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  1. Have you contacted Generac support, my last MH with a Generac generator, I used them several times and found pretty good support. 24/7/365 CUSTOMER SUPPORTUnited States & Canada: 888-GENERAC (888-436-3722)
  2. You need to let us know if there is anything that will be draining the batteries while in storage, such as a monitoring system, burglar alarm system, or even a possible light turned on and off occasionally, and how many amps or watts do they pull, in order to get a good answer to the question. If you use a battery disconnect while in storage, a small system could work ok, but if no disconnect system is used and there is any drain, that needs to be taken into consideration for sizing.
  3. This is great news I hope, another name brand with a much smaller price tag than Honda. I hope that they perform and lasts as well as Honda.
  4. Yes as I stated, this does look like a crazy question, but the engineer trade in me makes me ask stupid looking questions to other people. The color BLACK is the only color in the world that is naturally ultra violet proof, all other colors need an additive to prevent ultra violet damage from the sun. This is why you never see any other color on an electric company's outdoor lines. Now if you are on the sea, all outdoor wires are white, that's because the salt spray damages black first and white last, salt and ultra violet together have the same effect as chlorine.
  5. One more crazy question from me, do you have a brake treadle (one that looks similar to the accelerator), or a brake pedal that looks similar to an automobile? That type actuator does look like a standard air brake, and if this is the case, Richard is correct, the drive axel brakes need to inspected because they probably are spring loaded, which means that there is no adjustment. I have been searching the internet and it does look as though your brakes are air over hydraulic, and Brett is probably correct that the emergency brake is located on the drive shaft. If this is correct, there will be a drum mounted on the drive shaft with drum brake shoes. If this style, there will be a slack adjuster behind the plate behind the drum with an air piston that actually works the parking brake, biggest problem with this style park brake is that only one wheel actually locks because of the way a differential works, also if this is a diesel pusher with this style park brake, there is a high probability of grease buildup within the assembly causing slippage, brake shoes rarely wear out on this style but if grease is the problem, then a thorough cleaning of the assembly and new shoes should be used. Sorry I did not see this earlier because it appears within the quote. If the brakes are disc both front and rear, no that is not the case but most likely just as I described above referring to Brett's quote. Only other scenario is that there may be small brake shoes incorporated within a small drum that is made onto the rear wheel rotors, in which a cable may have been used, and I highly doubt this is your style as I have never seen this style used on anything larger than a 3/4 ton pickup. And yes, disc brakes are always self adjusting, and it is illegal to incorporate an emergency brake system into disc style brake, they must be able to be actuated either by hand or foot, and separate from the normal braking system.
  6. Clarksgocamping, how do you apply the emergency brake on your unit, lever, foot pedal, or some sort of switch, or release valve? This info can help us identify what type emergency brake system that you have, just in case you do not find help otherwise.
  7. What model is the Carrier AC? Is it ducted or non ducted?
  8. Agree with this statement, but don't forget the CAC (charge air cooler) may need a thorough cleaning also.
  9. Alv, I know this does not mean much to many, but I would like to know what color the exposed sheathing on the failed coil is. Thanks, Kay
  10. Be sure to ask for hard start capacitors. Pretty simple to replace, pull the cover that is on the roof, just be sure no AC (voltage) is present.
  11. I would start by checking fuel filters, since it mysteriously came back to life, we will all hope that is a good sign. Congratulations on the new acquisition, glad that your are loving it. Also welcome to the forum.
  12. This is very true on the older model residential fridges, the coils were on the back. The newer ones that are self defrosting do not have those coils on the back, but the front kickplate should be removed frequently and first vacuumed then with a good amount of air pressure blown out, the condenser coils are located down under and the evaporator coils are between the insulation and the inside shell of the newer fridges. I do like to leave at least an inch between the back of the fridge and the inside wall, coach or home, and that area needs to be cleaned as well for better ventilation.
  13. Please recheck the fridge model #, I am not finding a manual for the model # above. Probably just a typo.
  14. Is this model a dual controlled model? This means that it will have a separate control tor the freezer unit, if it does, you may have one of two issues, the freezer could be stuck in defrost mode, or the control for the freezer may have gone bad. If stuck in defrost mode, sometimes just unplugging and replugging will reset it, not too often though.
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