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  1. No Battery Power

    Richard, you could add a switch to your radio setup to run on either house batteries or chassis batteries. My old coach had that setup from the factory, my conversion, I only wired it to the house batteries for that reason. The modern computer systems build memory of the drivers habits, which in turn returns much better fuel mileage, as well as shifting data for the transmission. Brett I'm sure can add to these couple of reasons not to disconnect. Oh yes, disconnecting the chassis batteries for a given length of time will reset the computer to factory defaults, and the driver will notice a difference in engine and transmission responses resulting in what he/she thinks is poor performance.
  2. New or just keep what I have?

    If the unit is adequate size and in good condition, 10 more years isn't really that long at our age. If you are happy with what you have, and are only thinking about upgrading appliances, then if it were me, I would work toward paying it off and enjoying the upgrades one at a time.
  3. Front end clear coat damage

    I have thought about the dip your car paint product as a protector for the front of car protector. My grandson is in to this stuff very heavily. You can paint the product over the present paint job, with any color you like, it looks great. when he gets tired of the new color, he simply peels off the dip your car, the original finish is undamaged, then he will apply a new color. I am thinking about painting a nose bra onto my car just see how it will work out. You can google the product.
  4. Dometic Fridge 50 deg. on propane

    I will add one other thought, if the regulator was moved further to the right to allow the extend a stay, the picture looks like it may have been, don't know if it was or was not. But if it was moved, the outlet tube may have been kinked causing a pressure restriction. Just another thought for verification.
  5. Dometic Fridge 50 deg. on propane

    This may be a gotcha, the coach tank is horizontal, the add on cylinder is vertical, it seems to me that the extend a stay should have been placed in line after the built in regulator and then use a regulator at the add on cylinder. Maybe not true, but if the regulator for onboard is for horizontal only, then there may be a restriction there. The flame on the stove may not be as obvious as the fridge because of the size of the flame.
  6. Really Herman, "bowels" doesn't sound to tempting to me! Joe, Sue uses the crockpot in the sink while I drive, beef stew, and other soups, we stock up on the dry corn chowder at the Old Mill and keep several packs of that stuff in the cabinet, add lots of ham chunks, and sometimes add left over fish, no breading, just chop up into bite size chunks.
  7. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    Most of the stars have a driver that drives the coach to their destination, while the star will fly.
  8. Front end clear coat damage

    I only will use tire width rubber flaps directly behind the rear tires, I agree that those rock shields are really rock throwers.
  9. Cracked windshield??

    I have no idea about other safelite facilities, but the one in Birmingham Al., is capable of handling your situation, and have a very good reputation here. I would bet that any larger city would be the same.
  10. Front end clear coat damage

    I have seen some shields that attach to the tow bar and are clear from touching the car, that is the only type cover/shield that I will use. Carl a lot has to do with the backend setup of the coach, I think that's why Joe wants some pictures.
  11. Tankless water heater parallel to Aquahot

    I hope you meant while not on full hookup. I wouldn't care while on full. I don't like hooking up the honeywagon.
  12. RR Door Locks

    Hermans idea looks great, I would glue some felt to the back side to avoid scuffing the fridge finish. As a matter of fact, I can store my walking stick there and not need to make anything, Thanks HERMAN.
  13. RR Door Locks

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Stainless-Steel-Home-Safety-Gate-Door-Bolt-Latch-Slide-Lock-20x50x70mmNewestBITY/183230992929?hash=item2aa96b1221:g:8hMAAOSwUoNZ~Xc These worked well for me, one across the double doors, and one on the side of the freezer portion.
  14. Power Gear Auto Level Lifts Too High

    This is an important step to take into consideration and follow for the lowest possible lift with an auto level system.
  15. What type inverter do you have and how many watts? The newer coaches usually come with a pure sine wave (PSW) inverter and older ones came with a modified sine wave (MSW) inverter. Many of the residential fridges will not work well, if at all with a MSW, hence this is an important question. I currently am using a Samsung with a MSW and it works very well. In preparing for a residential you will need to find a fridge that will fit into the space that the old no-cool is in, or with any modification necessary to make that happen. Another must is to look for a fridge that will require as few amps as possible to work for you, this is because the higher the amps required, the larger inverter and the larger the battery bank you will need. I know that some of this is redundant to Brett's post, but I was typing while he was posting. This is not a plug for homedepot, but this is the newest updated version of the fridge that I am using. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Samsung-33-in-W-17-5-cu-ft-French-Door-Refrigerator-in-Stainless-Steel-and-Counter-Depth-RF18HFENBSR-2/302577277