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  1. kaypsmith

    Merry Christmas

    Are you going to enter that display on the great light fight on ABC? The grand prize is $50,000. Merry Christmas Ray!
  2. kaypsmith

    Ford Transmission Shudder in Overdrive

    At what mileage was the Motorcraft additive added? Also at what mileage did the shudder start appearing?
  3. kaypsmith

    RV heat

    As long as the system is in good working order, there should be no problem.
  4. I tried to cancel my service with dish back in the early 90's, I was out of contract with them 4 years at the time, they continued to bill me for six months of which I paid them 2, then I said no more. Four months later with me calling each month that I no longer wanted their service and refusing to pay, they sent me a letter stating that I could never get their service again. I'll watch no more TV if I am ever down to no other way.
  5. I suspect that is where it is all going. I had Direcpc then Hughesnet for 12 years, first satellite down and telephone up, that was awful but better than just telephone, then sat both directions, which was pretty good, but throttled after 256 meg in a 24 hour period. ATT is of course looking to change all service to streaming within a given period of time, so internet connection will be a must eventually.
  6. kaypsmith

    RV Lot Ownership

    My daughter has a dear friend that bought one of those lots near Orlando, I will check for the name of the CG this weekend. That lady and her husband have told me that it was a very good investment and they loved that style of living. They maintain a home here in B'ham., Al., and only return to B'ham., for the three hottest months of each year since retirement 10 years ago.
  7. kaypsmith

    Newby Again

    Ditto Ross!
  8. Based on that report, it looks as though Directv will soon be defunct. Dish TV may soon be our only alternative. But indications that ATT is looking to have fiber in all areas? I was lucky to get U-verse at my house this year, but the speed is too slow for streaming, which means that if fiber is not installed to my house, and I doubt that will happen, I will be forced to Dish at some point.
  9. kaypsmith

    Axel bloom rv adjustable bed

    I have never heard of that name before your post above, but a Google search led me to their website. I have a Legget&Platt both in the MH and now in the S&B home also. The ad of course states that it is designed for comfort because of the shaking of the RV. Personally, very few people sleep in any bed while going down the road because of the lack of restraint in the event of an accident. But if you find them more appealing than other brands, then go for it is my feelings towards what bedframe to choose. Most of us know that almost any memory foam or latex mattress is best to use on an adjustable bed because of their flexibility, so find one that fits your comfort needs the best and go with that one. My wife has health issues that almost dictate the use of an adjustable bed, and I personally will never go back to the old flat bed, as I also enjoy the added comfort, as well as the fact that you can raise the bed both head and feet to increase space in the sleeping compartment when not in use. Good luck hunting.
  10. kaypsmith


    Here in Alabama, we call that stuff "RAP", stands for removed asphalt pavement. I cant tell how we make it stick back together in the shade here, that's what PM's are for.
  11. kaypsmith

    Directv SD obsolete?

    I would not be too frantic about the fact that Directv is going to stop SD by the end of this decade, at least that is their plans. The satelites that now broadcast sd are not scheduled to fall out of the sky, only SD will cease. According to their techs, HD will gradually be moved to those satelites, meaning of course that most likely your now SD dish will still receive broadcast from the satelites that now receive SD on. I would suspect that the satelites that now broadcast HD will start broadcasting UHD at that point. A little inside info, and some speculation on my part only because of previous experiences.
  12. I think that they use competitive shopping, they do not use samples of mom/pop, or Walmart in the sample, only other truck stops that are competitive with their operation on the immediate area of the fuel stop. ………….. Jim!
  13. I lived in Florida for 12 years too long, and was licensed to sell, and sold insurance in Florida. A call to the insurance commissioner with detailed info on how they are handling the claim will get the fastest results for you, and their insurance company responding to you.
  14. kaypsmith

    GFCI Outlet No Power

    I don't think that he is referring to charging the batteries, I think he is referring to causing a draw against the house batteries, if the inverter is turned off, it will not draw against the house batteries when shore or generator is not present. If the inverter is turned on without shore or generator power, then yes it will draw instantly against the house batteries. If inverter is on there is a load against the house batteries, no phantom, just the way it works. If inverter/charger is in the off position, there will be no draw against the house batteries.
  15. kaypsmith

    Parking brake flashing on and off

    The air dryer should have a purge valve on it also. May not be your problem, but is definitely a good starting point. It was also a good opportunity to bring to attention that it should be done routinely, some of us older owners take it for granted that newer owners may not have been versed on this procedure.