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  1. We are trying to select a destination in Mexico that can be accessed from the US southwest. Looking for a destination for 4 months this winter. We are leaving Kelowna B.C. Canada around November 15th.
  2. We are new to RVing in Mexico and are looking to join others crossing into Mexico around December 1st (Give or take 2 weeks). We have a 35' Winnebago and a toad. I think we would feel more confident, traveling with others.
  3. We are traveling in a 35' MH from Vancouver B.C. Canada to Newfoundland and have been told that belonging to Coast to Coast or RPI in adition to FMC.would be good. If anyone has first hand knoledge of a preference to be used in Canada, please reply. Thank You rqpretired
  4. Thank You. I will check those options.
  5. The engine battery is isolated from my coach to prevent discharging and it reads 12.6 on my volt meter. My 4 coach batteries are 6 Volt and read 6.3 each with my volt meter. Could you be more specific as to the appearance and location of a salesman switch.
  6. I bought a 1999 Winnebago Adventure and at the time everything appeared to work but now when I disconnect shore power, the 12 volt system doesn't engage so the coach is completely dead. All batteries appear fully charged. The coach is equipped with a dead man switch that separates the engine battery from the 4 coach batteries. Is there a manual switch that I am missing? Electricity is my least knowledgeable discipline..... please help and keep it simple please.
  7. Thank You Rich & Kay for your knowledge and assistance.................. problem solved Pretired
  8. I have located a small unidentified switch that was hiding under the counter extension at the entrance but unfortunately it did not solve my problem. I still have no active 12 volt system after i disconnect from 110 shore power. pretired
  9. Thank you Rich I am unaware of a disconnect switch for a 12 volt supply. Where might I find such a switch? Pretired
  10. We just purchased a 1999 Winnebago Adventure and it appears that everything works when connected to shore power but as soon as we disconnect, everything is dead. I have cleaned all battery terminals and they are fully charged. The box where 110 volts enters the coach contains an electric switch that one would think, should click over to 12 volt when shore power is disconnected but nothing happens" no sound"of it clicking over. What am I missing.......Help Pretired
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