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  1. Thanks to all of you who posted about your experiences with the DOT especially Pennsylvania. Because of the tips and information I was able to smoothly negotiate the procedure to get my class B license. The people at PennDot are not well versed in the examination procedure and I was the one of the first to complete the road test at the Bensalem location. I did take a friend who holds a CDL license with me to the test but they never asked for his information. I don't know if that is protocol or just by mistake. The examiner rode with me as well as the director of the exam location to see how the test was conducted. The test consisted of the air brake test (I got gigged because I did not actually time the 2 minute bleed down test) and a 20 minute drive on local roads. Overall it went well but I'm glad that its over. The funny part is that the test was next to the place where I took my first drivers test 46 years ago. If anyone is stuck for someone to take them to the exam center in this neck of the woods PM me and I'll help if I can.
  2. I have an upcoming stop at Ricketts Glen state park. On the reservation confirmation there is a notice that warns big rigs of steep roadway conditions approaching from the south on Rt. 487. To approach from the north it looks like an extra 60 miles.. Anyone have any experience with this area? Should I listen to the warning or just do what I usually do?
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