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  1. Meijer claims their Premium Diesel, free of bio, offers increased power and mileage, ie up to 5%, with better lubricity than #2. My prime motivation was to fill before winter storage, avoid the SHORT storage life (NMT 3 months) attributable to bio and resultant risk of algae formation. Increasingly, lubricity is a BIG issue since 2008 as ULSD, besides reducing sulfur strips the fuel of its much needed lubricants. Bio affords users a benefit in that area. Is anyone familiar with a LOW COST, EFFECTIVE lubricant for pre 2008 engines that reduces the wear and tear on our pumps, etc. Thank you. Gorm50 1999 Discovery powered by 5.9 ISB Cummins
  2. Just returned to MI from NM. In that Cummins recommends NMT 5% bio for my 1999 5.9 ISB I tried to establish SAFE fuels (Diesel 1 or 2 or NMT 5% bio) along my 3000 mile round trip route. While I was able to find PURE diesel #1 (Meijer) and diesel #2 (Some Phillips 66 and Mobil) I found the big suppliers, ie Flying J, Pilot, Love's loved to lace their fuel with bio 15-20% to increase margins, compete on price with one another. Depending on your engine (pre EPA directives or EPA02 or EPA07) prescribes the percent of bio your engine will "tolerate." FACT is bio is "cheaper" than fossil so some retailers like to lace their fuel with bio. Unfortunately for US, it is corrosive, is an inferior performer to fossil (already in 2008 EPA lowered Cetane requirements and NEVER restored same so bio just cheats us more), stores NMT 3 months, prone to gelling faster than diesel #2 and subjects the user to the inconvenience and expense of replacing fuel filters on the road. The corrosive agents clean your fuel system, thus increasing the likeliness of plugging your filters. Found Flying J / Pilot deceived me as I conducted my inquiries before my trip. The alleged website posting of bio content (Far right on screen under Fuel Prices) may be a point in time, but was NEVER reliable. Also, Flying J / Pilot does NOT blend on site, as told. It is ordered and mixed at the terminal, not the retail site. Talking to truckers, they complain about filter changes and low performance but clearly do NOT know with what they are fueling their trucks.. Some actually told me because the pump did NOT display the bio content they inferred it was PURE fossil #2 (WRONG!!) I found few site attendants who KNEW their bio content. Eventually I learned the ONLY way to KNOW the bio content is to review the Bill of Lading the site manager gets with EVERY diesel delivery from the terminal. IN addition to showing all is ILSD complaint below that line it lists the diesel delivered, ie Diesel #2 or <5% bio or 15% bio up to 20% bio. That is the ONLY way you'll know what they are pumping. Just to be sure of the BLEND, you may wish to ask to see the previous Bill of Lading, too. I STRONGLY recommend FMCA publish the FACTS and impact of bio on these fuels, their risks, their lower cetane, their lower performance, their reduced filter life, their low threshold for gelling, their short storage life, etc. Same article should provide Cummins perspective, recommendations, instruction HOW to effect a filter change on the road and avoid air in the lines which will just exacerbate the problem. Somebody is coming out ahead pumping bio diesel and it is NOT diesel users. The EPA is NO friend to users. This bio fuel is inferior CRAP, that if water would be deemed illegal / fraud, but because EPA endorses it, it is seemingly OK to SCREW the consuming public!! I am about to winterize my coach and am putting it to bed for the winter with Meijer Premium #1 diesel ($2.299) plus Sta Bil Diesel fuel stabilizer just so I don't suffer spring problems.
