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  1. Gmoney, we have a 2012 Fleetwood Storm 32BH (fell in love with the floorplan as well) and have also had many issues - from minor to major including being stranded twice. I'm afraid it's the reality of an entry-level coach in today's highly competitive market space. This is our third Class A, but our first new one. Of the 17000 miles on our coach, probably 5000 of them have been for transport to/from the factory, repair centers, etc. I keep feeling that I'm close to the end of the major repairs of a new coach, so I'm hanging on. However the ownership experience thusfar has been a significant stress on our family. I have been working with a Dispute Resolution Administrator at Allied Recreation Group (owners of Fleetwood) for close to two years - and he has been very helpful. To their credit they have continued to arrange and cover the repairs well beyond the 1 year warranty (though remember your structural warranty is for 3 years, as is the Ford chassis). However the hassles and inconveniences for us have been significant - including time without the coach, vacations cancelled, and every time repairs are completed the coach seems to come back with more issues. Certain minor issues we've simply had to come to terms with and move on. So rest assured you're not alone - and hopefully there is light at the end of this long tunnel for us all...
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