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  1. Been towing a 2001 Honda CRV since new, have probably towed it over 50,000 miles, never touched a fuse, never any problems.
  2. I'll only address the fuel cost factor that impacts attendance at rallies. My first motorhome was purchased in 1971, gas was $.30/gal. We soon saw it double to $.60/gal, then thinking "how can I afford that ?". Somehow we adjusted, another doubling soon took place up to $1.20/gal, "do we get out of motorhoming ?". No we didn't we kept going. Needless to say, fuel prices kept climbing, so now we're in the $3.30/gal range. What happens if prices double to $6.60 ? Europe is a good example, gasoline prices currently range in the $7.00-$8.00/ gal area. You don't see many motorhomes the size of our class A, most are similar to our smaller class B or class C motorhomes. I believe the future will see many smaller fuel efficient motorhomes here in the US. Therefore rally attendance may still drop some more until we adjust to more fuel efficient motorhomes.
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