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  1. I sure hope that more Hybrid owners will post their updates. I've been dealing with trying to decide what to do about my 2009 Ford Escape, have started a blog about it with lots of information about the transmission types, types of problems, misinformation and conflicting ideas from Ford, etc. http://www.maliasmiles.com/blog/2009-ford-escape-dinghy/ But I'm trying to make a decision about what to do before the extended warranty expires. I know I'll be on my own then! I'm starting more research on the Hybrid model now because of hearing that since it has a completely different, sealed transmission (eCVT) vs. the 6F35 transmission that keeps frying. I had really hoped that would be the answer for me since that would save me having to buy a new baseplate, etc. What I've seen here early on is encouraging. Any updates or news on the Hybrid being flat towed? Thanks! Malia
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