  3. Manholt, that is great news for Texans!! Thank you! I have done a lot of research, but I must admit I encounter FEW RVers who have had clogged fuel filter problems. Most were truckers. ON a post earlier this spring, I got ONLY one response so I infer the interest or AWARENESS is small. STILL, this is an issue, a risk that should be EXPOSED as EVERY coach that has been running PURE fossil fuel and then encounters B20 will suffer the cleansing action to their fuel system. I have NO IDEA how long a buildup takes OR how quickly higher concentrations of biodiesel cleanse the tank, lines and plug the filters. This may just be a clogged fuel filter problem but I suspect if the owner is unaware of WHY his engine stopped running, just KNOWING the risks, KNOWING enough to ASK suppliers, PLANNING ahead and carrying extra fuel filters, etc goes a long way in educating, preparing ALL diesel owners, so they can AVOID or MINIMIZE the inconvenience!! During my research, I learned many retailers KNEW only that the tanker that supplied their pumps originated at "X" refinery and they got in their load whatever the refinery was distributing. That is TOO PASSIVE a response!!. We NEED engaged, informed suppliers that can HELP us make informed choices and consciously AVOID KNOWN problems CREATED by biodiesel fuels. We constitute the buying public. I contend ALL diesel powered RVs "could" be affected. Personally, I'd like all informed so they can HELP us make informed buying choices. I assure you the crazed Environmentalists at EPA could give a CRAP as to the adverse impact of biodiesel and ethanol, ie inconvenience and costs of delays, fuel filters, damaged hoses and seals, premature engine failure, etc. These boneheads wanted 15% ethanol, even AFTER all studies CLEARLY demonstrated how COST INEFFECTIVE ethanol is!! Gorm50
  4. Experienced the SAME warning stickers on pumps at Murphy Oil USA returning to MI from FL this spring. Luckily, the content was low as I experienced NO problems. I own a 99 Discovery with a Cummins ISB 275, that per Cummins, will ONLY tolerate up to 5% biodiesel. Many a truck owner will tell of horror stories about biodiesel cleansing their fuel system, clogging their filters and forcing them to the side of the road. I now carry a spare canister fuel filter and jug of fossil diesel to fill new filter, if necessary. While I didn't do a lot of research on engines outside my need, I understand the EPA set standards for diesel engine manufactured produced in 2002 and again in 2007+. Am fortunate that in MI supply is readily available without biodiesel. Am told Biodiesel gels and so it is NOT as common in northern states. Am also told there are tax incentives to use bio plus bio is cheaper than fossil fuel so there are incentives to convert to bio for the refiner / retailer. I have always been told to store my coach with a full tank. I use Sta Bil Diesel to extend its storage life BUT biodiesel does NOT store well, ie NMT 3 months, so storage in MI, even with StaBil, is NOT feasible. In that I am attending the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque I need assurance of a readily available supply of PURE fossil fuel - so I encounter NO problems on my trip. In MI, Meijer boasts all their diesel is Premium and contains NO biodiesel. All their stations are supplied, under contract, by Brenner Oil. Flying J / Pilot's website, under the "Fuel Prices" tab displays bio content to the screen's far right by station (B0 to B20). In that FJ/Pilot BLEND their own bio "on site" the mix can change daily so it is recommended you CALL the station before filling at that site. In that I have found Murphy Oil USA (displays on sticker on every pump contain MAY contain up to 20% biodiesel) diesel prices are considerably less than the majors I called them to help me plot a route to Albuquerque biodiesel FREE. Filled with Meijer premium I can get thru IL but will need a fill along my route thru MO, OK and NM (55 to 44 to 40) I inquired of their Customer Service (Angela at 870-875-7600) who connected me with Pat Kennedy who researched my inquiry and assured me their stations along my route in MO, OK and NM contained NMT 5% biodiesel. Must add that everyone I talked to at Murphy Oil USA was super nice, empathetic, and more than willing to help me!! Unable to quote a source but was told it is tough finding biodiesel free fuel in TX and IL. Given this growing problem with biodiesel and the problems it presents I'd sure like to see the Major suppliers ensure station staff is informed to answer inquiries,update their websites to display biodiesel content by state, station along with a site phone number so we can stage our fill ups, etc. This strikes me as a terrific project for FMCA, Good Sam, Passport, etc as I expect many RVers are unaware of the risks, the problems using this corrosive additive in older diesel coaches. They cannot ONLY inform on their websites, their periodicals, newsletters, etc but they can work with suppliers to afford us RVers informed choices. Safe and problem free travels to you all!! Gorm50, FMCA 182005, 1999 Discovery powered by a Cummins 5.9 -275hp ISB
