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  1. Andre Reiu, Marilla Ness, are favorites, but a lot of 50's and 60's rock and roll.
  2. I don't know how the dometic heat pump is made, my Carrier AirV has a backup heat strip that automatically comes on and the heat comes from that source at temperatures below 40 F. I hope Rodney will come back to let us know MORE about this question.
  3. Wasn't it a bird strike that put flight 1549 in the Hudson river? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/US_Airways_Flight_1549 Birds can be a nuisance.
  4. I've had success repairing a similarly-troubled headliner in a car before using 3M spray adhesive. Ditto, this stuff is great for this type repair.
  5. After doing more research on the exide battery, the 200 is referring to 200 minutes of continuous use @ 25 amps, pretty misleading representation, agreed.
  6. And what a beautiful ride on the train. Yes it is steep and braking can be an issue.
  7. I assume that Carl is referring to paying someone to do the labor for replacing the new batteries. LOL Carl, if that was the total for batteries and labor, please PM the address and name of that outfit, I'll drive to Texas myself for that deal.
  8. Using your theory above, 3 @140.00 each = $420.00, then using 50% charge as the baseline (300) for figuring cost per ah = $1.42, my calculator says 1.40, then 4@ $139.00 =$556.00 and 50% charge =(232) ah, then 556.00 divided by 232ah = $1.853 per ah. Not trying to burst bubbles, just trying to compare apples to apples. Good luck in whatever you decide. One other small note, in my opinion, 200 ah @ 12 volts is better than 232 @ 6 volts, because 2 six volts to make 12 is still only 232 @ 12 v, so 2 X 232 is only 464 whereas 3 12's = 600.
  9. What am I missing in this thread? Three 200 ah 12 volt batteries (same as original) = 600 ah. Four 6 volt at 231 = 464 ah (correct). I always thought that 600 ah is better than 464 ah, of course you haven't told us how much the 12 volt Exides will cost for an adequate comparison. And we already know that the 3 Exides will fit.
  10. Here is a site near Palatka Florida, some of the best fresh water fishing in Florida. https://www.floridastateparks.org/parks-and-trails/rodman-campground
  11. Do you have any idea where, in central Florida you would like to wind up?
  12. Back to subject, Have you thought about a swimming pool backwash hose? https://www.amazon.com/BISupply-Discharge-Hose-Flat-Backwash/dp/B07QN89S7T/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=1+inch+swimmingpool+hose+pipe&qid=1577982628&sr=8-7, you can buy barb fittings for each end.
  13. Is the supply line from the cutoff valve plastic or is it one of those stainless steel braided rubber hoses? I have seen the braided ones with too much kink do similar to yours.
  14. Do you have a pressure regulator on the shore water supply? Welcome to the forum!
  15. I've owned motorhomes since the early 90's, all before the MCI coach were fiberglass skinned over luan plywood with which delamination was a terrible problem especially since I was not able to garage them for many reasons. By the way, I was then and still am capable of reskinning the coaches, and have done that to several over the years. But after doing much research about upkeep of a bus, I decided on the MCI brand for the conversion because of the availability of parts, and the monocoque design, there is no linear frame which means no twists and no cracking of the granite floors. I spent four years doing the conversion in it's entirety myself while still working full time on a regular job. Now we have what we consider a top of the line motorhome, inside and out, just the way we wanted it. and yes you can use emotions within the subject on this forum. Good luck finding your dream MH, and hope you enjoy RV'ing as much as we do. I forgot to add that several of my kin drove for Greyhound, and I rode with them in my younger years, they drove both GM and MCI, GM was a great coach in those days, but MCI was actually owned by Greyhound and built to last since it was. Needless to say that Greyhound does not still own MCI, but due to a near bankruptcy by Greyhound, the company was purchased by MCI/Greyhound employees and have maintained integrity since that time. My coach is a 1988 model and I still order replacement parts directly from MCI, with a 24 hour watchline. Bet several Alfa owners could say that.
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