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  1. Hi--typical of other manuals, Ford C-Max manual is not correct. We towed a 2013 C-Max SEL hybrid 14 months. Repeated dead battery problems unrelated to towing .. Evidently parasitic drains that Ford as of a 3 weeks ago at least, has not resolved. We had multiple wrecker tows, replaced 12v batteries multiple times. We gave up due to unreliability. Traded the car and replaced with Jeep. We found the correct steps to set for " recreational towing behind a MH" at www.fordcmaxhybridforum.com -- you should find what you need there and any updates that may be posted after we traded out of our C-Max. Nice mileage BTW, just got tired of being left stranded ! (4 times towed for dead battery that was NOT while rv'g--so trickle charge line would not fix inherent parasitic drain... Sadly.)
  2. We don' t know who in Midwest ( Indiana) does installation for SMI Air Force One braking system. Looked on SMI website, but couldn't find a link for dealers to install? We don't feel comfortable trying DIY on this system. Thanks for any help directing us to the closest place authorized/ qualified to install.
  3. 2013 was our first year in Class A pulling toad. We occasionally had difficulty getting both sides of our blue ox aventa tow bar to "lock.". At first, we were hooking all up, then pulling MH forward with DW standing by toad to make sure ( signal to DH) when both sides locked. One especially difficult day, another long- time Class A RV person in a campground, came to help us newbies. He said hook up, but use Reverse and BACK toad up to get both sides tow bar to lock (noting easier to turn toad slightly while backing up if tow bar sides are not equal, so not locking simultaneously). We continued the "back toad" process. Worked great until we had to change toads. We had a FWD toad last time. New toad is 2014 Jeep GC Overland, and we would like to know from others who already tow a 2013-14 GC, what steps do you use to lock - in both sides of your tow bar? ( i.e, do you hook up to tow bar, then put in reverse to get both sides tow bar "locked" BEFORE you do the steps in Jeep owners manual to set transmission and drive train to Neutral, etc.). The O manual says to do all the steps to Neutral for tow, THEN hook up tow bar. We need some first- hand advice -- thanks!
  4. Setting up a new toad. In past have used BO Patriot. Would appreciate advice, suggestions, what to look for, what you use RE: surge brake. What about break away on surge brake setup? We read good things on-line groups for ReadyBrake and open to that. Thanks in advance for help and experiences you share.
  5. Hi and thanks to all. The toad is a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. The coach is a 2013 Winnebago Journey 36M. I am not sure if the toad tail lights are LED, but I'm thinking we see a 'normal sized bulb' inside the reflector space? First glance it does look like there should be enough space to add a bulb, or LED bulb separate kit. does anyone know about the 'separate' brake, turn light wiring scheme on the overland (ref Belsen ). For sure, also have concerns about the 'computer' high tech stuff on the toad. walt2137 raises another item regarding brake over riding tail signals from the coach. We have a BO Patriot brake (used on prior toad, mixed results and some frustrations). We can order the break-away cable and install so new toad could also use Patriot. However, we are also looking into ReadyBrake (surge type). Wow! So many things to check out, and the good news is we have time in winter months to get research, decide, and hope we choose wisely! (Note: prior toad, we just took toad to BO, they did base, tow bar, and wiring ...we took for granted it would work, and everything BO installed worked fine. But toad was a different story- the 2013 Ford C-Max hybrid toad had a slew of battery parasitic drains that in 14 months, 5 totally dead batteries and tow-in on wrecker, each tow-in dealer did this n that, software, parts replaced in some cases, in the end Ford Corp still seems unable to FIX the 12v battery parasitic drains. Too Frustrating! C-Max had 40 mpg, and great little car ... Until it wasn't running and dead! Ugh.). We will look into all ideas, links you have shared, and will post back on what we decide. Please know how much it helps to have help from all of you. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, Getting ready to outfit new toad to flat tow behind diesel pusher Class A. Looking for feedback help, garage that 'may' be hired to install Blue Ox baseplate, says they never run separate tail light bulbs, always use diodes on mfr wiring harness. Last toad had separate wires & bulbs, we felt this was less likely to cause warranty issues, and / or, less likely to create battery drains, since tail bulb separate wired draw power from MH tow harness, not toad 12v. Would appreciate hearing from those who do 'diode' and those who don't. Thanks mucho!
