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  1. You might want to go to iRV2.com and join the Class A forum or the Monaco forum. I am a member of the Newmar and Class A forums and you will get instant feedback. You can also do a search on your subject matter and most likely, the answer is already out there. It is also free to join.
  2. I love coastal Maine. From Kittery up to Bar Harbour. I especially love the Camden to Searsport area, with Belfast as the area where I've spent a couple of visits. Since Maine is so vast, it will take a couple of trips to start exploring some other regions. I love the fact that Maine is so devoid of cans, bottles and litter in general. And the lack of billboards is so nice. BTW, I've had some great lobster rolls at McDonalds for about half the price as the little stand down the road and they were really good with a slightly toasted bun. Bye for now from Canton, Ga.
  3. You know, if it not one thing, its another with these HWH jacks. I still think their touch panel is *** backwards. A down arrow means up and an up arrow means down. When I push the down button, I'm expecting the levelers to go down, not the coach to go up. I think this is just intuitive thinking. HWH finally starting using the words "lower" and "raise" instead of extend and retract. Is it just me, or am I wrong about the way I interpret the touch panel.
  4. Beware of the parking lot cleaning company. I was in a WalMart in Clayton, Ga. and all of a sudden about 2 am, I hear a buzzing sound like a plane was flying overhead. But it never went away. I left the coach and there was a guy vacuuming the parking lot. If you don't feel like leaving at 2 am, prepare to create some "white noise" inside your coach to drown the noise out. Something like a cheap box fan.
  5. Pay to run the VIN and see what the history of the RV has been. Make sure there is not an unusual break in the sequence of title holder when it shows the mileage. I ran into this recently and the dumb *** seller (a small dealer) didn't have a clue what was going on or didn't care to find out. I just bought a beautiful 2002 Newmar Mountain Aire 3778, single owner with 40000 miles on it. Lucked into a "cream puff" and love the unit. Definitely hire a RV Tech to go over the unit top to bottom with a comprehensive checklist. This will be way above the joke of an inspection that I got from a dealership that has the initials CW. This inspection is NOT going to be a chassis inspection, looking at the engine, drive train, etc. You will have to pay more to a Certified Inspector at a reputable RV dealership. Check out their prices first and what is the scope of the inspection and make them show you the checklist. Your initial inspection is going to pick up roof leaks, neglect, etc. and will probably lead you to make an early decision. Buying a used RV takes a lot of work and if you perservere, you will find that gem. As far as a Newmar, they are a great company with a great reputation. I notified them of my ownership and they promptly got me into their system. Run the NADA value numbers to look at a starting point for negotiation and look all over the internet for comparable units, features and prices. My RV had an average retail of $ 51,000 and it was definitely not average and I paid $ 38,000, so I have a nice equity cushion for the future. Another important thing to look at is the condition of the manuals, any invoices that might have been saved denoting any problems with the systems and just a history of what work was done. In my case, the only owners were an elderly couple and the recording keeping was not very good, but I did see some recall notices from Workhorse that had been completed. Tight paperwork will help sell your RV in the future because it shows you care. Good luck, Eric Schrader, Canton, Ga.
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