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  1. My 2008 Winnie from new had terrible rust around the storage bay doors to the point of peeling off in large pieces. Finally my dealer removed all the black paint, coated it with some type of rust proof stuff and repainted. It's been fine since, but it's another well known Winne rust problem. Or how about the glued on body panels Winnie uses, the glue fails and the body panels fall off in the road. My 2008 had two glued joints on the hood that came loose. Do a Google search on Winnebago glue and rust, you'll find plenty of reading. Or the AC duct inside the rear cap coming loose, that was common, but I can't remember the years. Or the roof to sidewall seam leaking causing problems, of course that's always the owners fault, just ask Winnie. Sort of like my TV that failed within warranty, but Winnie said I must drive on a lot of rough roads to ruin a new TV. Ended up having to buy my own at Walmart and it's still working. I'm sure other brands have problems, but from memory these Winnie problems come to mind.
  2. We have a 2008 36' towing 3200 pound toad. Average is 7.2 mpg over 22,000 miles at 61 to 64 mph.
  3. Above in the thread I have posted some of my experience with the 2014 Ford Focus. As to the issue of supplying power to the Brake Buddy I arrived at this. I bought a Clore Jump & Carry, model JNC660, then simply plug the Brake Buddy into the JNC660. I found the best deal for the Clore JNC660 at Amazon. com, but do a Google search there may be a better deals out there. My 660 easily holds a charge 3 to 5 days on the road without recharging. I do set my Brake Buddy so as it only activates on heavy braking needs. A bonus of the Jump & Carry is you have a added 12 volts with you for other needs if needed.
  4. For me using my Dell Tablet I have found Chrome to be the best with Windows 8.1. But it's not perfect on all websites either. My desktop with 8.1 runs best on IE 11. Try switching to compatibly mode and see if it helps.
  5. I have had 2 toads in the past with diodes installed and no problems. However our latest 2014 toad requires the battery is disconnected when towing so I installed the seperate bulbs.
  6. We did a 100 mile tow today on the 2014 Ford Focus. Happy to report it was a problem free trip. We are going to keep a detailed log of tows just in case at some point there is a problem.
  7. Just finished getting my 2014 Ford Focus with automatic trans ready to tow. I think for the most part it's the same as the 2012's & 13's. I did use separate sockets and bulbs for the tail lights wired direct from the motorhome back. This eliminates any chance of power being feed back through the car wiring. I take the positive battery terminal off. And after I disconnect the battery I can turn the ignition to off and remove the key to lock the drivers door. I installed Roadmaster tow brackets listed as fitting the 2012, 13’s and 14’s and found several problems installing them on a 14. I understand the manual has been changed to ease the installation on the 2014 model.
  8. The headlight units I have seen have 2 vents on the back side. These are desigined to let the moisture out. Problem is on a RV how often to you drive with your lights on to dry them out. This is especially true on the motorhomes with seperate light for dim and high beam.
  9. Just turn the light on for about an hour and the condensation will be gone. Usually low usage causes the condensation problem.
  10. I am a rather new member and was looking over the information on the Michelin Advantage Program. I don't really understand how you know for sure what the tires through the program will cost out the door. How can you compare dealer out the door prices against buying through the program and having a dealer mount, balance and install. It just seems to be way more than this old man's brain can figure out. Is there a simple answer ? Also if I purchase through a dealer I can say I will not accept any tires over 3 maybe 4 months old. With the program I see no way to do this, looks like what you get is yours.
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