  7. Thanks to all. Also, Frank & Kay - (towing 2012 overland now), toad tail lights? Diodes on mgr wire harness, or did you run separate bulbs & wire from baseplate to taillight capsule? We note that Blue ox has smaller LED bulb taillight wiring kits listed avail. For 2011-2014 Jeep GC. Which wiring do you have on your overland ? Our C-max used separate bulb & separate wiring (not spliced/no diodes needed). We felt that would be less chance for causing unexpected elect.issues and thus, less likely mgr would use towing as excuse if there were warranty claims, etc. We appreciate any comments and ' current use' data . thx!
  8. Hi Rich & Lois -- the 2014 Grand Cherokee overland has the 8 speed tran. Note, salesman did mention a "new" smaller size line called just "Cherokee" which are not shipped to dealers yet, and those will have 9 speed trans. Salesman said Jeep is delayed getting them out while working out software things?
  9. We bought a 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid SEL model 14 mo ago and have been using as our dinghy behind a Winnebago Journey 36M. The C-Max was a fuel efficient low weight choice. But after multiple wrecker tows for dead batteries (12v goes dead, Ford tried lots of "attempts" but seems still unable to END / fully resolve parasitic drains, and/ or how the computer calculates, regulates keeping the 12v battery fully charged. More details at www.fordcmaxhybridforum.com ). We have found a 2014 Grand Cherokee Overland model we love, but before jumping into the unknown ( it would be our first Jeep), we have two questions fo.r those on this forum who drive 2014 GC with Quadra Drive II /Quadra Track II GC. 1) reading on-line PDF of owners manual, seems quite a few steps (14 steps and 4-5 notes) to set for flat towing, ditto to resume normal driving. those who have a GC please tell us pros cons from your experience? 2) Om also mentions special step for GC with air lift suspension, which Overland we like does have. those who have this feature on your GC, advice? note, we would also consider finding a Limited GC model with options we want, that didn't have air suspension. Pro cons which GC model? thanks so much!
  10. We are looking at buying our first Jeep Grand Cherokee (a 2014). reading the PDF, and earlier posts on how to place gc in neutral flat-towing mode, etc. I admit to having some concerns before buying it, and hope others here who already tow 2014 GC can help. tks! My two biggest questions/concerns are: 1). OM talks about the Lift suspension, since we have "tentatively picked out" a 2014 Overland, with air lift suspension --- my question is how many of you tow a GC model with air lift? Pro Cons advice for us? 2) OM steps to prepare to tow (and to resume normal driving) seem long (14 steps & 4-5 "notes")..seems ripe for errors, frustrations. my question for all who have the Quadra Track II or Quadra drive II (flat tow allowed tranny), which 2014 GC model do you have, and what is your feeling about the steps needed to place in "towing" mode? FYI- we bought a 2013 C-Max Hybrid SEL model which has been a good, fuel efficient, cost effective dinghy. But Ford Corp are still trying to resolve dead battery issues on these hybrid cars. After multiple wrecker tows, and Ford hybrid tech, mechanic doing all the latest "attempts" by Ford Corp to upgrade software, change some parts that Ford Corp. believed were causing parasitic battery drain (e.g. Power lift tailgate module, there are perhaps others), .... We feel the engineers at Ford do not have a clue yet how to END the dead battery issues. (For more info, you can read www,fordcmaxhybridforum.com). We have reached the end of not just patience (14 months and counting...) but also reached a zero confidence in the C-Max 's reliability, nor Ford's ability to figure out and resolve. We need love the space, ride, and looks of GC. We just need first-person advice from owners who tow one. Thanks so much!
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