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  1. Duh!!!!!!! If the AC is rated maximum draw 12 amps, and you are using a true 50 amp service and no other devices are on at the time, then L1 will show 12 amps, and L2 will also read 12 amps because both units are 120 volts each and L1 is 120 volts on a seperate half a 240 volt circuit. If both units are turned on simultaneously on a 30 amp service and no other loads, then you will read 24 amps on that circuit. Each AC is supposed to be wired on seperate breakers on a 30 amp service. That is why it has been stated that both units can be run on a 30 amp service if no other high draw devices are being run at the same time. That true 50 amp service is actually 100 amps @ 120 volts, or 50 @ 240 volts.
  2. Best solution to the problem that I have seen, is to use a 2000 watt guiet inverter generator to run the second unit in the heat of the day if that second one must be run at same time as other appliances.
  3. Eagle43, if you can take a picture of the battery and read the voltage and amp hours, someone can reccomend a source pretty easily.
  4. Thank you Herman for taking it to the proper persons!
  5. One issue that like in Spartan over FTL, is Spartan normally has a shorter turn radius than most others. The Spartan chassis is noted to be the most preferred in this country for fire engines, and consequently are designed for shorter turns. Just my opinion, yes I have owned both in the past.
  6. Are you talking about air chucks? Or quick disconnect fittings for attaching air hoses? Usually an air chuck is what pushes onto to schrader valve to air up a tire.
  7. For those that think Dodge may be inferior, Daimler Corp., (Mercedes Benz) as most people know it, merged with Chrysler in 1995 and they operated that way until 2007. Those were some of the best built during Chrysler history in my opinion. Fiat bought the company out in late 2007 and have been pretty good also.
  8. I've ran Hankook's for years with no problems in either ride, steering, swaying or any other problems that I didn't cause.
  9. Is it 240 HP or 340 HP? That would be a determining factor for me, I do believe that is340 is correct, but if 240, then it would only be good in Florida.
  10. I agree Bill, here is an ad for the correct size in Continental. https://simpletire.com/paid?v=1&tireSize=295-80r22.5&mpn=5120370000&brand=continental&productLine=hsr2-sa&itemId=40029&utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=shopping_feed&utm_content=surfaces_across_google&region_id=4000049999&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=G_Shopping_Region_04&utm_content=Profit-Bucket_Commercial_LowProfit_Tier-D_RAD&utm_term=&utm_creative=383435609666&gclid=CjwKCAjw3pWDBhB3EiwAV1c5rNRhhtq8I5qTURvUxLEhKxotakrV8U581ooOki6aoRGny61gK2J1vRoC8zMQAvD_BwE So someone is incorrect.
  11. Your speedometer will show that you are going faster than you really are with 75 instead of 80 also. Be sure the load rating is correct also. You may want to check 0n 305-75/22.5 for a more comparable circumference, just be sure that there is enough space between the duals to avoid kissing.
  12. I have a Traeger brand pellet grill and like Ken, love it, in fact I have two, one is table top, other is a barrel shaped. I will never light charcoal again.
  13. With the lousy gasoline that is being mandated that we use today, the need to drive gasoline engines is greater today than ever before.
  14. All is just assumption, we don't know if the OP has a stop engine light for the generator on his dash or is it the coach engine stop warning. Six six volt house batteries is not that uncommon in some units. As Bill stated, NEED MORE INFORMATION, to give good answers.
  15. The larger inner valve stem may have been specked there for more rigidity because of the need for a longer stem. The rubber grommet is used to as a stabilizer for same reason.
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