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  1. Ross's idea of a t handle and marker showing the correct location is a great idea, only thing that I would add is a camera that can be pointed up to the jack to let you know that it is in exact location. Maybe something like this https://www.amazon.com/Compatible-NIDAGE-Inspection-Semi-Rigid-Inspecting/dp/B0791DG4FK/ref=sr_1_18?keywords=wall+camera&qid=1575936173&sr=8-18, this way you can remain standing to place into position.
  2. Welcome to the forum Larry. It will be helpful to know make, year and model of your class A motorhome, someone here might just happen to have one. But if yours is from a builder that is now out of business, or just out dated, there are a few other sources, but we will need to know more information to try to help, Good luck hunting.
  3. NewJersey has that same law, no self serve fuel stations, gas or diesel.
  4. This was discussed on this forum, but a different thread. If this is how it really works, the annual is rather cheap ($70.00 or $120.00), but if I understand correctly, a fee of up to 9% advalorium tax is added upon title registration.
  5. Not hardly, but a perfect time to replace with Corian or a scrap piece of granite or marble. Some but not all manufacturers use glue to make sure that edge molding stays in place, if yours did the material (pressed board) will give up when you pry the old edging off. If this happens, fill the old groove in with automotive bondo, there are router bits available to regroove for the edge material. The new material comes in straight sticks, where the round corners are simply nibble several notches in the edge that goes back into the groove..
  6. All above answers could be true, and I will also add tire tread design can be a factor, one tread design may offer more resistance to the rolling surface as opposed to another, and resistance can contribute to heat rise.
  7. I have an RF18 Samsung in my coach. put it in in 2012, have run on MSW every time that I move the bus from one location to another, have had zero problems so far.
  8. Sometimes the dtv receiver to will default to a different type of antenna (satellite dish) after several weeks/months inactivity. If this happens it will show the 775 code. To correct, one must go through the setup menu, then to dish pointing and make sure the receiver is set correctly. If you do not have the install guide for your dish, best to call the maker for the correct settings, but with a unit as new as yours, you should have the setup instructions.
  9. I'm trying to change from traditional (ham turkey and the other crud) to PRIME RIB, but keep getting shot down.
  10. Nothing personal is meant, but my statement on color was not taught in school and many people have never heard of this. My association with both commercial and amateur radio is what made me aware of this. Many of us used long wire antenna and were put up using whatever rope was available, after 3 to 4 years the rope would fall to pieces (Patsy Cline), after learning about black I have since always used black rope, some of my antennas are still in place after 20 years with black rope. I have searched and have been successful in finding black tarps as well as a multitude of other things over the years. Ray, your statement concerning pot planes brought back memories of living in Florida it the 80's, I was traveling a highway near High Springs Fl., when a strange voice starting telling me to pull over and stop, I looked in the mirror and didn't see anything, then suddenly the voice was much louder and I stopped immediately, a plane dropped down on the highway came to a stop on the shoulder, 5 guys dressed in black jumped out of the plane with military style weapons running. That night on the news was a story about a pot field being raided that day.
  11. I know this sounds redundant to many on this subject, but because of new readers coming on board daily, I will restate this again. Black is the only color that is UV proof naturally, therefore in this case a black tarp outdoors will outlast any other color many times.
  12. I'm seeing many Cracker Barrel's in Tennessee with assigned parking spaces with EV charging stations, serves two purposes, reserves parking space as well as charges your EV.
  13. As stated much earlier in this thread, the charging system that one can plug into a 120 volt outlet will only produce enough charge to carry the EV about 30 to 40 miles overnight. So if you use the 50 amp service to get a better charge rate, where will you plug the RV into? Yes it is feasible but who will pay for the electricity then?
  14. Maybe some technical mind could figure how to use regenerative braking as a means to charge the EV while being towed behind the motorhome to charge the batteries in the EV while the RV is stopping and or coasting downhill, then it might become practical. Otherwise unless you are only short journeys in your toad each day, then I agree with RayIn. I have a neighbor who owns three EV's that he and his wife use for going back and forth to work daily and he loves them. The guy is very green minded and explained to me that he has a special deal with Alabama Power which gives a lowered per kilowatt power bill for charging these cars between 9 pm and 6 am each night. I believe that there is places for EV's but at the present they are not practical for using as a toad unless as stated above, you are not going to place a lot of miles on it while RV'ing. Hope yours works out well for you, and check with your power company for discounts for charging your Mustang. LOL
  15. Is the fridge on the GFCI circuit that is tripping in this coach? A GFCI circuit is looking for an imbalanced amperage load between hot and common, it the fridge is the problem it will remain running, although not on AC, if a non technical person is trying to find the cause of a GFCI circuit blowing, he/she might not realize this.
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