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  1. My first visit to NewYork state, I thought I had met the rudest people in the world, then I went to Seattle Wa., and found that the NY people were very nice folks compared to Wa..
  2. Don't know about the new coach configuration, but you may find that the sound has been muted. There is probably a way to go into settings and correct this if you have the manual for the camera. I agree with others that the roar of the diesel motor overloads the sound on most coaches.
  3. Taillight converters are an usually an add on device, and in most cases are located where the pigtail has been added onto the rear of the coach where the pigtail begins and the wires in the other direction usually go to the wires that the coach lights are connected to. Hope this helps.
  4. I was in the middle of typing when the power went off in the house, so I came to the MH to resume, I was going to say that I-20 should not be in your directions, and I-12 as Carl pointed out is a good bypass of NO. Been three years since last time I went that way, was then and probably always be some construction on those roads.
  5. Mark, does that junction box have a name on it? Most likely that is the transfer switch, if it has three wires, it probably is.
  6. Gee, just read your other post, seems that the technician may need an electricians course, I believe you should ask him to look into the transfer switch problem also, probably has something to do with him as well.
  7. Mark, the transfer switch is usually located in the bay where the shore power cord is and will be wired normally wired into the surge guard and from the surge guard into the transfer switch.
  8. DO NOT USE LT tires, those are light truck tires, use ST tires these are special trailer rated, nearly all manufacturers produce ST tires. I know nothing about Hartland tires but ST should be used instead of LT.
  9. I too have a bus conversion, I don't usually recommend spray foam in these situations because there is some flame non resistance, but that is what I used because of ease of installing it. I shot about 1.5 inches, then leveled it after it dried, then glued air conditioning duct insulation to that, it's a half inch thick and very dense with a foil glued to it from the factory, has worked very well for 7 plus years. If you don't want to go to that extreme, you can use foam insulation up to two inches at the top (under the floor) then cover that with the AC duct insulation and over the walls as well, the thicker foam mounted under the floor and covered will dampen the generator sound very well.
  10. A little more information on your needs, age, and many other questions will be helpful in getting the best information. I am 75 years young and use a medicare advantage plan for my health insurance. I am not aware of any connection of FMCA with any medical insurance provider as a benefit to it's members, and since medical insurance is mandated now by the federal government, those plans should readily available to almost anyone, all medical health insurances that I know about are usually your home medical plan. There may be some companies that will provide emergency treatment but again I don't really know. If there is an accident involved, your motor vehicle insurance should be relied upon and all other should be billed directly to your home medical insurance. Hope this helps but if not, wait for others, or no response come back here and add any clarifications to your needs. Good luck with your quest's.
  11. As suggested on your other post, I would highly recommend that you replace all that old polybutylene pipe with PEX. The old stuff has been outlawed anyway because of cancer causing substances within the material makeup of the pipe. PEX is very easy to work with and is freeze tolerant. However I would not use plastic couplings, only brass for lasting purposes. Plastic or brass are not freeze tolerant, so they should always be protected. I used SharkBite or gatorbite fittings for simplicity, and if you use these type fittings, be sure to use a good PVC pipe cutter and lightly sand with a fine grit paper or cloth, the push on fittings use a rubber O-ring to make a seal and are very easy to cut if a burr is left on the pipe. Again good luck with the renovation.
  12. I tried many years ago to get a class B CDL, I was rejected because it required a medical, not self certified, my doctor filled it out and when I took it to the CDL testing location, I was immediately rejected. Reason, I am diabetic and on insulin. Now, while I was on the pill, I had blackouts and was un controllable, the doctor switched me to insulin, have not had a blackout since, that was 25 years ago. Now in their infinite wisdom I am not suitable to drive anything that requires a CDL, but if I were diabetic and took the pill, I could qualify, go figure. A class B license would qualify the OP to operate a MH anywhere in the US or he could even drive a school or passenger bus also. Same requirements as any CDL except the hazmat portion you will not need to take that part of the test. If I could qualify for a CDL, I would certainly have one now. Fortunately for me, Alabama does not require a special license for a private MH, so I am covered to drive my MH anywhere is the US. TJ!
  13. Thanks Herman, it is well out of warranty, 2000 model. LOL.
  14. Great looking job, and use of available materials.
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