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  1. Our motorhome is a Damon (now Thor), 2001, UltraSport, Model 3679
  2. This may not be the best forum for this, but none of the established forums seem to cover our situation. Maybe there should be a "General" or a "Catch All" category. We have developed a water Leak that escaped our notice until our 'Kwikee' brand retractable step started feeling 'spongy'. Turns out that the leak weakened the wood floor and a portion of the sidewall of our motorhome entryway in front of the curbside Front tire so much that I had to replace/rebuild The entryway. I thought that the water gained entry around a poorly sealed electrical compartment containing lighting and the step switches and the front tire had thrown water up into that area. Recent rains proved that not to be case as we have found water on the new floor and the motorhome has not moved. Just finished remounting the 'Kwikee' Step and found water on floor and edge of the sidewall carpeting that touched motorhome sidewall wet up about to about the main floor level. I have goon around the rig, checking for caulking problems, etc. Covered some suspect areas with painters tape that is still tightly sealed, still getting leaks after a rain. Looking for pointers, tips,and any suggestions on tracing water leaks in motorhome. Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.
  3. John, we are getting ready to start for Ashville tomorrow. Will there be water at the fair grounds? We are concerned about the extra weight of a full tank of water. The motor home doesn't go up the mountains with the ease that it once did. Trying to lighten the load. See you Tuesday Betty Herrmann
  4. We are planning on attending the FMCA rally in Asheville, NC in a few weeks. We will start our trip from Gettysburg National Park area, traveling mostly US Route 81 and switching to US Rt. 26 near Kingsport, TN. Our concern is Rt. 26 as it is not even mentioned in our "Mountain Directory East". Wonder if it is because our copy was published in 2004! Years ago, we attended this rally in Asheville and are not looking forward to the grades around Back Mountain on Rt. 40 that we will travel over after the rally on our way to attend the Barbecue Festival in Lexington, NC on the 29th of October. Has anyone traveled these roads recently? We would appreciate any feedback, tips, cautions that you may have. Thanks in advance
  5. We are stranded in a truck stop near York, PA and waiting out the storm 'Sandy'. New experience for us and are wondering which would be better for dealing with the wind gusts. Put the Jacks down or leave them up. They are predicting winds approaching 70 mph at times.
  6. Are their advantages of AWD over front wheel drive other then the availabliity of the AWD Honda. We were loooking for a front wheel drive thinking that it would have better gas milage and less weight but can't find oone in PA or NJ.
  7. This is why we always have our doctors write new scripts which we hold for emergency and try not to have any filled in NY.
  8. We were all set to buy a Mazda 5 with a manual 6 speed transmission when my husband looked at the owners manual. They say that the transaxle transmissions can not be towed four wheels down. We can't see any reason why not. Was that a decision by the engineers, the service reps or the lawyers? Do any of you tow a Mazda other then the Miata, which is rear wheel drive? Our toad was totaled last week and we are going to Indianapolis and some pre-rallies next week. Hate to be without a car. Betty 2001 Damon Ultrsport Half time RVer Winter in New Jersey
  9. We are traveling north to attend the NEAR Rally (Essex Junction, VT) in July and our routing takes us across the Hudson River via the George Washington Bridge. I see other routings further north, but they add miles using more fuel. Are there any problems with a class A motorhome pulling a toad crossing this bridge and what are the best (and worst) times for crossing on June 18th. We will be staying for approx. 3 wks near Sturbridge-Southbridge, MA, and approx. a week each near Wareham, MA and Wells Beach, ME before heading to Essex Junction on July 18th. Any suggestions/tips for things to do and see in those areas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  10. Brett, Thanks for your comments. Do you have any pics from the side or could you describe your mounting/swinging mechanism. I may want to adapt rather than "invent the wheel"! Thanks again.
  11. We are wondering if anyone has mounted LED LCD flat screen TV's hinged so that they store against the ceiling (face up) while traveling (and to gain access to old front TV enclosure for additional storage)? For bedroom, we are thinking of mounting a smaller LED TV on the ceiling, near the head of the bed, in some fashion, so that we can lay in bed and look up without bending our necks to look over our toes to see the screen. I can envision mounting arrangements that could store the TV for traveling facing up or facing down, then pivoting (very slightly for the face down setup) for optimum viewing angle. Thinking of a small unit, 20" or less, but wondering if that would unduly stress the screen? Has anyone gone down this path? We welcome any thoughts/suggestions.
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