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  1. I have found to my surprise that not a lot of people working at diesel oriented mechanic shops do not have a clue what a CAC is, including the service writer. Therefore it is no surprise that one might get a bad diagnosis on whether it is clean or not.
  2. In drawers, those old Styrofoam peanuts will help keep upright many things. My coach was designed with drawers for canned goods, we use about 1/3 drawer with those peanuts, then add the canned goods, when one can is removed, the peanuts just respreads their selves. On the upper cabinets we use those under shelf wire baskets from the dollar stores when possible, and the under rug no-slip that Richard described.
  3. Consider using two lithium 12 volt batteries instead of one, this way you will take almost much room and will greatly increase your staying power. Only difference in wiring is the two 12 volts will be in parallel as opposed to in series like the two 6 volts.
  4. I would start by flushing the tank, sediment at the bottom of the tank is a common cause for your symptom, also make sure that the flue (heat exhaust) has not been clogged by a varmints nest. After that you will need to check the burner unit to make sure the flame is or can be adjusted correctly.
  5. Actually there is a lot of money in some of those video games, but only if one learns how to write them. It is so sad these days to see our youth glued to their games and have no interest in learning what makes them happen. And as a result we are getting no new talent to help make the world go round, and no good technicians being trained to make necessary repairs to our favorite toys.
  6. Very interesting concept, I would love to know how much they cost.
  7. What make and model # is the residential fridge? Look inside the door of the fridge and let us know what the maximum load in amps is the fridge. This will help in determining how much load is on the inverter. Maximum load is not what determines the actual load of the fridge but will give a baseline for load purposes.
  8. Maybe banks do not, I haven't used a bank for years because of their unwillingness to care about their customers. I use a credit union, and they do offer security on their debit cards, all may not, but the one that I use does, and that peace of mind means much to me. As for the TCS card, thanks for the offer and I hope it works out well for many.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Don't know what type motorhome you have, that info will help others to give their best answer. I personally like my M&G, proportional braking and hooked right into the air brake system on my coach. If you do not have air brakes, their system can develop it's own air with an added on pump.
  10. What name brand and model# residential fridge do you have?
  11. Wish I had taken pictures when I replaced this past spring. I used 14 feet of scaffolding, a pulley attached to a 2X 10 board at top of scaffolding, rope in the pulley, pulled the new unit up with rope, slid another board under the AC across the scaffold and roof of the coach, pulled the old unit off of mounting point, slid the new uniting place and lowered the old unit to ground with the same. And as Brett said a ladder can be used as well. Also, you could drive the coach to a location with a forklift and have the forklift set the new unit on the roof, they may be nice enough to let you make the exchange at their location, or simply tie the new unit while still on pallet to the old unit. Just a few ideas to help get your brain in gear. The units are very easy to make an exchange. I'm fortunate to have a Bobcat at my disposal but actually preferred using the scaffold.
  12. Karl, it ain't. better start over! Carl it isn't the straws he's talkin about, it is the straw CLEANER, sorry it's too early to talk about it anyway. LOL!
  13. Here you go! https://www.unlimitedtogo.com/ Sorry Carl, the plan above is the Togo plan, the one referred to above is an ATT plan, here it is. https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/att-360-yr-rv-unlimited-data-plan-now-available-with-togo-roadlink-c2/
  14. Check out this website. https://www.millsupply.com/stepvan-parts/brake-hardware-sv/freightliner-jd-oshkosh-stepvan-brake-parts/john-deere-oshkosh-brake-parts/
  15. HUH? I've used edit for years and never seen it go away, unless it contained something that Brett didn't like.
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