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  1. tireman9

    Tire upgrade

    Bill, That site is reasonable but it does not have any info on Dual Spacing. IMO its always better to get & confirm tire dimensions from the manufacturer as almost all are slightly different dimensions.
  2. tireman9

    Tire pressure

    Your RV should have a "Certification Label" aka Tire placard that shows GVWR, GAWR, tire size, Load Range and inflation. As a minimum, you need to learn the weight on each axle. You can get this at any truck scale. Later when you go to an FMCA Convention you can get individual corner loads.
  3. tireman9

    Another Goodyear Tire Failure Saga

    IMO I would consider that tread design too aggressive for a trailer application. If you read my blog on Interply Shear. you may understand that all the high side loading has to go through the tread to get to the belts. The side loading seen in the video is just tearing the big lugs off the carcass. A ribbed pattern would be better for trailer application. I hear good things about the Sailun S637 in STt235/85R16 LR-G and LT235/85R16 LR-G You do need to be sure your wheels have the load & inflation rating to support the tire.
  4. tireman9

    Tire upgrade

    Dual Spacing is a function of wheel offset and tire width. You might read THIS post on the topic on my blog.
  5. tireman9

    Tire inflation

    Sorry been busy traveling for work ( 2 trips to CA + MIA + KY in 16 days) The number of tires at the end of an axle establishes single (1) or Dual (2) when reading tire charts.
  6. tireman9

    Tire inflation

    You should at least be able to get the tag load separate from the drive duals with a second weigh after pulling forward so only the tag is on the scale.
  7. tireman9

    Continental Recall

    This may affect some Class-A motorhomes. Click the link if you need more detail info. NHTSA Recall ID Number : 18T012 Synopsis : Continental Tire the Americas, LLC (Continental Tire) is recalling certain Conti Hybrid HS3 tires, size 11R22.5 LI 146/143, Load Range H with DOT codes A33TKWUY 0818 through A33TKWUY 1318. These tires may have cords visible through the innerliner. Tires that have cords visible through the innerliner can have sudden air loss, causing a loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash. Continental Tire will notify owners, and dealers will provide replacement tires, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin in September 2018. Owners may contact Continental customer service at 1-800-726-7113.
  8. tireman9

    Toyo Equivalent Tires

    Ross, I think you may be out of luck trying to match that size & load capacity with a Toyo. They do not seem to have a broad a selection of sizes and HD Load Range as some other tire companies.
  9. Once you get alignment fixed You should be able to run them out. I would not recommend "truing"
  10. Good, well lit, sharp pictures of tread-wear conditions always help in understanding the question. Yes, one side wear is many times an indication of an alignment issue. If when you check alignment the "before" measurements confirm out of spec then it is reasonable to conclude the wear issue was caused by alignment and not an early indication of some tire issue. In that case, it is probably reasonable to rotate tires. If the "before" numbers indicate the alignment was in spec then you must have the tire looked at by a truck tire dealer for the brand tire in question. NOTE. Once a tire has some irregular wear, it is almost impossible to make it go away. You might make it less noticeable or not get a lot worse. Also depends on how "bad" the wear is
  11. tireman9

    Best steer tires for DP

    As the resident tire engineer. I really don't like the "Best tire" questions. IMO that's almost like asking what is the "best" Pizza or "Best" beer. All the major tire manufacturers make good tires. People may have individual issues and many times think it is a design or manufacturing problem but most, not all but most issues are a function of the specific coach and how it is maintained and loaded. I agree with the suggestions to get the alignment checked and set first. See if you can get a "4 wheel" check too, just to be sure your rear tires are pointed in the right direction and you have no "dog tracking" as is sometimes seen in HD truck/trailer situations. You can do a rough check with a long tape measure and help from a friend. Confirm the wheelbase on both sides of the RV measures out to be identical. Sounds like it has been a while since you checked your weight. Even if you can't get a "4 corner" weight at RVSEF or Escapees you can get on a truck scale and compare current axle loads with the last "4 corner " numbers. We all need to get on a truck scale once a year to confirm not too much "weight creep" You know, a bit like waistline creep we see over the years. You mentioned ride height and its effect on handling. The suggested tire size change would affect ride height and could affect handling too so you need to be careful about that.
  12. I am considering offering a new seminar aimed at FMCA members who pull any form of a trailer. While big heavy fifth wheel trailers are more of concern, I would cover all towables. My regular seminars on tires "Basic tire knowledge for the RV owner" and "Advanced knowledge for the RV owner" touch on trailer application they have more focus on Motorhomes. With towables now a growing part of the FMCA family I want to offer more focused information as some of the needs for trailers, such as proper inflation, are different. Setting aside your plans to attend Perry or Minot in 2019, I would like a seminar title that would get your interest and make you feel you should attend this seminar. So assuming you were looking at a list of seminars, what works best for you? If you have ideas please feel free to make a suggestion. "Tire information for trailer owners" "Important trailer tire information" "What trailer owners need to know about their tires" " How to get better life from your trailer tires" Thanks in advance for considering the options and letting me know.
  13. tireman9

    What size truck?

    When considering a TT or TV purchase you need to do some math and NOT depend on the salesperson to have your best interest at heart. Watch THIS video and be an informed owner.
  14. tireman9

    TPMS - TST 507 VS. EEZTire?

    My comparison of internal set "A" vs external Set "B" was done on one set of tires. I followed up with Internal set A vs external set C I also was able to get a direct pressure reading comparison with a special test fixture that provided same pressure to 12 sensors. My report goes live tonight on my blog. I hope it helps a few people.
  15. tireman9

    TPMS - TST 507 VS. EEZTire?

    The concept of comparisons is nice in theory but I do not recall ever reading any review that involved simultaneous testing of two or more TPMS systems or components. The best most can come up with is "A couple years ago I ran system X. Now I run system Y. I got better readings on system Y" How do they know they got better readings? Were loads, tires, speeds, roads and ambient temperatures identical?