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  1. rtinnman

    Clock Spring

    Having trouble with my smart wheel. I removed the clock spring. How do you tell if it needs replaced? 2013 Monaco Knight 40PDQ
  2. I have Voltage 5th wheel with 3 Dometic air conditioners. The bedroom has its on a/c and thermostat. The living area and he toy hauler area has its own a/cs. The thermostat is a zone type for these two a/c. Pressing the zone button does not change zones. Is there something I'm missing or is the T-stat bad. Thank you
  3. I'm having problems with my Atwood water heater. The propane side works fine, but the electric side doesn't. I checked the element,it's ok. Not sure what to do next. bob 2013 Monaco Knight
  4. I own a 2013 Monaco Knight and having trouble with the smart wheel. Sometime the cruise, engine brake and radio buttons work and sometime they don't. The factory was unable to duplicate the problem or repair it. I've asked a couple private rv repair individuals and they refused. Anyone have the same problem? Bob Tinnerello F371914
  5. I own a 2013 Monaco Knight. Sometimes the smart wheel works and sometimes it doesn't. This is with all controls. I will attempt to turn on the cruise control with no luck. Same with the engine brake. I will drive numerous miles and it will start working. I have replaced the clock spring and smart wheel controller. Anyone have the same problem. Thank you
  6. Did you purchase it from Coastline?
  7. I would like to purchase a front cover (bra) for my class A motor coach. I have located two companies, one in CA and one in FL., I live in OH. Does anyone know of another location? Bob F371914
  8. Brett, Thank you for the reply. There's only 12,000 miles on the coach and it's 30' long. I have a lot of sway, I would like to be able to control the steering more precise especially in cross winds. Side sway is another problem. I realize the sway is caused by the type of coach I have, also not having airbags. GVWR 20,500 GAWR FRONT 7000 GAWR REAR 13,500 I have not had the coach weighed at a weigh station. I'll add an extra 5lbs. to the tire pressure. Thanks Bob Tinnerello
  9. I own a 2006 Monaco Monarch with a Ford chassis. I would like to know if anyone has installed an aftermarket front or rear stabilizer. Of course, each manufacturer states theirs is the best. I would appreciate any help. Thank you Bob T
  10. We are traveling to FL in October and would like to stay on the Gulf side. Can anyone recommend a campground very close to the beach? Bob T. F371914
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