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  1. I believe you may be confused regarding the Beartooth Drive. It is actually Montana Route 212 which runs between Red Lodge, through the Beartooth Mountains, through Cooke City and then into Yellowstone National Park at its NE corner. Beartooth Drive doesn't run into Cody, Wyoming. Route 14 in Wyoming runs from I-90, across the BigHorn Mountains, through Cody and then into Yellowstone at its middle, eastern entrance. We've driven through the Bighorns with our 37', class A, pusher with a tow. Our route had several hairpins and some steep grades, but nothing to stress over. Slow and cautious driving is suggested, but it's a beautiful drive. Make sure you schedule your crossing when the roads have been cleared. Snow fall is possible even in late May. I would not suggest taking an RV across the Beartooth Drive (Rt. 212) at any time of the year. That drive is way too demanding on our rigs, with lots more hairpins and steeper grades. There are very few turnouts and those behind you will not be very happy with you. We've driven it in our toad, but would never consider taking our coach across at any time of the year. This is the most beautiful drive in all of the Rockies! Double check your map regarding which route you are planning to take. Hope this helps.
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    Our trip through the New England states, Fall 2014
  3. Hi Ronnie and Cheryl Thought I'd offer some info on the Florida Keys, since we live here. The chain is approximately 110 miles long. If the highway was an interstate, it would take about two hours to get from Key Largo to Key West. Unfortunately, most of it is two lanes and average speed is 45 mph or less. I mention this because even though day trips in your tow would be an option, I think you'll find that they would make for some really long days. Key Largo is at the upper end and Key West is at the lower end, with 100 miles between them. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is in Key Largo at approximately MM 102.5. It offers pull-in sites which were recently renovated. It also offers dive trips, glass-bottom boat rides and boat rentals. Tel. (305) 451-1202 http://www.floridastateparks.org/pennekamp/ A second RV sight is located at MM 97, also in Key Largo. (305) 852-8481 http://www.carefreervresorts.com/rv-parks/florida/riptide/ There are several others in the area, but none that I'd recommend. I'd offer this also. After your trip to the Everglades, spend a day or two in the upper keys, then relocate to the mid or lower keys, possibly spending some time in Marathon, at Knights Key Campground. From there you're only about one hour from Key West and one hour from Key Largo. (800) 348-2267 http://knightskeyrvresortandmarina.com/ Another point, Fantasy Fest happens in Key West during the last week of October. The island population explodes during that week long event, and rooms and RV sites will be at a premium. The Saturday night parade is the highlight of the event, but it is not for the "faint-of-heart". It involves nudity and is adult oriented. I would not recommend taking children to the parade. Kathy and I recently spent one night at Boyds Campground in Key West. One night at Boyds during "normal" times is $93.00. Fantasy Fest rates will be higher and usually requires a 3 or 4 day minimum stay. Boyds Campground is very nice, but very expensive. (305) 294-1465 http://www.boydscampground.com/%C2'> I hope this was some help to you. If you need additional help or info please email me at: skiff18@bellsouth.net Have fun! Steve
  4. As usual, my state legisature is on a vendetta to make life difficult for all of us, including those that are not residents. Fortunately, it seems that the head of our Department of Transportation is level-headed and rational!
  5. Thanks for the response, desertdeals69. That goes along with some of what we've heard from others. A garage would be great, but out of the budget this year. Guess we'll have to keep it looking new the "old-fashion" way.....by working at it. Thanks again.
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  7. We're new to FMCA and also new to RVing. Our coach is not new, but is in excellent condition. We'd like to keep it in excellent condition. My question is should we purchase a coach cover for it for storage when we're not traveling? We plan to take several trips throughout the year, but it may sit for a couple of months between trips. I've heard differing opinions on the pros and cons of a cover. Any expert/ experience opinions on this?
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