  5. I own a 1999 Discovery with a Cummins 5.9 ISB engine with 78k miles Cummins says my engine will "tolerate" 5% biodiesel but no more. Recently noted at Murphy USA (WalMart) down south their pumps are tagged with warnings that biodiesel content could vary from 5% to 20%.but no one could quote the percentage therein. Cummins responded with a BS response addressing Post EPA 02 engines but offered NOTHING on what I can do to protect, maintain my older engine. (Am still pressing for a responsible answer) Understand BP is ONLY retailer that refines their own diesel. Pilot / Flying J allegedly blend their own levels, but everyone else gets what the area refiner distributes. Other than using red dyed heating oil (illegal for road use I know) does anyone have any other suggestions? Any suggestions for over-wintering storage? Have been using Stabil Diesel. Anyone aware of a website source for biodiesel requirements by State? Understand there are EPA incentives for employing higher blends? With fossil costling less than blending in biodiesel I cannot understand why a retailer / refiner would want to ADD biodiesel at a percentage greater than mandated by law but whoever believes our government is logical, makes much sense?? HELP, please. Thanks, Dave
  6. I'm interested if anyone owning a coach produced BEFORE Feb 2005 misunderstands, is confused, unaware of the Good Sam National General replacement coverage incident to a total loss? I own an older coach but understood on purchase I enjoyed replacement coverage incident to a total loss if incurred during its current and four (4) subsequent model years. Additionally, I understood AFTER that coverage expired I enjoyed a benefit that provided FULL purchase price (on submission of original purchase agreement) "IF" I purchased a new coach and applied the insurance proceeds toward that purchase. I NOW learn this second phase coverage require an ADDITIONAL premium and, to be effective, must be listed as "replacement coverage" on my declaration page. Am told that second phase coverage ONLY became operative with new purchases AFTER Jan 2005.
  7. Forgive my selfishness but is there any area rally replacing GLASS for the Memorial Day weekend? I don't care if it is Good Sam, etc but I am looking to "find" an engagement for that weekend. Thanks, Gorm
  8. Am disappointed with closing announcement by Knights of the Highway sponsor for 2012 GLASS rally in Berrien Springs that there would be NO 2013 GLASS due to conflicts with FMCA. Understand the politics but don't care. Hierarchy of BOTH groups should resolve for the good of FMCA and this popular regional rally. GLASS has ALWAYS been a Memorial Day weekend event. You just can't change the DATE! Is anyone taking ownership? Is anything happening, changing? How are prior and regular attendees to learn of changes and when? Thank you. Gorm
  9. What is the story behind the detailed requirements for "solid unpainted wooden" leveler pads? Define "subject you to damages incurred?" Are we ALL parking on blacktop? Should this have NOT been better communciated, explained vs a 1/3 page stuffer in my registration packet? Thank you. Gorm
  10. Thank you for your post Mr Wolfe; Just finished a call with Mr Brian Stickley at Pilot. He tells me: 1) CETA rating minimum of 40 remains unchanged. 2) Biodiesel acts like a solvent, cleans tanks and lines and on first/second use can clog fuel filters. 3) All Pilot sites pumping a biodiesel blend are posted. 4) Blended percentages vary from low of 5% to high of 15%, with the latter percentage quite rare, and 5% the norm. 5) Algicide is added to all tanks to reduce incidence of algae and I should incur no problem storing in MI and supplementing as I have prestorage with Stabil. Gorm
