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  1. This will be our first rally, so a couple of Newbie questions. I have received my packet, but have not found a schedule of events, other than the wonderful entertainment scheduled. We had planned to arrive on Sunday the third (3) but ref the above thread, is that possible/recommended? Also for us this is boondocking 101, for us. Any recommendations, other than arrive with empty black and gray water tanks / but full fuel/potable water tanks? Thank you
  2. Thank yo so much for the information. It really helped. Will be coming back with more questions, I am sure. Thanks again.
  3. Some really good information on this thread. We plan a trip tp GC from JAX, FL. The plan was to stay at Williams, and ride the train to the Canyon. perhaps stay the night in hotel. Any thoughts on camping at Duro Alto Canyon? Dones a Feb-Mar time frame pose ex problems? We are rookie gazer RVers, what are thoughts on dingy or no dingy? The Rookies
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