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    I need help finding a electrical gremlin

    The internal bleed spoken of is within the battery itself. Desulphation might be an option that can be in order to help stop the phantom draw. I have been successful in getting an extended period of life by using this method.
  2. kaypsmith

    side view camera placement

    Welcome to the forum! To answer your question, seems awful but where do you feel you need them the most benefit for you? Most new coaches actually place them on the side view mirrors and aimed to give you the most use of where the mirrors are not usually aimed, giving a better understanding of any side traffic that might otherwise obscured from your vision. But again, what is best for you should be your most concern. Good luck on the new move up, many happy tales and trails.
  3. kaypsmith

    I Am Not Solar Savvy

    Based on the label, these are much larger than what is standard by todays standards. Showing 110 watts each 20 volts (12) usable, not worth as much as I stated above, but will make a nice start for a solar farm @12v 7.67 amps, that can be a very handsome output and considering 360 of them a very nice find for someone. If you have room, take them and store for a later date, use them, or sell, someone will be happy with them.
  4. kaypsmith

    Bedroom Slide

    Ray, that's what grandkids are good for.
  5. kaypsmith

    I Am Not Solar Savvy

    What is the possibility of also getting the charge controllers and any inverters also? Knowing what wattage will be helpful also. As long as they still work is helpful information. Probably too large for traveling use for the motorhome, but can be very useful at a permanent location. Google solar installation for very useful information on setting them up. A panel of that size at todays prices could be worth as much as $300. to $500 each, of course depending on the wattage. Generally 100 watts is priced at close to $100. If you do not use, sell them on ebay craigs lists or any other social media. $10.00 each will net you $3600.00.
  6. kaypsmith

    Need satelite TV advice

    You need to know what service or services that your King Dome can or will work with. I.E., dish network or directv, or bell or will it work with all three? This info can be found in the literature that came with it, and if you do not, call king dome with both the model # and serial # to help decide which service you need to go with. Sometimes if you have the model #, you may be able to Google with that info and find out about the providers that it will work with. Please provide some or all of the above so that you can get better answers to your question.
  7. kaypsmith

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    Well, you asked for it and here is a true story, sorry for the length. My brother at about 80 years of age, owned a fair amount of land and had a large watermelon patch planted. Everyday he would go to check on the watermelons and about the time they were just beginning to ripen, he noticed small holes in the larger melons, so he planted himself up on a hill above the patch with binoculars to watch for the culprit that was ruining the melons. After about three days he finally spotted them, there were three coyotes that would wander into the patch and take a bite out of several melons and leaving the rest behind to ruin. He decided to poison the coyotes because he owned no guns. After some research, he decided that antifreeze containing ethylene glycol would be his choice poison because of ease for obtaining it. He purchased a gallon of undiluted antifreeze then off to the grocery store for hamburger meat to mix with the antifreeze. When he arrived at the store he thought about it for a while and decided that hamburger meat was not appropriate for a last meal, so he picked out several packs of filet of beef and asked the butcher to grind that for him. When he arrived back at the barn (this is where the melons were planted) and began to mix his concoction. Looking out into the melon patch he observed two of the handsome critters about to take another bite of a big beautiful melon. His heart throbbed with guilt about getting rid of those beautiful animals in such a cruel manner. There was a large upright freezer at the barn to put vegetables in after gathering and preparing to freeze. Into that freezer went the meat cocktail. My brother passed away last newyear day two years ago at the age of 91. The family asked me to assist them in cleaning out the barn getting ready to disperse of his assets. While emptying the freezer they came upon a rather large package with a hand drawn skull and bones on it, they pulled the package and noticed that it was still soft even though it had been in that freezer for 11 years. It seems that he never shared this story with his kids, so they asked me to explain if I could. Those pesky coyotes were probably outside while I shared the story.
  8. kaypsmith

    Gatlinburg RV Parks

    Or take the trolley, only $1.00 per trip and relieves the hassle of finding a parking space ($10.00) last September. Gatlinburg is beautiful little town with no room for growth, so parking is shrinking.
  9. kaypsmith

    Annual License Fee For Motorhome

    Since the subject has come up again, for all in Alabama, RV tags are apportioned here, this means that if you do not reregister in your month to register, then you can reregister any time during the current year at a portion (the unused) portion of the current year and only pay tax for the remainder of the year. By doing this you can avoid paying for the portion of the year that the RV was not being used with no penalty. Similar to what CaptainMike says that he does in Michigan. The key word is apportioned.
  10. kaypsmith

