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  1. As far as the $970 charge it was broke I called Aqua Hot RV and they recommended a mobile guy I called him he spent about 6 1/2 hours on it as far as the smell it just smells like diesel exhaust pipe is clean no sute. Next time I will service it myself thanks for the great tips I appreciate it a lot
  2. I just have the aqua hot serviced at $970 the smell I'm talking about is the smell of diesel that goes into my neighbors window and I'm wondering if I can use a gen-turi to exhaust the smell of the diesel up and over the top of my coach
  3. Has anybody used a gen-turi to not stink out your neighbors with the exhaust smell.
  4. Brett thank you for your time So true when the new danforth valve was installed my fuel economy went up 0.9 mpg !! I will do more research on the CAC and figure out what is under my closet that looks like a radiator overflow. Have you heard of anybody cutting ventilation slats (holes) in their engine cover to let heat out? Almost all the new rigs with side radiators have vents cut in the engine cover on the back of the coach I'm wondering if that something that I should proceed with jim
  5. Thank you for your response. The insulation that the repair facility wants me to buy is so thin I don't think it'll work however they say it's very good I believe it's called Dynamat. Very interesting about the mudflap. I'm not sure what the CAC is however the overflow or return for the radiator is underneath the closet. If this will help any there's a valve called a Danforth valve and it controls the speed of the hydraulic driven radiator fan that valve was broken and stuck wide-open thus the radiator fan was running full speed all the time when that was happening there was no heat in the closet or the bedroom. thank you for your time jim
  6. I have a 2007 Monaco Camelot with an ISL 400 Cummins and a side mount radiator and a hydraulic radiator fan. The radiator fan keeps engine temperature just fine. However after about 3 to 4 hours of run time the inside of the bedroom closet is 177°. There is insulation. I need help-- I'm thinking I have to cut slots in the engine cover (rear of coach) and also put a small flex fan on the end of the water pump just to move air around in the engine compartment. Has anybody else ever had this problem?
  7. I have 07 Monaco Camelot I need the mirror that goes on the wall next to the main slide left of the refrigerator it has scrolling on it
  8. We have a 2013 CRV all-wheel-drive and have towed it flat for over 35,000 miles with no issues we don't go for 65 mph and we have to keep track of total miles driven and towed and Service the transmission every 30,000 miles
  9. I have a 2000 Southwind on a f450 frame. The best money I ever spent was at Henderson's line up!!! front track bar new sway bar in front and another in the rear (total of two) I wish I would have done these improvements in 2005 when I bought the rig.
  10. I'm looking at the BX 8870 Towed Vehicle Protector for our new 2013 CR-V. Does anybody have any info on the rock guards out there ??? I have BX Alpha Tow Bar and BX Base Plate.
  11. I'm thinking about the RVI braking system as well have you used it yet??
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