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  1. Have you joined the the phone and tv to the moxie wps? If not they will need to be joined and the security passcode will have to be entered before they can connect.
  2. A picture of the battery including the surroundings will help in trying to help with your problem.
  3. Found this on RV.net, hope it helps. It is located above the propane tank on the passenger side. All of the connections and sensors are easily accessible, and it looks like the tank just slides out and then back in and has some brackets keeping it from moving around too much.
  4. A13 foot CB antenna is a pretty tall CB antenna, a quarter wave is only 102" or do you mean that it is mounted so that the top of the antenna is 13' from the ground? Sorry about the low limbs caused so much damage.
  5. Sorry that I have been out of pocket for a while due to outage of internet. I just read your post and hope that you have your problem resolved by now. But in the event that you haven't, I will attempt to help explain your problem. Your alternator should be a 24 volt alternator as those beast have a 24 volt ignition system in the chassis, no relay in the system to revert back to 12 volts. The bus came equipped with an equalizer to keep both 12 volt batteries or series of batteries to maintain 24 volts. The equalizer may have gone bad or may have been miswired which will cause the problem. A normal RV, not a bus conversion technician does not know how to deal with this issue will probably be of no help in resolving your issue. If you have not resolved the issue by now, you will need to consult a bus repairman, not an RV tech. Please reach to me by sending me PM here. I have been running a bus conversion for years now and do most of my own maintenance.
  6. Where is the antenna located? A cousin of mine had "professional" to install his Sirius system put the antenna inside the windshield, it only worked correctly while driving south, when going north Sirius would go in and out and the GPS went crazy. He paid me to reinstall the antenna to the roof three years ago, no problems since. Probably not your problem but another place to look.
  7. I wonder if ricko ever found the solution to making his LED light dilemma work. Here is a pretty good discussion on what makes a florescent light operate. https://ludens.cl/Electron/Fluolamp/fluolamp.html Florescent is an interesting concept, unlike LED (light emitting diode) which requires direct current, florescent requires pulsating (alternating current), it requires a converter to change DC to AC, while an electronic TV requires a converter to change AC to DC. A florescent bulb requires 100 to 10,000 volts AC. An old style TV, CRT (cathode ray tube) required 5,000 to 37,000 volts to light the CRT, depending on color that was to be produced. An LED only requires about 4 volts DC, and very low current.
  8. Sctooge finally got over his dream? Happy new year to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Check for 12 volts at the place where the led's are connected, if present, then reverse the leads to the led. Led will not light if wired backwards.
  10. Take the device and a laptop to the front of the T-Mobile store and test speed there, then start moving away test all the way back to the RV park taking screen shots at every test location, also recording where each location is. Show the results to the rep at the T-Mobile store. I had a similar complaint with my coverage, called the carrier, they changed from one tower to another one which greatly improved my speed ever since.
  11. kaypsmith


    You may want to have someone (electronic shop) use an oscilloscope on the power output of the generator to determine if it is producing a good clean 120 volts on both legs and measure the sine wave for 60 cycles. Also look for grounding issues with the generator, the generator is supposed to be isolated from any chassis parts on the RV, if someone has strapped a ground wire from the generator to the chassis, that must be removed. Just a few things to look for. Sounds like the generator has been replaced in the RV and improper wiring can cause issues.
  12. Ask your doctor if he/she is in any network that will allow referrals to other states, and tell the reason why. Most doctors are willing to help with travel situations and more knowledgeable than people in other fields about the problem that you are facing. In Alabama you would be required to be using a pain management clinic to receive those meds together at your frequency. Good luck finding a solution.
  13. Guys, the JetPack is only a device that handles your internet coming and going to the cloud (internet). The data carrier is not allowing anyone other than FMCA to converse and or make changes to the plan. The instructions given by Herman only allows you to set the hotspot to not show low amount of band usage to a far greater amount than you will ever use. If it shows only 10 gig allowed and you have already used 300 gig within a month, then just set the darn thing and quit bickering about it, nothing in the world as we now know it will ever be perfect. Please see my response tp cwswine"s other post about FMCA's lousy IT department, and I have no affiliation with FMCA other than eight consecutive years of membership. I retired after 34 years of service as an IT engineer, and I promise you that I have seen many poor IT support groups over this time frame. The IT support within FMCA right now is very good considering what it went to immediately after tmoning's departure. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.
  14. In defense of FMCA IT support, the IT department in most business's keeps the internal network of that business running. This includes the servers needed for you to be able to converse on this forum and the computers that are connected to these servers and the networking needs to keep those working correctly and maintain connectivity to the internet and provide the path to the SMTP and POP3 servers in order that this business can receive and send emails. Customer Service of any business should be your goto place for complaints and such issues. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  15. 15/20 amp versus 30 amp will depend on what you intend to do with your RV at home. If you do not plan to stay inside your RV at home at any time and only use electricity for maintenance only, then 20 amp should be fine, use a 12 gauge with ground extension cord as short as possible. If you would like to maybe stay inside the RV and use the air conditioner or electric heat, then have a 30 amp circuit installed, be sure that the electrician understands that you need a 30 amp 120 volt circuit with an RV receptacle. A 30 amp 240 receptacle will ruin the appliances within the RV. I personally would opt for the RV plug because we like to have the option just in case we need to use the RV for emergency purposes, such as power outages, a small generator will run the RV whereas the home is more limited to using the small generator. Just my two cents worth, congratulations for the new to you RV.
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