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  1. tireman9

    Where Can I Get Individual Wheels Weighed?

    Here is how I checked my "4 corner weight" for FREE
  2. tireman9

    Hankook Tires?

    Having spent a portion of my career doing ride evaluations. I am a bit suspect of comparisons of a new tire of one brand vs an old tire of a different brand. The only valid comparison IMO would be new vs new over the identical route of 1 to 5 miles. Not saying you can't feel a difference but in the 100 psi range I would not expect much difference but I would expect almost any worn tire to ride better than a new tire due to tread depth.
  3. tireman9

    Spare Tire yes or no

    Short video on spare tires. See me at Perry if you want to discuss. Note this is old video. My blog address is RVTireSafety.NET not .com youtube_com.What_you_may_not_know_about_your_RV_spare_tire_but_should_-_YouTube.flv
  4. tireman9

    Spare Tire yes or no

    Nice install. You might consider some protection for that spare tire. Continuous exposure to the sun can result in a belt separation, EVEN WHEN MOUNTED ON THE CARRIER as seen here
  5. tireman9

    Tire recommendations after two failures last year

    As you have learned, Just because you check your pressure in the AM or at a fuel stop that doesn't mean you can't develop a leak later on. I have even seen tire failures due to a leaking valve core that stuck partially open after a pressure check with the failure occurring some 50 miles later. I agree with the need to confirm your rear axle load for each end of the axle when the RV is fully loaded. Larger Class-C MH can easily overload the rear axle and tires. Glad you now have a TPMS. You might want to review my blog on how I set my TPMS warning levels HERE. Is there any chance you have pictures of the failed tires? Blowout is a catch-all term meaning the tire failed and came apart. Sometimes the condition of the tire after the failure can provide clues on the reason for the failure. It could be a loss of air or it might be a belt separation which have two different root causes.
  6. tireman9

    Rims To Small For Tires?

    Did some checking in the 2018 Tire & Rim Standards book for both tire section and the rim section. The 295/75R22.5 size tire and the only "approved" rim widths are 8.25 and 9.0. Toyo only shows 8.25 - 9.0 as approved rim width I would be surprised if you find a Toyo rep that would approve the 7.50 rim width but they might have some internal company information.
  7. tireman9

    valve stem cores

    For those interested, I will have 6-pack of new red band short valve cores with me at Perry $2.00 Hope this info doesn't violate forum rules.
  8. tireman9

    Firestone FS561

    Dug up an old (1977) Tire & Rim standards book. 12-22.5 bias and radial show the same "design" dimensions On a 9.00 rim 11.80 width and 42.70 OD Occasionally old TRA books are found on eBay
  9. tireman9

    Firestone FS561

    Found this web page on the FS561 on the right side you can get the info on different size and Load Range. and HERE are the specs on the FS400 You didn't provide your actual "4 corner weights" so I will leave it up to you to confirm how much "Reserve Load" you actually run. I do agree that not having the fronts contact anything should be one of your goals. I seem to recall reading about some adjustment that can be made to limit the max turn of fronts but not sure about your coach. Other than the tire contact, If you are happy with the "Stones" why would you change? Please PM me if you have other questions or you can view/download the complete HD tire databook HERE.
  10. tireman9

    valve stem cores

    One way to lower the chance of bent valve core is to use the short ones. The long ones with the external springs are more prone to damage. No reason to remove the TPMS except to add air which should only be once every 3 to 6 months. I have a few posts on valves and core on my blog. let me know if you have more questions.
  11. tireman9

    Yokohama Tire recall

    NHTSA Recall ID Number : 18T016 Synopsis : Yokohama Tire Corporation (Yokohama) is recalling certain Yokohama RY023 tires, size 295/75R22.5 (14G), that have DOT date code 2318. The rubber compound may be incorrect, possibly resulting in the tread separating from the casing. As such, these tires fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 119, "New Pneumatic Tires-Other than Passenger Cars." If the tread separates, the driver may experience a loss of control, increasing the risk of a crash. Yokohama has notified owners, and dealers will inspect and replace the tires, as necessary, free of charge. The recall began November 28, 2018. Owners may contact Yokohama customer service at 1-800-722-9888.
  12. tireman9

    Tire Sound Diagnosis

    Inspection is imperative. Playing with inflation is something I don't think I would ever advise. A close visual inspection of the entire 360 degrees (yes you would need to move the RV a bit) and look closely for an area of more wear than on the rest of the tire could be an indication of a separation in the tire. Not sure how different size tires would cause the described noise. If size is different then BOTH tires MUST be replaced ASAP. Looking forward to hearing what the truck tire dealer discovers.
  13. tireman9

    Enough battery power?

    Thanks for all the replies. He lives in TN and is just looking to the future. Yes he has a propane furnace so IMO the real power drain is just the blower. I think a test run and careful measurement of batteries would give the best indicator.
  14. tireman9

    Enough battery power?

    I have a friend with a trailer. He is new to RV life. He asked me the following: "I want to update the Battery and Electrical system in the camper. I want to be able to run my heater overnight and not damage my batteries. I have 2) 80 amp h batteries. I have a standard propane heating unit. Can I run one night and not damage the batteries? How long will I need to charge it? Do you have contact the is an expert in this area? " I told him this 1. Check the info plate on the blower or look-up info on the internet. 2. Calculate the Amp Hours you need to run the blower all night plus any other electrical items (lights, refrigerator) 3. I would think that with 160 A-H available you should be OK 4. Don't know how fast you can charge the batteries. but will look up some numbers. I will post on my FMCA forum and let you know what I learn. I am working on getting him to join. Anyone here want to add info?
  15. tireman9

    How to save on Tolls?

    Best solution I can offer other than not using toll roads is to sign-up for EZPass or similar electronic auto payment of the tolls. In the past, for East coast travel you would need a number of different accounts and multiple transponders to do the auto-pay but now there is a single account available through North Carolina that covers 18 states. Most of these systems offer varying level of discount. They all eliminate the need for getting out some change. Some even allow you to bypass the toll booth and continue at 50 mph. The new system combines the electronics in a single transponder. Learn more HERE. Cost is $7.40 + tax & shipping but no annual fee according to the NC office that handles the program. You still have to pay the tolls but you would not get hit with the $5 to $20 charges for the photo enforcement charges. The NC Quick Pass E-ZPass work on toll facilities in North Carolina, Florida (SunPass), Georgia (Peach Pass) and the following states where E-ZPass is accepted. Delaware Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Kentucky Maine Maryland Massachusetts New Hampshire New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode Island Virginia West Virginia