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  1. Brett, You are correct. The coach has one AC unit. Mach 8, 15000 BTU, with heat pump, no heat strip. Something in the system has killed 4 AC units. Cannot be all units having bad compressors. Voltage at unit was fine. New controller box. ??????????? Perplexed.
  2. Have voltage protection, no other electrical problems, thermostat wires / connections are good. This has happened at different locations. No apparent problems reported from neighbors. Everything else in the coach works fine.
  3. https://community.fmca.com/profile/36588-manholt/ I am the second owner. Coleman replaced twice under warranty. I had to buy the most recent unit at full price. Most expensive RV AC I know of. Allow me to clarify.....The AC has been replaced 3X already. It now needs replaced again. Three units have been returned to Coleman for evaluation and they have found bad compressors (locked) in the last two. I have yet to locate anyone who will change the compressor. The compressor is made by Tecumseh and costs almost $300 (parts only). I'm guessing labor would be another $200 or so. Still far less than the $1200 for a new Mach 8 unit.
  4. I have a 2015 Winnebago Aspect 30J. It has had 3 rooftop air conditioners (Coleman Mach 8 with heat pump / no heat strip) go bad, all because of locked up compressors. Winnebago, Coleman, three repair shops and I are all baffled. We have changed the circuit breakers, control box (inside the AC unit), checked voltages, etc. but the problem keeps repeating. Works fine for a period of time (months) then fails to cool. Diagnosis all the same: locked up compressor. I would appreciate any and all wisdom and suggestions.
  5. Go to Lowes / Home Depot. Buy 2 Fernco rubber pipe caps. Toss the clamps. The caps fit perfectly and keep inside and outside clean.
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