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  1. PROBLEM ISSUE: The Coach/house disconnect toggle switch. I have a 2012 Winnebago Journey 42e, MS2812 Magnum Inverter, 1200 amps of Lithium batteries, 1150 watts of solar with Victron MPPT charge controller and a B712 smart Victron Energy battery monitor. · Voltmeter reads batteries are charged to plus/minus 13.0 volts. Solar and engine alternator (while driving) are keeping batteries charged. · When motorhome engine is not running the Coach/house disconnect toggle switch is off when I push the switch to turn it on nothing happens (will not illuminate), and no electrical power in the coach. · When I push the chassis disconnect switch, I hear a on/off switching noise in the rear of the coach but when I push the house disconnect switch I hear nothing. · When motorhome engine is started and running the coach/house disconnect switch comes on (illuminates without pushing switch) and everything electrical in coach works normal. But after coach engine runs (driving down the road) for a while the switch will go off by itself then after about a minute (?) it like resets itself and comes back on again and everything electrical in coach works. This happens continuously while driving. · When I plug into shore power (engine is off) only the 120-volt side of the house will work and the 12-volt side is dead. · Also, when I try starting the on-board generator, it will try to start then immediately shuts itself off (with motorhome engine started/running or not running). I checked generator braker, and everything seem ok. · I have checked all the fuses, and everything looks ok. · Before all this happen all electrical items/system on coach worked as intended. No problems. Does anyone have any suggestions to what is happening and what I need to do to resolve this problem? Thanks for the help. Rick J Frueh Winconsin Member F428160
  2. I see there numerous different sizes (gals) of areaccumulator tanks. Can a person buy a tank that is to big (gal)? I'm looking at the 6 gal tank but does a motorhome pump create enough pressure to fill it? What is the best size tank to buy??
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