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  1. kaypsmith

    Another Goodyear Tire Failure Saga

    Here is a good article about ST (special trailer) tires that may be helpful in understanding trailer tires. LT tires are actually designed for light truck and trailer use but have their limitations. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tiretech/techpage.jsp?techid=219
  2. kaypsmith

    Starting problem: 2004 Gulf Stream Sun Voyager

    Be sure to check all chassis battery connections including the ground connections. I trust that you did hold for three seconds to reset any type breaker.
  3. Most of those type lines have a release mechanism that you either push away or pull toward you to cause them to release. If yours is like this you may want to try using some light weight oil on the release to get the spring back to working.
  4. kaypsmith

    Has your coach been used for target practice?

    Have you been near Lincoln Co., Nevada? Strange things seem to happen near area 51. Sorry for your misfortune, I sincerely hope that you find a solution.
  5. It sure looks as if there is a restriction of some type happening, could be in the duct work, but I'm betting that there is a design flaw with the reversing valve design on this brand unit. Were it I, I would be looking for a different brand. Three strikes your out in my book.
  6. kaypsmith

    Another Goodyear Tire Failure Saga

    That would depend on the tire and load rating. Most automotive tires have much lower sidewall pressure rating than an ST tire, automotive is rated for a much lower load and a higher speed rating, most are only 2 ply sidewall, while an ST rated tire has a higher load rating and a slower speed rating, usually 6 ply or higher. The best practice is to buy the correct tire, and drive according to the speed rating. If an ST tire it will have the correct max weight stamped and the pressure is set to match this, any weight up to this weight should be OK, if driven accordingly.
  7. kaypsmith

    Curves, anyone?

    Great looking work Ernie!
  8. kaypsmith

    Another Goodyear Tire Failure Saga

    I doubt that Goodyear had anything to do with putting those tires on that trailer, they don't build the trailers or choose the tires.
  9. kaypsmith

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Carl, nothing beats stainless steel, if it gets too unsightly, 2000 grit sandpaper then polish with 4000 grit.
  10. In most cases the windshield is covered under comprehensive, not collision, and most companies cover comprehensive at 50% of collision deductible. That is a question for your insurance company.
  11. kaypsmith

    Another Goodyear Tire Failure Saga

    I've run Goodyear Wranglers on several trucks and now on my Jeep Wrangler, have had very good luck with them. I am surprised that a car hauler came with them on it as they are not designed to be used on a trailer. I would suggest that one should use an ST tire on any car hauler because of the number of plies on the sidewalls, I want even run automotive tires on a tow dolly, and especially on my car hauler. I started this yesterday before tireman9 had responded, but was called away a did not finish. I have re read the OP and saw that you were referring to Wrangler II, I can not find any reference to wrangler II to know if ST or not, so I agree with Roger that they do appear too aggressive for load bearing purpose.
  12. kaypsmith

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    We use a trail of Sulphur around the house to help deter snakes, works better than snake away.
  13. kaypsmith

    2006 Monaco Dynasty Dash air conditioning problem

    Most likely with a side mount radiator, the fan is probably hydraulic, the faster the motor turns the faster the fan turns as a result. Dirty condenser core can cause high pressure in the system just like the dirty condenser in your home AC. The dash air in every motorhome is totally different than the bus air on our bus conversions, most are rotary compressors like on most cars, while the bus air are piston type compressors, mine is a 5 ton unit designed to cool the entire bus, while dash air is actually designed to cool only the front seats of a MH. I agree that steps must be taken to lower the pressure, my starting place would be to clean the condenser core and of course the radiator, and I agree that a new expansion valve and drier if the compressor is making that pressure. A typical MH only uses 3 to 5 # of refrigerant in the dash air. Many side mount radiator systems also have an electric fan as a backup, look for that as well.
  14. kaypsmith

    New ATS

    I also like to use an ac disconnect box for this type of extension, less than 10 bucks at any box electrical store, Lowes, Home Depot, or Ace Hwdw., like you would use for air conditioner disconnect. Here is one at home depot. https://www.homedepot.com/p/GE-60-Amp-240-Volt-Non-Fuse-Metallic-AC-Disconnect-TFN60RCP/100674085?cm_mmc=Shopping|G|Base|D27E|27-8_CIRCUIT_PROTECT._DEVICES|NA|PLA|71700000034238981|58700003943782709|92700031956831784&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9NbdBRCwARIsAPLsnFbihdnKxztFjOKR7k14y4-4jMTZhWhjfMs14GSvulpsZz9wA3HKRg8aAt2sEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CKD7l-XK7d0CFUlswQodZ9gOmQ
  15. kaypsmith

    air bags deflated causing violent shaking left to right

    The locks on each arm appear to be set with not enough distance in length on their respective arm. If the distance were a inch longer, it would not allow this to happen. I did not have a problem with this before the quicker than usual stop after the blow out. I can not find any visual bends in the unit now, but if it is not hooked to the coach, I am able to move the non stationary arm all the way over to the stationary arm with both lock pins locked. That is not supposed to happen, until I find a better fix, I will be using a safety chain to not allow this to happen again. I hoped that Roadmaster would respond with a good fix, but 9 days later still have not heard back from them. I will be emailing them again this PM. To test yours, simply put the assembly out like you are ready to tow with both pins in locked position, now try to push the side that slides back toward the stationary side, if it allows it to go back more than a couple inches without resistance then yours is doing like mine. I would sure like to know your results. I actually had intended this to be started in a new thread but with Carl's question it got here accidently. If the moderator chooses to move it, I will be grateful, thanks.