans and dehumidifiers. We insisted they remove the ceilings and wall to locate damage and replace insulation. After speaking to the head manager Mike at the Indiana factory we found out that nothing was ever removed except the ceiling light sockets to check for water.(this was after three weeks of it just sitting there) Later that week we found out that Mike was replaced with Roger who was now assigned to our case. We emailed back and forth all our concerns with John Hurd and three other employees. They wanted to return the coach saying everything was fine and no extended warranty. We had sent them a list of 27 things besides the water to be fixed. This list was emailed to John Hurd. He forgot to give this email to the factory. So it would take another week for repairs (Our other main concern was that the jacks were still not working.) Although we did not get to use the Motorhome much because of service time and it was a pain to have things breaking, I think the most upsetting thing is the customer service and policies this company holds. We contacted the head of RIVA who specializes in safety and motorhome guidelines. He said we had a real problem. He gave us a number of a top tech at Monaco, who gave us William Osborne's number (who is Vice President of the Monaco/Navistar RV). He was a nice guy and said he would look into it. We had to call him back a week later because nothing had been done. We told him we had continuous problems with customer service John Hurd. John would not return calls only emails. I am a not an argumentative type person I have been patient and understanding. Most of my friends think I was too forgiving. Eventually we spoke to William who told us that our motorhome has been repaired and we would be very satisfied with the work. We insisted that it has been repaired by the factory several times and was still not satisfactory and we needed an extended warranty. He said he did not have the authority to give us that. No one did. I completely agree with the post about the company politics and the internal rot. If you have some of the same management as you did when the company went bankrupt you can see why, especially customer service. I no longer have the motorhome. I spoke to a lawyer. Michigan does not have a RV lemon law so it is harder to go through the court system. I researched many cases that were filed against Monaco and even if the plaintiff wins Monaco appeals to keep it in court so that your coach gets older and worth less. Lawyer said it could take a couple years. I was afraid the motorhome would not last long enough to drive it off the dealers parking lot without having to sink money it it for repairs. We are happy to be rid of this coach even though we were forced to take a 37,000.00 loss. I can only give you my story. I personally would not send a friend or enemy to Monaco/Navistar or Motorhome Specialists in Texas. Good Luck!
  2. Just wanted to inform anyone interested in Holiday Rambler, Monaco, Navistar motorhomes that our new coach was never built correctly at the factory. For two years we had major electrical and structural problems.. a few examples: leveling system wanted to drop jacks while driving, slide out would not work unless I physically plugged and unplugged electrical wire harnesses under steps, electrical outlets worked on and off, electrical dash components(radio,camera) replaced, microwave replaced, generator never worked until fuel pump was replaced, three windows replaced, the windshield developed stress crack. The underlying problem was that the front and back caps were never attached to the roof. Rivets in the caps never penetrated through the fiberglass causing a gap the full width of the coach (front and back caps) When it rained, water would enter through the gaps and run down the channels that hold wires thus causing electrical problems. Since air was able to enter through the gap it caused vibrations thus structural problems occurred. Even though my coach was in the factory twice for months no one discovered the problem. While driving the coach in the rain to a dealer to get more repairs done before the warranty was to run out water started pouring out of the ceiling lights and speakers above the driver and passenger seats. By the time I arrived at the dealers I was soaked and the whole front cab was saturated with water. You may be wondering now what happened? All I can say is Holiday Rambler, Monaco, Navistar will take no responsibility of this serious matter. Customer Service has continued to lie and cover up any wrong doing. Please do not put yourself through a nightmare like this. Look elsewhere for a motorhome.
  3. Eric, I have a 2010 Holiday Rambler that has just recently leaked(poured) water so badly that it came out the ceiling lights and speakers above the driver and passenger seats while driving in the rain. The dealer found out that the front and rear cabs were never attached to the roof at the factory. Rivets from side to side never punched through the fiberglass roof. The dealer was surprised the roof had never blown off. They stated there was so much water damage that the roof would need to be removed and professionally dried out. The manager of customer service told them to dry it out with fans, seal it up and send it home. The dealer refused because it was unethical. The factory came and got it so they could lie and hide any wrong doing. Before this last incident we had major electrical and structural damages for two years (has been in the factory twice for months) and numerous times at dealers for numerous repairs. Please check your roof and seams very well for your safety. As for Monaco/Navistar taking responsibility for any wrong doing....we haven't gotten anywhere. Customer service manager is one of the most important jobs of a successful business. As you may have heard Monaco/Navistar Holiday rambler RV is failing yet again. This customer service manager has been with the company since it went bankrupt in 2009. Someone with a higher title needs to get a clue. Thanks, Violetrayes
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