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  1. You are correct. I should have said, "both can be towed flat; FWD can ALSO be towed via a tow dolly, BUT the AWD can only be towed via a trailer or flat tow--no dolly" thanks for catching the error.

  2. You stated..."I went with 4 wheel as it can be towed flat, but NOT on a tow dolly. The two wheel drive uses a tow dolly but can NOT be towed flat. Both of course can be towed via a trailer."

    I beg to differ...the documentation states that the both the 2011 Explorer FWD (front wheel drive) and the AWD (4 wheel drive) can be flat towed.I would be curious to know where you read ...

  3. Pete, I think the running vehicle every 6 hours AND doing the 'neutral to drive, then reverse, then back to neutral' routine has to do with lubrication of the tranny--than with charging the battery. I can't answer the dead battery issue because due to the 'adaptive cruise' problem I haven't been able to tow. When I get the adaptive cruise problem solved if I DO have battery problems then I will wire in an after-market wiring system that will allow the tow vehicle (Explorer) battery to take advantage of the 7 pin setup up FROM the motorhome and keep it charged. These after-market wiring harness are made by several entities and are in heavy use by new Jeep owners. My opinion is that there will not be enough draw from simply having the accessory on to drain the battery in a normal day--but time will tell. The guy who said he is going to sue Ford and get a Jeep better check out the new Jeeps as they no longer have the 'worry free' towing ability that the earlier (like my 2001 Wrangler) jeeps had. A few years ago Jeep did away with the stop between Off and Accessory that allowed the wheel to turn without ANY power on. AND Jeep now tells you to 'pull' fuse(s)before towing.
  4. I bought a new '11 Ford Explorer Limited so I could tow it flat. It is loaded with everything but a moon roof and back seat DVD player. I have always used Blue Ox and was happy when I found that Blue Ox had tow bar brackets for this new vehicle. I have adaptive cruise and Blue Ox has a DIFFERENT bracket set than for the 'regular' non-adaptive cruise '11 Explorers. Ordered the correct tow bar brackets and had it installed. I then tested out the vehicle with installed brackets by hooking up behind my motorhome and towing it for about 20 miles. It worked flawlessly. This unit does NOT have a key but instead is a 'push button'. There is a procedure to put the 'button' into 'accessory' which I did, then per the manual I put the tranny in Neutral. Off we went and it worked well. I had the proportional Brake Buddy in the vehicle while I did my 'testing' AND had my wife ride in the passenger seat to see how everything looked and sounded as we towed. Worked great. HOWEVER, later when I unhooked and drove the Explorer I started to throw 'error codes' on the adaptive cruise which effectively meant I no longer could use either normal OR adaptive cruise. I went to Ford to have them 'clear' the error. They could not do such and said the problem was caused by the 'after market' install of the Blue Ox. They said I'd have to take the tow bar brackets off before they could calibrate and adjust the adaptive cruise control radar unit. I went back to the installers and they couldn't find anything wrong with the install but took off the stuff they had installed. I then went back to Ford and they worked a few hours, got the error cleared, and charged me $250. I called Blue Ox, have talked with Ford, and have talked with my installers. Everyone kind of pointed to everyone else, BUT each of the three entities IS willing to work with me to find a 'cure'. At this point I'm going to drive the Explorer for a couple of weeks to be sure no error code is thrown with the brackets off--if it does then I think we have a Ford Problem. Then after a couple weeks I'll have the installer put the tow bar brackets back on and see if we still have a problem. If not, then I'll caulk it up to a quirk--if still have problems then I will deal with the installer and Blue Ox to take back the tow bar and reimburse me and will see what Roadmaster has. Since the Ford Explorer '11 is a new frame, new engine, new tranny I'm hoping Blue Ox sells a few more and we can see if we have a systematic problem or a quirk. Also, if you are considering buying a '11 Explorer to tow be aware that the 4 wheel drive vs the 2 wheel drive have different 'abilities'. I went with 4 wheel as it can be towed flat, but NOT on a tow dolly. The two wheel drive uses a tow dolly but can NOT be towed flat. Both of course can be towed via a trailer. All in all I really like the '11 Explorer Limited and want it to work with Blue Ox plates for towing. I went with this over several other brand vehicles as the Ford is the simplest and easiest to tow--no fuses to pull and the only restrictions are 65 mph limit, and run engine and go through a gear shift routine (from neutral to drive, to reverse, and back to neutral) every 6 hours or the beginning of each day. The the Limited is loaded with neat electronics BUT that comes with its own set of problems. If any of you with the 2011 Explorer AND YOU HAVE ADAPTIVE cruise, AND have installed either the Blue Ox or Roadmaster I'd be interested in hearing from you at hsteinle@hbsteinle.com or harlansteinle@garmin.com
  5. For my '02 Harley Ultra Classic I've used a Wells Cargo Trailer, A Rampage lift in my pickup, an Overbilt auto lift on the back of the coach, a Toy-Hauler single rail light weight trailer, and a Stinger fold up trailer. I think the BEST unit (for you to at least consider) is the Toy Tote which you can find at http://toy-tote.com/ It is NOT considered a trailer but rather as an 'extension' of your motorhome which allows you to then tow your 'toad' and not be considered as 'triple towing'. The unit can be unhooked and rolled around just like a trailer for storage purposes. The company will custom make the unit to your specs if you want and they are EXTREMELY well built. Check them out. Harlan '07 Alfa So Long Gold #4322 Mesa AZ/Durango CO hsteinle@hbsteinle.com
  6. We are making the trip to Canada and then Alaska (from Phoenix area) this summer and I'll be using both a King Dome Auto antenna AND a Winegard Slimline 5 HD larager antenna. Based on this, how far north will I be able to go before losing my Direct TV service? Harlan Steinle 07 Alfa Gold So Long #4322 hsteinle@hbsteinle.com
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