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  1. I considered the Sleek, but ended up with a wireless router and an ASUS Wireless Ethernet Adapter, http://www.amazon.com/EA-N66-Ultra-Fast-Wireless-Repeater-High-Power/dp/B007ZT23ZE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1367479658&sr=8-1&keywords=Asus+N66+Ethernet+Adapter. I hook it up to the WAN side of my wireless router and it connects to the Wifi network on the Mifi. All of my devices, laptops, ipads, iphones, NAS, etc connect to our internal secured network. This lets us use our wireless LAN and the Internet parked or driving and even when internet is not available, we can still watch a movie off our local storage.
  2. I work remotely and rely on the Internet every day from our coach. I have researched a number of the solutions available extensively, and decided to go for a Mifi as well. I was using Verizon with a 16 GB plan on the 4G 890 hotpsot until I read about Millenicom, http://millenicom.com/. They are a reseller and use both Verizon and Sprint as the underlying carrier for their plans. I have the 20GB plan, which runs on Verizon, and costs 1/2 what my 16GB plan was running with Verizon. I have been using the service and it is very reliable. They also offer an unlimited plan for the same price that runs on Sprint, so coverage is a little spotty away from the cities. I use an exterior antenna and a Cyfre 819 amp for the hotspots and never worry about it anymore. I was going to spend quite a bit of money on a satellite mounted to the roof of our coach until I started talking with those that have them and reading about the service. Did not really want to get tied up in all that. Millenicom plans are no contract as well, and the initial device fee is only $99 for the Verizon plan.
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