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  1. Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Maybe sacreligious to you Herman, but life would be miserable to me without it. Since B&J and Hagendaz neither make I have to rely on Blue Bell or Blue Bunny, not too bad but if I ate it with sugar, you guys would saying farewell, I already take 5 shots of insulin a day.
  2. Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    I wish Ben and Jerry made no added sugar! But if they will retorque the muffler bearings, maybe they will make some sugar free ice cream also.
  3. At 10,000 watts you had 41.6 amps available on each leg, L1 and L2, that is of course on the generator. Plugged into 50 amp service, you would have 50 amps each leg, and of course my colleagues would correct me and say that is 100 amps, but still 50 per leg. The generator is producing 83.3 total. Now, one AC unit should run OK if not too many other appliances are being run at the same time unless there is a problem with the unit. All that said, 104 voltage is very low, and I did read anywhere in your op what the voltage was at the cg pedestal, but since the same thing happening, I would begin to suspect that there may be a problem with the pigtail that you use to reduce from 50 amps to 30. If it were me, I would do as Rich suggested to be sure to retighten all lugs inside the ATS and all other places that are possible. But I would also seek to find a known good working 50 amp shore connection to plug into to make sure all is working well with the shore 50 amp setup. There are course two sets of contacts within the ATS, one may be getting weak, and of course that one would be the shore power side, but again 104 is too low voltage and it may well be kicking out as a result of the low voltage.
  4. 2015 Newmar Essex 4553

    Beautiful coach, happy tales and trails with it.
  5. Unlimited internet

    Actually Brian, you and I both have the original socalled Verizon Unlimited. The talk is about FCMA/Verizon Unlimited. This is the plan that was offered (I think) earlier this year for Unlimited internet for $49.00 per month. I also tried to get changed over to the plan three times, I'm paying $65.00 per month plus a $10.00 per month line charge for the 22 gig farce of a plan. The FMCA version is supposed to be $49.00 for 25 gig for only one hotspot device, plus of course all over 25 gig at creepy crawley, hope this helps understanding where 25 is coming from.
  6. Ant Issue

    Here is the actual brand that I use and have been most successful with. https://pfharris.com/products/ants/ I was not at home with the link info on the first response. I also highly recommend their roach tablets also. No I do not have any affiliation with that company, but my brother inlaw was a pest control tech for 20+ years, and he put me onto this.
  7. I hope the restaurant at Joe Wheeler is still open at the lodge, I look forward to the prime rib on their Friday night buffet, but it has been 3 years since I was last there. The deer will actually eat out of your hand there, but don't let a Ranger see you feeding them. LOL!
  8. What is the best RV awning screen.

    I have this brand and I like the way it works better than some of the others that I looked at.
  9. Ant Issue

    Here is the most informative web page on the subject that I have found. https://www.doyourownpestcontrol.com/
  10. Welcome to FMCA and the forum, hope the tech connect works well for you. Joe Wheeler is my second most favorite campground in Alabama, White Oak Creek close to Eufaula is my first, I know that is a long way for you, but if ever traveling south east, you may like to check that one out also. 73, Kay
  11. Extended Warranty on 2006 Winnebago DP

    If you put $12K in savings at 2.75 interest rate, in three years, and you have no major catastrophe you will have $13075.00 ready for the next three. I'm with five on this one, but it is not my money. Good luck with your decision whatever it may be.
  12. CB Antenna Recommendation

    I'm going to put my part of this QSO to sleep for now, 73 Kay, N4WQP
  13. CB Antenna Recommendation

    Carl, we just trying to edicate you, a transceiver is a radio designed to both transmit and receive, a receiver is a radio designed to receive only. If you put those out in the elements they would probably drown like those turkeys trying to commit suey side. I am truly sorry that I called it a he, maybe an it. Let's see, a foot long 4" across, white, maybe a balun, that's a coil of wire wound around a dielectric sleeve placed inside a dielectric sleeve used capacitively to shorten an antenna, 80 meters requires about 80 feet of antenna to become resonet at the frequency, it would be hard to get under a bridge if it were that tall. LOL! Now go have another drank on me, I think I'll have a big orange.
  14. CB Antenna Recommendation

    Carl, I doubt that it was a transceiver/receiver mounted there, those are usually mounted inside the vehicle, LOL. Probably a HAM using either 40 or 80 meters, requires a very long antenna to work effectively. He probably doesn't intend to look cool, just wants to work all states.
  15. I don't know if you were around when Goldstar was, mid 80's to late 90's, they made many appliances that were sold cheap, actually made in the US at the time. They made a terrible reputation for themselves, because they were made cheap. The Lang company (I don't remember what country they were in), bought out Goldstar and the company name became Lang and Goldstar. Trying to rid the bad reputation gained by Goldstar, they started a slogan which was used in all ads LG (Lifes Good) so that the public would remember them by the initials LG. Just a little history of LG products. For the most part, I have had pretty good luck with LG, but I haven't bought one of their refrigerators yet, I do own a couple of their TV's and have no complaint with them yet.