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  1. My RV is a 1999 Georgie Boy "Pursuit". I was told it could be the BD Switch so I had a mechanic look at it before ordering a new switch. I am getting power to the BD switch, but it is NOT engaging and the red light isn't coming on. If I place my fuse checker on the circuit behind the switch, my meter will light up which indicate it has electricity flowing to it, along with the red light coming on. All the evident after testing, points to a bad switch so I was able to order one for only $29 plus s/h. However for some strange reason if this doesn't fix the problem, I will order a new BD Relay. James T.
  2. I accidentally placed one of my RV batteries in backward and blew the post off my new Autozone battery. I have replaced the battery and now realize my error. [/color] However, the power is non-operational in my RV. I can still start the Onan generator and drive the vehicle BUT I can NOT reset the Battery Disconnect function to get the power back for the appliances and lights to work. Even if I plug into an electrical source at my home, I can not get the battery disconnect to engage and operate like it did prior to the battery incident. I know it has to be a blown jumper, fuse or circuit breaker....BUT don't know which one is damage or if the Battery Disconnect converter is damaged. When I try to engage the Battery Disconnect switch, I can hear it making a clicking noise at the front of the engine area, but nothing works. Before I take it to the RV Repair Center, I was hoping for some professional advise, as a courtesy. It is a 1999 Georgie Boy "Pursuit"
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