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  1. Got it guys, thanks. BTW, looks like Doug responded also. I will follow his request. Thanks again.
  2. Herman, the email you gave me as written was "rejected" as non valid email address. Based on his name, it looks right. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks to all for the response. No, I don't remember getting any communication regarding the aftermath of the cancellation. We were registerd for Tucson but had no plans for Lincoln. Herman, thanks. I will contact Doug Uhlenbrock. I'm sure that will clear it up.
  4. Well I may get yellled at or perhaps laughed at but: What is the disposition of all our reservations for the last cancelled spring convention? I have a fair amount of money floating around that I would like to know where it has landed. At the request of the web site, I have emailed twice at least a month apart but got no replies. I have found that "due to Covid etc" is the current excuse for no communication from many. Anyway, I'm certainly not implying anything improper here, but I less than happy by the lack of communication. If I just missed a big announcement, please fill me in. They do and have had my correct email address
  5. Yeah, you're right I suppose. But I admit to the fact that operating out of one door kind of made out patience a little thin.
  6. brocki

    B20 BioFuel

    Hmmmmm. Makes me wonder about my 2007 Cat C7 diesel. We travel all over the country as full timers and so far all is (running) well. From a practical standpoint, it doesn't seem we have much control over content in these fuels. If I am in California or Michigan, when we need fuel, we need fuel.
  7. After looking at much (and many) utube videos, all for other than 1200 series refers, I have given up on "fixing" and ordered a door and bushing on line. Should have the parts in about a week and as I have had the door off once, yuk yuk, it shouldn't be to bad switching the hinge portions and reinstalling. Got the door for about $425.00 on line. A little more than half of what Norcold wanted. I'll lit you all know how this turns out.
  8. I have seen this kit other places but can't wrap my head around how it would apply as the plastic IN my door is already broken. All steel pieces are still OK in my case.
  9. Yup. Wife opened the right refer door and it fell off. Fortunately not on her foot. However a glass jar of Thai peanut sauce did not survive. Found out from the web this has been happening for a decade. But haven't been able to find anyone who has a good workaround for a fix to prevent replacing the whole door. The metal parts of the lower hinge is fine but the two little screws on the door portion of the hinge just screw in the plastic of the door. Obviously that plastic failed. I won't go on a rant which I could easily do about now. I have tried to search our archives to no avail. I will also need the little plastic bushing that acts as the bearing but that is a listed part with Norcold and can be purchased. But there must be a way to repair that door to prevent having to buy another at an outrageous price. Any help here would be appreciated.
  10. OK. Back years ago I used to GET a "digest" of new postings. Is this what you are referring to? I would like to get that again for unread content.
  11. brocki

    Hankook Tires?

    I bought them over 2 different times times from a dealer in Grand Rapids MI. I remember him saying this to me. I believe his meaning was that they were not designed to give a smooth ride but to be a hard working tire. I found that to be true and I never had any trouble with them and sold the unit in 2012 for the MH we have now.
  12. We rarely boondock as the Mrs. doesn't feel comfortable for whatever reason. I just watched the link mentioned above and think it is a very good primer. As the fellow says, "most of it is just common sense." Thanks for the post.
  13. brocki

    Hankook Tires?

    We used Hankook tires on a Winnebago Adventurer in the mid 2000 teens. They were good stabile tires but they rode hard. After all they are really dump truck tires. I would say, at the price, I would buy them again.
  14. No we haven't lost our minds. As we had a few more days before we were to get the gas cooling unit, we tried on last time for balance. We turned the cooling unit up to 5 and let it go. All of a sudden it started to defrost on a every 2 day basis and did all other cooling functions fine. Lots of ice making and plenty cold in the back of the freezer for ice cream. The defrost was the critical issue here as it was doing all cooling functions anyway. We're going to keep it. I can't say that everyone else will have our experience, good and bad. He has other units out there and they can't all else be problematic. The amp draw seems low enough that when we off the grid, it didn't cause excessive generator running. The end (hopefully).
  15. OK. We give up. We can't get this unit to work in a satisfactory manner. Though it is cooling well, it isn't getting the freezer section cold enough so the ice maker works efficiently. We are going to get it exchanged for a gas absorption unit next Tuesday on our way through. I still think if you can't reasonably switch to a residential unit, this is the way to go. It just doesn't seem to be working as we want it in ours. We have journaled our temps and findings as we have gone along and will give them to JR and hope it helps him to further refine this unit. We pretty well ruled out the air leak as that was the first thought. I hope no one thinks I am saying anything negative about JC Refrigeration. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their gas unit that we had before worked great on a much lower settings than the Norcold and none of the dangers applied. This pretty much puts this issue to bed for us.
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