  11. Returning from Madison I am concerned about comments made by a fueling trucker at Pilot. 1) It seems CETA octane ratings were reduced years ago and never restored. That means we are paying more for less. How can we and FMCA petition Congress to restore diesel octane ratings? While lower ratings benefit refineries and oil companies, they do NOTHING for consumers except cost us reduced performance and MPG! 2) Apparently, Pilot is lacing diesel fuel with a percentage of biodiesel at SOME stations and per the trucker he has experienced algae, clogging filters and necessitating tank and line cleaning TOTALLY NEGATING any intended economies. With motorhomes used sparingly or stored, biodiesel constitutes a COSTLY RISK! Calling Pilot I learned ONLY SOME STATIONS pump a biodiesel mix. Luckily, mine was not. Pilot could not answer whether that BLEND is posted at applicable stations. He could only consult a list of those pumping biodiesel. Pilot has received NO complaints of algae from pumped fuel. The Pilot rep was to have someone more familiar get back to me to answer concerns. Hasn't happened yet. My understanding is that some engines, particularly Onan diesel generators are sensitive to anything above 5% biodiesel. I know the EPA has approved 15% ethanol into gas, a 50% increase, a risk to some engines and a wasteful filler that has been proven to be COST INEFFECTIVE. Does anyone have a factual source addressing my concerns? I certainly don't want to see biodiesel adversely affect my coach, travel disruptions and operating costs. Gorm
  12. Interesting that Coach Net "persistence" in gathering useless info continues - slow learners or answering agents with NO RV understanding. Interesting that Dometic confirmed I was doing all I could do and ONLY way unit could have unfurled was lever had moved to "down" position and wind had opened the awning. Interesting that Coach Net tech was unaware, and failed to offer a viable solution to me that might have resolved the exposure without delay. Interesting that I was assured my complaint would get a response within 24 hours and it is now 5 days. Strikes me they put far more effort into recruiting NEW subscribers than they do improving their processes and performance!! Gorm
  13. Extending my vacation following the GLASS rally in Berrien Springs while traveling S on US 31 experienced unfurling of awning during high winds. Slowed and pulled onto shoulder, limped to exit and found barrier behind trees to pull down awning and brace. Luckily, I incurred no damage to awning or coach. Was shocked as awning has metal cover over the fabric and arms are secured by velcro but STILL I had 3-4' of awning flapping in the wind. Calling CoachNet I was immediately upset as agent persisted in gathering worthless information, ie size of coach, engine, transmission, etc, NOTHING that had anything to do with an unfurled awning!! Agent transfers me to tech, who in two sentences tells me what Coach Net will do, ie roll up awning and secure OR remove awning. They would NOT attempt to fix the problem. I expressed concern as storms were threatening and even higher winds were forecast. Well, after waiting over two hours (In IN (RV capital of world), outside South Bend)I find I am unable to get timely service. Frustrated, I find I am able to retract the awning and secure it. Called and cancelled service call. As I am turning around in an industrial park the service provider shows up. He apologizes for delay as he got held up?? I stop and learn he knows NOTHING about awnings, was instructed to remove the awning - ONE GUY in high winds?? Told him I'd gotten the awning secure and wouldn't let him work on the coach as he admittedly knew NOTHING about awnings! He insisted on being paid for his time and mileage as Coach Net only paid for the service call. Was surprised I'd be paying as the guy NEVER got out of his truck. Upon return home I called Coach Net to determine liability if any, complain about the delay in IN outside South Bend, and fact that ONLY one guy comes in high winds to remove a 23' awning and knows NOTHING about RV awnings. Was told I'd get a response within 24 hours. Still waiting that response. What is ironic I cancelled my Allstate coverage based on assurances Coach Net were RV experts, WELL, I'M NOT IMPRESSED!! Before I cancel and return to Allstate, what positive or negative experiences do you have to share, please? Thanks, Gorm
  14. Am surprised by the continually falling attendance and the implication that carries. Understand membership is down only 2k from 1996, ie 95k to current 93k. Am planning on attending GLASS Rally in Berrien Springs end of this month. Whereas it used to draw 1300 coaches, last year it was down in the 700 range. Wonder how few will attend this year? Using Perry as a benchmark my first was in 1996 (6632). Attendance held pretty steady through 2005 and then the bottom falls out, ie 2007 (4832), 2009 (3279) and 2011 (2707). Is it the economy, loss of income, cost of fuel, members tired of rallies in same location, etc? As I believe the US is in economic decline, is FMCA rally attendance just another symptom of a nation in decline? Can only assume cost of units, cost of fuel, age of members, etc affects attendance and participation. Anyone privy to FACTS? RVing is a terrific travel and family activity. Sure hate to see it wither! Gorm
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