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  1. I have been using Goodyear on my vehicles for over 30 years and wouldn't use anything else. My motor home (a 2007 Tiffin 42 foot Allegro Bus) came with Michelins. We're full timers. I've been very happy with them on our Spartan chassis. I do remember that when Goodyear first came out with the G670 there was a lot of complaints, especially with people who were not full timers and kept their units in storage. Tiffin was using them for awhile when they first came out but there were so many complaints that they went back to Michelins. Don't know if he has restarted using Goodyears or not. I like the fact that the Goodyears have a five year warranty but I'd need to know that they corrected the original problem which was one poster stated, they rode like a square! Jim
  2. I just installed a DORAN wireless system. (I think they just bought out another company, maybe Pressure Pro) It goes for about $900 for a 12 wheel system. I'm 42 foot with a tag. There's an additional repeater that goes in the rear closet so you don't have worry about not getting the signal from the rear of your tow vehicle, a problem I had with the last system, which I had to return. You can also temporarily shut down the tow vehicle info on the monitor so when you drive somewhere without your tow vehicle the monitor isn't constantly alerting you that there is no air pressure in the tow vehicle tires!! Hope this helps, Jim 2007 Allegro Bus Full Timing since 8/2007
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