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  1. kaypsmith

    Long Haul or Regional Tires

    From what I read, regional tires are designed for short distance delivery, not long distance trucking, hence they are not rated at the higher speeds encountered while driving on long distance hauls.
  2. kaypsmith

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    Mesquite TREES? I drove all the way across Texas and still looked for them. Of course I go to florida and look at their RIVERS, our creeks in Alabama are larger than those rivers. And of course there is the mighty Rio Grande in place to keep those Mexicans out of Texas.
  3. kaypsmith

    24v to 13.8v Converter for Headlights

    Or just add a nice set of driving led 10/30 volt to the front end for those places that really need more light, usually easy to conceal in order to not take away from the antiquity of the coach. These type work great on any voltage from 10 to 30 volts, if interested, I have a source.
  4. kaypsmith

    24v to 13.8v Converter for Headlights

    Correct only if you verify 10/30 volt operation. They are available in both 12 volt and 10/30.
  5. kaypsmith

    24v to 13.8v Converter for Headlights

    Richard, here is what MCI uses, which is what is used on my bus. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vanner-High-Efficiency-80-Amp-Battery-Equalizer-65-80-/292359153516?hash=item4411f6a76c All you need to do is install this unit in your coach, hardwire the headlight circuit to the first battery for 12 volts. The equalizer in turn monitors both batteries to keep the two charging and discharging at equal rates to make sure that both batteries are working correctly. Wiring is very simple I can copy and send you the schematic from my coach manual. The headlights and ecm are the only two devices that use 12 volt on my 24 volt system, but I also charge my house 12 volt house system with this device while traveling.
  6. kaypsmith

    Spare Tire yes or no

    That's a good looking rig. here is what I use to use two different hitches at one time. The one shown is about a 5" spacing and works great but I also have another that I cut the two bars that space the two receivers and put a 12" extender there, this is very handy. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Steel-Dual-Hitch-Bicycle-Rack-2-Receiver-Extender-Trailer-Boat-Extension-Black/391952409899?epid=8017023527&hash=item5b422f252b:g:swkAAOSwiqFaXmov:rk:44:pf:0
  7. kaypsmith

    Impact tool

    Carl, I carry a jack that looks like a floor jack but it has a low profile air over hydraulic bottle jack built in that actually raises the coach, it does require that the air bags are at ride level to be able to get under the bus. I have also a regular size 20 ton bottle jack as well as a 20 ton air operated bottle jack. I also carry an eight gage 2' X 2' steel plate just in case of soft ground. I will call RA since I have RA coverage but I like being prepared.
  8. kaypsmith

    Impact tool

    I'm 74 and changed one last weekend, I have a tire roller, not hydraulic has 4 castors and is indented the shape of the tire, just place the t+r on the device and raise or the jacks under the bus till the tire rolls right into place.
  9. kaypsmith

    RV Plate Protection?

    It looks as though that Richard has the right idea, looks a lot like exhaust may have been a factor.
  10. kaypsmith

    RV Plate Protection?

    I recommend taking the good plate to a vinyl graphics shop, have them make a photo and save that into a file. Almost all of these type shops can take that photo and reproduce in vinyl an exact duplicate that has backing that you simply peel off and apply that graphic to any place that you desire that is smooth enough. If you need to remove the decal for any reason, just heat it slightly with a hair dryer and peel it off. Most of these graphics are good for about ten years as long as you keep your coach including the graphic appropriately clean.
  11. kaypsmith

    Spare Tire yes or no

    Last September, I came back from Pigeon Forge Tn., thirty miles from home there was a blowout on inside dual drive tire, I had a spare tire, not wheel with me, I called for roadside assistance and had them replace the tire. I drove home (30 miles), then had the other tire of that same dual set replaced. I moved to a local campground for a month, (15 miles away) from home. While there I noticed that the tag axel tire directly behind the new set of duals had leaked and was low. I then put a new tire on that spot, looking for what caused the leak on the leaky tire, I found a small thread of the steel belt from the blown tire had entered the tag tire. Yes anything goes with tires.
  12. kaypsmith

    Using Rivets on Motorhome

    On a fiberglass coach, I would recommend using rivets for several reasons. #1 is the fact that the compression of a pop rivet probably cause a splintering effect of the fiberglass #2 is the weeping effect of a pop rivet, when the stem is pulled backward there is only compression and no sealant to keep the water out of the walls. If you are going to add something to a wall, you will need to make sure that that area is adequately backed to support the weight of the item that you are adding, there are locations that are designed to support add ons, such as the awning but you should make sure that those are in place in your coach, and if using those places I recommend a sealant be used along with the attaching screws. Somethings added on such as placards or light weight items can easily be added with a good adhesive rather than puncturing the fiberglass skin.
  13. kaypsmith

    Spare Tire yes or no

    bigpapaporshe, as Carl said welcome to the forum! I also sometimes overlook the jist of a question when it is part of the subject line, please forgive Carl for jumping the gun. For that matter we all certainly make mistakes. As for your question about whether to or not to carry a spare tire is certainly personal choice, as for me, I will not knowingly leave home without a spare tire, although my coach tire is quiet a bit heavier than yours, and just guessing, mine weighs in excess of 250#. Very rare to have a flat but I would rather be prepared than to wind up paying $900.00 for a tire that I can buy at my home base for $450.00.
  14. kaypsmith

    Impact tool

    Reminds me, I drove a DrPepper sales/delivery truck in the early 1970's, a country route, I was returning from my last stop with a nearly empty load of pop, and a nearly full load of empty bottles, an open bay truck. I was traveling about 55 mph at the time, I saw something whizzing by on the right side of the truck, about a half mile later I saw a tire on rim on the side of the road, I stopped to check it out, a quick glance at the right rear dual wheels, the outer wheel was missing, quess who the tire/rim belonged to. Good thing empty bottles don't weigh too heavy.
  15. kaypsmith

    Impact tool

    Joe, this one came with a 4 ah battery, extra is $50.00, and there is a 6 ah for $80.00.