    Gatlinburg RV Parks

    Depending on your budget concerns, Creekside is a great lower priced CG and is a well kept park. If you are looking for more of a resort type facility Pine mountain is great place. https://pinemountainrvpark.com/ As stated above, make reservations s soon as possible, they all start booking very heavily now. Sorry I misread your OP, the parks that I suggested are in Pigeon Forge, not too many parks actually that I am familiar with in Gatlinburg, but the ones that I listed above are only about an 18 mile drive from Gatlinburg, just in case you don't find your liking in Gatlinburg.
  11. kaypsmith

    no suction at the water pump

    Great to hear that it back to working, hope that it last for a long time.
  12. kaypsmith

    no suction at the water pump

    Checkvalves and diaphrams sometimes becomes hard and brittle if caked with lime and or calcium deposits, if this happens the pump become inoperable. I have on a few occasions have been successful by soaking those parts in 50 50 vinegar/water solution then reinstalling into to pump assembly. I would allow about an hour then rinse with clear water before reinstalling in the pump. Not very costly if you want to save a little money, but as you said a new assembly isn't that costly when ordered from a source such as Amazon.
  13. kaypsmith

    Real ID Act of 2005

    I do not have the star on my license, I will have to go to DMV office with current license with a birth certificate and 2 current utility bills to be verified, only posting this to verify what Wayne said about different states.
  14. kaypsmith

    Coach Step on Monaco Not Working Properly

    Exactly what is needed to diagnose and repair, thanks Bill
  15. kaypsmith

    Coach Step on Monaco Not Working Properly

    It sounds as though now that the magnetic switch is now working, there is a control module issue. The fact that the step now goes in and out when the door is opened or closed that the replacement of that switch was a good move. The control module would be my next suspect, maybe as simple as a an adjustment now is in order, but you will need to find the correct steps for testing it. I saw a youtube video not long ago with the proper procedure for testing but not able to find it just now.
  16. kaypsmith

    5th Wheel trailer mod

    Poor mans toy hauler? I saw lots of them at the RV show two weeks ago, just enclosed version.
  17. kaypsmith

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Laugh In, where are you Roy Clark?
  18. kaypsmith

    Florida Family Fun Campgrounds

    https://www.floridastateparks.org/parks-and-trails/ichetucknee-springs-state-park If you have never tubed down the Ichetucknee river, you have missed a lot, it's also one of most famous diving excursions in the state. And it ain't (isn't) 2023 yet.
  19. kaypsmith

    Florida Family Fun Campgrounds

    Here is one to add to your list of Florida parks with things to do. February is a good month to visit because there is a battle enactment that takes place that month, actors come from all over the US to participate, and they bring real weapons to use and exhibit. Of course no real bullets or cannon balls are fired, but most make their own authentic black powder. https://www.floridastateparks.org/parks-and-trails/olustee-battlefield-historic-state-park The park is less than fifteen miles from both I-10 and I-75 near Lake City. There is a campground on the park premises, but also several individual CG's near by.
  20. kaypsmith

    Extended stay Propane Adapter

    You can add a tee where the short coupling just to left of the regulator, use cut off valve at the third fitting with a quick connect for the add on tank. Just to the left appears to be a cutoff valve which you will need to shutoff whenever you want to add the portable tank, open the new addon valve to allow gas to flow into the regulator at this point. Always be careful to turn off the addon valve before removing the portable tank. Most RV stores and larger hardware stores carry the hoses to run from the portable tank to your quick disconnect fitting.
  21. kaypsmith

    Avoiding Sales Tax

    The website that I linked to is StJohn county Fl., the whole state is under the same state law, and it does appear that if your coach was titled in the country (USA) and titled in your name for more than six months regardless of whether you paid sales tax or not, you will not need to pay any additional sales tax if Florida. "If the vehicle is acquired from out of state, 6% Sales Tax is due on the purchase price of the vehicle. If the vehicle was titled in the applicant's name less than 6 months prior to being titled in the state of Florida proof of the purchase price and the amount of sales tax that was paid must be submitted. If the amount paid was less than 6% Florida will collect the difference. If applicant’s residency is outside of St. Johns County there may be an additional Discretionary Tax. If the vehicle was titled in the applicants name for more than 6 months prior to taking title in Florida, no sales tax is due. " There appears to be a loophole for you!
  22. kaypsmith

    Avoiding Sales Tax

    Perhaps this will help answer your question. http://www.sjctax.us/OutOfStateReg.aspx 6% is the magic number on sales tax collected on any vehicle that becomes titled in Florida, and to be registered in Florida, it must be titled in Florida. I just went through this two years ago while purchasing a new car in Florida, my state Alabama requires 3.5%, Florida added 2.5% for their part, seems crooked but that is the law there.
  23. kaypsmith

    Grand kids want to go camping, all 14.

    We have the family outing at Tannehill state park in October (Halloween month), I have an add a room that attaches to one of the awnings, any stay overs brings their own air mattress and they stay in the add a room. A portable air conditioner is available for warm days/nights. They always have a blast.
  24. kaypsmith

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    One should try the BBQed beef in Florida when put on at a political rally. These people build a fire in a hole, it burns for two days before the whole beef that has been cleaned of course, wrapped in palm leaves covered with foil then the fire is kept burning on top of all that for 24 more hours. Results are very tasty.
  25. Were this my MH, I would have it reinstalled, but while other engineering were taking place to replace it, I would improvise a trap door that would make easy access to the oil drain and to replace the oil filter without having to remove the entire cage. Piano hinges are cheap and readily available, use one bolt to provide for opening it up.