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  1. Thanks Karsty - where would I find that rally listing please? I went to the Region 8 section from the FMCA home site and it took me to the website that listed RVs for sale but not rallies? I may be getting confused of course... I'm going to Alaska first, then will head East across Canada - so may ping you when I get over to Ontario. 2015 is a long time off - sounds like you are a big planner!
  2. Currently RV is back in the shop - so will add some pics when it comes back.
  3. Hello - new owner of a Roadtrek 210 - and after 2 times out to road test it - have various ideas about small modifications to make. Wondered what others had done - as I know people can be very creative! Ideas in the works: - Coffee Space Make replaced with Expresso & Milk Frother (make a custom cabinet to hold it) - Bike rack that opens side-bar to be able to get into Roadtrek without taking off bikes - Clothes storage that is accessible and uses space effectively - Fly Nets on back and side door (done - love them!) Happy Trekking
  4. TButler - you prompted me to create an account and make a comment - so thank you! I'm a new Roadtrek 210 owner - and about to start a 5 month trip to Alaska and Canada startin in Mid-May. Not really planned much - going to follow the standard tourist routes and take our time.... Would love to meet other Roadtrek / Class B owners - tried to find rallies but nothing listed for this area? Any suggestions?
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