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  1. Sad event, I too am sorry for the loss, and loss of time for you. Someone stole our almost new 2012 KIA in 2012, over $7000.00 of equipment

    was in the car. 29 days later, the police called to say it had been located. Over $9000.00 damage to a six month old car, bullet holes included.

    Of course the insurance co., fixed the car, but would not replace any of my equipment. I did file with my homeowner policy, and got all that

    was inventoried. If you still own a home, you may want to check with them. Good luck with insurance, and hope the police find the low life's.

  2. My wife and prefer the bus. Have now owned three class A's, and not regretted it one bit. We travel with 4 Yorkies (they don't think they are dogs), and I can't imagine hauling 4 in a truck towing the home. Also the dw loves to cook our meals while traveling, she puts the crockpot in the sink, plugs it in and starts it up while I am getting the air up on the bus, 4 to 6 hours later, we pull into a rest area for lunch.

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