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  1. Thanks for all the post help! I just want to report my first trip with the new XZE's v.s. XZA's 6 year old 35K mile tires. Same mountainous road on a rainy/windy day wth same tahoe toad. The handling was a definite increase in stability in cornering down hill turns and ride smoothness was very comparable, maybe old v.s. new tires. The comparison in turns are using posted recommended mph signs. I will try the same route without the toad and to compare toad pushing affect in the turns. I felt straight freeway driving was steadier with less effect from road crown steering me. Larry
  2. Thanks Tireman9 for the reply. Yes, over steer is the correct problem. I will consider increasing the psi until I decide on which tire to get. I mentioned the 70 degree temp setting as it is the common psi line for the 110 psi and 100 psi. I waited for a even 70 degrees and set the psi's so it is easy in a cooler morning or warmer day to know what the tire pressure reading should be do to current temp reading on the temp chart. I use a temp gun and pressure gauge for checking when not in the sun and temp is even. I use the Temp gun for walk around checks during stops checking for any over temp issues. As for toad braking I use a air brake proportional system to match the coach brake so I'm unable to induce any pre-braking, which sounds like a useful tool. Larry
  3. Thanks for the update information. I know that I'll never wear either tire out before they time out so that is not a factor in my choice. I feel that the XZA3's are targeted for high way long drive wear and comfort and not twisty two lane and rougher road conditions, i.e. the back roads of America and Canada. The specs. from Michelin kind of indicate this the difference in design.
  4. Tireman9, I have the understeer problem with down hill turns that are more in the 45 to 90 degree range with posted speed caution sign +/- 40mph. Flat travel and up hill doesn't cause any issues. It is usually followed by entering the curve while decelerating to posted speed so I'm thinking the tail swing with the toad pushing could cause the rear tires to roll which is when the understeer starts. If speed is stable during the following horse shoe turns it performs much better. I have had the coach 4 corners weighed twice and traveling loads in the seven years are consistent. Front axel is 12,600# and Rear is 20,500# GVWR 33,100# Allowable is 34,320# Toad is 5,200# GCWR is 39,520# Allowed is 44,320#. I have had alignment checks and are good as well as ride height and have Koni Shocks front and rear. I set my tire psi per load and temperature Michelin charts @ as close to a 70 degree day for base setting and added 5 psi to F & R to F0-110psi & R-100 psi which has helped. The XZA3 275/80R22.5 LRH tires I'm replacing for age are discontinued and the replacement tires are XZA3 275/80R22.5+ Evertread. Short story I was wondering if the new Evertreads had any modifications over the LRH version that might help? Also interested in any pros and cons of using the XZE's for more stability and what was ride like. I'm happy with the existing tires as it rides like magic carpet with no vibrations or wobble but side walls started showing cracks. Mandy40f Larry
  5. Rich, Thanks for the reply. To be comparing apples to apples. Just curious if your coach has the ZF-IFS front axle with 14,600# load capacity. My GVWR is 34320# with the ZF_IFS front axle. The tires that you replaced I assume were the XZA3 275/80R22.5 LRH not the newer XZA3 275/80R22.5+ Evertread tire. My XZA3's LRH came from mfr. original in 2007 which are the ones I'm replacing. Larry.
  6. Was the XZA3 Tires original with your 2006 Allegro Bus? I have a 2007 Mandalay (XC chassis with ZF IFS front end) that was in production in 2006 and came with the same tires. I have 36K and starting year 7 with side wall cracks showing up. Time to change tires. I have experienced the same under steer issues with downhill curves. Increased tire psi to 110F & 100R with some improvement but still not comfortable at certain times. I'm looking at the XZE type and would like to know how the ride is with them vs the XZA3's? Another thought could the under steer be caused by downhill roll on rear tires tail swing in the curve? Always have a 2004 Tahoe toad attached.
  7. mandalay40f

    XZE Vs. XRV Tires

    Just curious if there is any noticeable difference in smoothness the straight highway cruise mode. I'm running the XZA3 275 80R22.5 LRH for seven years and they are a very smooth ride but some noticeable tuck when on down hill curves. I'm ready for new tires due to side wall cracking this year. If the XZE's give more stability in the turns without noticeable change in straight cruising ride I would consider the change. Using the same chassis on a Mandalay 40F coach.
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