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  1. Entegra Coach owners and owners of Travel Supreme Class A Motorhomes are invited to join the newly formed Entegra Coach Owners Association. We formed while at the first annual Summerfest in Petoskey, Michigan in August. Our FMCA Charter was granted on August 30, 2013. We included the TS definition because Entegra was born from the ashes of the Travel Supreme line. We are planning an informal gathering at the FMCA/SEA Rally in Brooksville with our first Rally at the FMCA International Family Reunion in Perry, GA in mid-March 2014. I've attached our ECOA Application.pdfMembership Application to this post. Feel free to contact me for any questions.
  2. I got it fixed......turns out the sensor in the rear ac unit had fallen off the coils. Reattached and then did a reset on the thermostat and all is well.
  3. Well,forwhatit'sworth,yournewsoftwaredoesn'tworkonaniPad,prettymuchrenderinginteractionwithFMCAcompletelyuseless.fixit.
  4. I have a new 2011 Phaeton 40QTH w/ 3 rooftop units. We are experiencing difficulty with the thermostat consistently reading internal temps and turning on or shutting off the A/C. Tiffin replaced the RV Comfort.ZC thermostat. It was intermittently dropping zones. The new one doesn't seem to be reading the sensors. We are either stuck in constantly on or won't shut off. The result is that we are either freezing or broiling. Has anyone else experienced this phenomena? How to correct it? All help appreciated.
  5. Which of the PSI sensor systems are recommended? Which to be avoided at all costs? Do you install them for all 10 wheels?.......that seems the only way to do it if you're going to do it at all......
  6. wmpbauer

    My Rig - Bauer

  7. Greetings Everyone I will be attending a Barbershop (singing) contest in Kansas City in July. Does anyone have any recommendations for campgrounds in the area? I'm in a 40' Phaeton so need Big Rig and 50amp. Thanks
  8. Hey, this is REALLY good stuff. We purchased our RV new, but it had sat on a lot for over a year. Should I expect there to be any substantial damage to the tires from just sitting? It's a Damon Essence 40ft/built on a Freightliner chassis with a Cummins 425 Diesel and an Allison 6 tranny. My tires are H rated Goodyears and after weighing the coach, it appears I need 80psi in the front 2 and 85 psi in the back 4. From what I'm reading, we aren't anywhere near the load limits of these tires. There is so much stuff out there that seems to be hype.......tyron bands for blowout control (1,995 a pair), remote pressure sensors, Nitrogen inflation instead of straight Air....... Seems to me one really needs to keep the tire pressure at the right levels and check each day before driving.....Inspect them monthly for deterioration......easy to do while you're "exercising" your generator under load. I don't see any advantage to using Nitrogen......which is simply not available everywhere...... I can possibly see where the remote sensors are valuable.......but are an expensive technology that is subject to faulty readings.
  9. We have been looking at Tyron Bands for the front wheels of our coach (40' Damon Essence Diesel Pusher/Freightliner). I wondered if anyone has installed these on their coach, and if they have experienced a blowout on the front wheels either with no bands or with them in place? If so what was/is your experience? If you had it to do over again, would you purchase them again? I understand they do not prevent blowouts, but provide handling assistance by keeping the blown tire in place and on the wheel. When I spoke to the representative, he priced them at $ 1,995.00 plus installation for the pair. Can anyone either defend or deny this product. If so, why? Thanks, Patrick Bauer F406967 Riverview, Florida
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