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  1. Maybe but I have said it is possible to balance a cinder-block. Finished it this weekend. Will be posting on my blog shortly but here is a picture of the block and my bubble balance machine.
  2. RayIN Good memory on my post from Nov 2011. HERE is a link
  3. While I try and keep my seminars and posts "brand neutral" I will suggest that one thing to consider when selecting new tires is availability. You might save $100 by getting "Mud-Wumper 3's" from Billy Jo Bob's Cheap tire and bait Emporium, but go ol' Billy Jo will only provide service in a 10 mile radius of his single outlet store. Go on-line and see if the tire company you are considering has a "find-a-dealer" feature on the company web site and confirm you can get service wherever you expect to be traveling. You can get a sidewall cut in any of the 49 states and Canada but can you easily get a replacement tire without having to Fed-Ex a tire to your location ow wait a couple weeks?
  4. I have a Class-C (2016) which has 17583 mi which replaced a similar Class-C (2008) at 42,567 mi. The 2008 had Firestone Transforce HT LT225/75R16 LR-E tires. Made the trip to Redmond OR from Ohio Plus Perry, GA and Madison, WI with no issues. The 2016 has General Grabber HTS as OE, also LT225/75R16 LR-E tires. Been to Gillett,WY, Perry and Maine coast with no issues.
  5. tireman9

    Tire age

    Dismounting and inspecting interior and the exterior is about all the consumer can do. using X-ray or Sherography or Holographic might cost an additional $50 to $200 per tire. That's the level of inspection of the tire structure before I would stick my neck out and claim there were "no separation issues" on a set of tires with undocumented history. But that's just my opinion.😃
  6. tireman9

    Unusual tire wear

    As seen above there are a number of affordable aftermarket systems. Check the warranty and I would suggest a company that focuses on RV market not eBay or Amazon where they just sell items and can't answer questions specific to RV use. I bought and use TireTraker as I like their lifetime warranty. While hight temp can be of concern the temp will rise AFTER you have started to lose air. You can lose enough air to consider the tire flat and to damage it if you drive on it in just a few minutes so just gas and rest stops are not frequent enough. IR guns only measure the surface which is many times 25 to 50F cooler than the critical structure. Do you always shoot the identical spot on each tire? if not you can't do an accurate comparison. Also do you collect all your temperatures within the first minute of stopping? More than that and the tire has started to cool down. When I was taking temperature on Andretti or Unser Indy cars my target was 1 minute max for all 4 tires with a goal of 45 seconds.
  7. If you "shave" or "true" a tire to make it more round you might need to re-balance depending on how much rubber was removed.
  8. tireman9

    Tire age

    Michelin and other tire companies say that no matter what a tire looks like it should be replaced at 10 years of age. Not sure if you are using X-ray or Sherography or Holographic inspections to confirm there are no internal structural issues. Re storage and use play a part in when you should replace tires. That is why some replace starting at 5 years. Others at 7 or 8 or 9. BUT I would be inclined to follow the guidelines from Michelin.
  9. tireman9

    Unusual tire wear

    OK FYI the "BM11588" is a mold number for the curing bladder but is of no value if there were a recall on the tires. Everyone should get the DOT serial number for all their tires and have that info with the other important numbers. Glad you never had a low pressure situation but a TPMS can warn you when driving down the road BEFORE a tire comes apart because of an air leak.
  10. When shopping for tires you can start by checking out the brand on the fronts of the Heavy Trucks. That would give you a little info on what the professional drivers use in the most important position on your RV.
  11. I have a post on my blog that might work out for you and spreads out the pain in the wallet. Kind of "Flatten the Curve" of tire replacement expense. It involves getting two new tires each year so in 3 years you will have replaced all your tires. You keep the newest tires on the front and you get to shop aroud for the best deal on your brand of choice.
  12. Wondering if your "dealers" are independent shops that sell tires or if any are a "company store or part of a large dealer network? Yes they can't order by DOT date but you can advise the dealer you will not accept anything older than 6 months. When does the tire warranty of the brand you are looking at start? DOT date or date sold? 5 years is when you should start to have the tired completely inspected but is not a "scrap the tires" date.
  13. tireman9

    Unusual tire wear

    Yes I agree that it appears the tires have a belt detachment. What is the full DOT serial? What is your scale weight reading on that axle? What inflation have you been running? Do you run a TPMS? What is the low pressure warning alarm level? Still looking for the axle weight numbers that were requested previously.
  14. I would not worry about a wood or rubber "barrier" under the tires if you are on limestone gravel.. Just be sure the gravel is never under water i.e. tires sits in or on a wet surfact for days at a time.. To decrease tendancy for developing a "Flat Spot" on the tire tread. you can either go out for a drive or at least inflate ti tire sidewall pressure.
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